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Story and lettering by:
Franco Villa [link]

Art by:
Waseem Bashar [link]

Colors by:
Lau [link]

Edits by: Greg Donaldson

Deluxe Insecticon models by:
Peter Istyle [link]

Cybertronian Insecticons based on models by Nick Kelsh and Don Figueroa
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MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Cool take on the orgins of the intsections they among my fave transformers
TeaDarkA's avatar
a great great great bravo to the team!
JZLobo's avatar
JZLoboHobbyist Writer
It's so interesting to see all the different takes/fan theories on the Insecticons' origins.
REDDISH-MUSEHobbyist Traditional Artist
Insecticons?? AAAAARGH!!! :sprint:
JediFlaherty's avatar
Nice work, guys!
deleter09's avatar
deleter09 Writer
Holy cyber-venom! They look awsome! But I don't remember Insecticons looking like them. Are they new?
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
It's the "Deluxe Insecticons" group: they had toys, but no cartoon appearances (just a cameo in Marvel UK comics).
deleter09's avatar
deleter09 Writer
Ah, okay, thanks.
BatboyEXE's avatar
BatboyEXEHobbyist Digital Artist
nice. :)
I'd make a joke about one of the names of the incecticons, but I don't think newer readers would get it, since Mac Gargan's now Venom.
Novastorm73's avatar
Novastorm73Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great to this come out! As a big Insecticon fan, I really like the story here. I have always wanted to see the Deluxe Insecticons in the "traditional" Insecticon color scheme of the purple, gold, black and chrome. This is my first time seeing this in color.
ShockWaveX2's avatar
Awesome comic, I really like the story and seeing the other four insecticons that didn't get any screen time. :D
breaker82's avatar
very nice. this art style is very unique. is this watercolors? is there any more coming out by this team? i would like to see more.
also the insecticons were primitives and then became vehicles? i have to read part 2 now!
IggySeymour's avatar
IggySeymourProfessional Traditional Artist
Awsome! :D
TeiOuja's avatar
TeiOujaStudent Digital Artist
Whoa. Nice spin on characters that never got enough screen-time.
Blackvegetable's avatar
Excellent recolours of the Insections 2! :D
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Thanks, the idea came when Peter uploaded the variant colors on his page, for the profile collection.
Blackvegetable's avatar
You're welcome! :D So I see!
Panda626's avatar
Venom was a green and yellow Deluxe sized bug that was Boxed, if I recall correctly--
ah, ok, Green and Orange

I think he showed up in one of the kid's books but not on the cartoon or anything.
Panda626's avatar

>> clicked before I finished. I really like this comic, very interesting twist to the Insecticons and how the three we know and love are traitors to the others because they dropped their "primitive" forms
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Thanks! Some of the Deluxe Insecticons briefly appeared in "Time Wars" (Marvel UK), possibly as members of the Decepticon Mayhem Attack Squad.
Panda626's avatar
very cool. Sadly I never got a chance to read the comic, US or UK, no scratch and being an american kid I didn't know there WAS a UK version of the comic at the time
Duke-of-Luns's avatar
The Deluxe Insecticons all appeared in Dreamwave's "Micromaster" four part series.

That's...probably one of the few good things to say about the series.
Panda626's avatar
ah... never read it XD no cash
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