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Story by;
Martin “Tron-program” Fisher

Art & Colors by;
Peter “I-Sith-Lord” Istyle

Letters by;
Dave “Machsabre” Reynolds
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Oooooops! Tough luck, there, 'Sides...

Nice job!
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DuzlooProfessional Interface Designer
"Your feelings of retribution against Vortex will only hamper your judgement." Damn, that was a difficult sentence to translate from english! :D

Nice artwork and the little trick is gorgeous! :)
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Cool! Damm that Vortex!
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JZLoboHobbyist Writer
Oooh, sequel. And a nice portrayal of Smokescreen's character.
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WildMagnusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank Primus i read the first part. ^^ Nice sequel! The cybertronian mode is a very interesting design.
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poor Sideswipe.
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Oooh, that is SO like Smokescreen. :giggle:
Great job with this!
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Damn! Smokescreen, you sneaky bastard! :)
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The-REAL-CarcassHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very reminiscent of the Silverbolt/Cheetor interaction.
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TaintedTamerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooo, that was dirty...
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Always neat to see the sneaky side of Smokescreen, even at the expense of a teammate to get what he wants. And I hope he hands it to Vortex. ;)
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lonegamer7Hobbyist Writer
Nice sequel to the earlier one! And sneaky Smokie.
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