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Shattered Future


Story and Art by:
Simon Reeves

Colors by:
Sara Rude

Letters by:
Franco Villa
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MadnessJones's avatar
Oh great, now I'm imagining Grimlock with a thick Austrian accent XD

Great job by the way :)
Starscreams-Girl's avatar
It's every decepticon fans dream
Battledroidunit047's avatar
Cooldude104's avatar
I hated Terminator 3. but it still seems cool.
SMBZrocks's avatar
Nice work! It makes sense and it's awesome!
Arani's avatar
This is just beautiful. Adjectives fail me.
Padfoot-Rocks's avatar
lol, am I the only one seeing the Sgt. Candy badge?
Meirelle's avatar
Frakin' awesome crossover, dude.
Quickrim's avatar
Hee hee hee.

supermechagoji's avatar
wasen't expecting that.
TazTitan85's avatar
Absolutely love the Terminator reference! This is absolutely amazing, especially the last line "Skynet works for us now." When Shattered Glass Grimlock said that, it sent shivers down my spine!
ShockWaveX2's avatar
Awesome crossover! :drool:
TomSwiftie's avatar
This REALLY makes me want a Ahnold TF now! Nice!
breaker82's avatar
was pretender grimlock an arnold figure? now i have to get it
TomSwiftie's avatar
Well, judging by this: [link] he kinda looks like JFK. But you can SAY he's Arnold :)
SSJMihoshi's avatar
Actually, he kinda looks like Regan to me. XD
WildMagnus's avatar
My God! So kick ass crossover!
Ouchimoo818's avatar
Very awesome! I needed to read a comment or two to get it. . but yeah past that. . .AWESOME!!!
iloverichard's avatar
lol Grimlock! XD

This is great!
Raja-Ulat's avatar
Makes one ponder of the possibilities. :3
Seiberwing's avatar
The weird-but-we-make-work crossovers are always my favorite parts of TF: Mosaic.
strangefour's avatar
Wait okay so this ignores the Earth that exists in the Transformers Club stories. Maybe it just follows the Botcon Shattered Glass comic. Yet Grimlock is not much more than a growling mad dog in the Botcon comic. This makes my head hurt.
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