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Story, Art, Colors & Letters by;
Ivan [link] Mass
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ArwingPilot114Professional General Artist
The art work is sick on this one... :faint: Nice Job!

Bludgeon is riding a sweet lookin' horse. :meow:

Is that supposed to be a Cyclonus in the 3rd panel? :?
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oh shi--- ....the artwork is...crazy drawn O_O
ARKENVOODAIHobbyist Traditional Artist
bludgeon, the greatest of all the pretenders!
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I really like this piece! I really do wish IDW would make more Evolutions pieces, but sadly, nothing new yet that I know of :(.
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Um, I'm commenting again because I wanted to point out that the link to the artist's page doesn't work. You seem to have forgotten the first "o".
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horsetechieHobbyist General Artist
Sugoi... na... *stares*
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Holy mindblowing shading on a taco, batman!
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timshinn73Professional General Artist
The art is very nice.
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Wow. Ya' know this actually makes sense. It fits with the plot of the movie, and if they'd come that long ago, it would've helped them learn about us.
raptorclans's avatar
This is such excellent work... the detailing and the idea is marvellous~ Well done mate, keep it up :)
Hehe-m's avatar
A most powerful piece. The combination of colors and fine attention to details are captivating. Oni indeed.

I like how the human soldiers all have distinctively different facial features.
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soy-monkHobbyist Traditional Artist
What a unique twist!
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lonegamer7Hobbyist Writer
Art is beautiful. And very "300"ish.

However, the last speech bubble kinda ruins the effect a little...
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JZLoboHobbyist Writer
Beautiful artwork!
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CWingSyunProfessional General Artist
Great it. Love the concept aswell. Dialogue doesn't flow too well but its still good.
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ShadowflamezHobbyist Writer
:clap: Amazing ^^ The story is wonderful *bows* Awesome job.
ninjha's avatar
wow! the amount of work in this is really stellar! amazing!
NatsumeRyu's avatar
I'm ponly going to comment on the art, unfortunately, since that's really the only I can crit...

Anyway, great use of hatching! There is a marvelous sense of depth here, and the color added to the lineart's feel/theme. Very nice indeed.
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kenyastarflightHobbyist Writer
...holy crap... wow...
ereyes's avatar
Oh, that is absolutely stunning! The artwork is impeccable! I do wish the story on this would expand, though. Especially for us Transfans who are into history. :(

*once did a report on the Kamakura shogunate*
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Very lost for words here. I want this as an actual comic!
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