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Written by;
Tom Speelman ([link])

Pencils/Inks by;
James Ferrand ([link])

Colors by;
Sara Rude ([link])

Letters by;
Franco Villa ([link])
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that's the price to pay when you're an actionmaster.
saganich's avatar
Always a pleasure to see young guns in action! :w00t:
hde2009's avatar
I love seeing more from Tom and James. They're clearly having fun with their Mosaics.
Alan-WK's avatar
Cool. 8-) Sequel please? :)
It segues into the test-based story "Another Time and Place."
Alan-WK's avatar
Niiiiiiiiice! One, big happy continuity! :D And as it happens someone here on DA is turning that text story in to a comic. Once that's complete I'll have to read "Retribution" and "Another Time and Place" back-to-back. Should be epic!

Cheers for getting back to me on this! :)
Readasaur's avatar
So he's going to get MORE Nucleon?
I dun' get it.
fedupN's avatar
Art is good, just needs polish. some of the proportions are off and the lines wave in parts, such as the "that might just do it" panel with the Autobot symbol. Also...his hand looks strange. I don't think his thumb should go there.

The layout and writing make it hard to follow the storyline.
Regreme's avatar
Interestin'. But I have no idea what's goin' on.
Blackvegetable's avatar
royi-20's avatar
grimlock turned everyone into action masters?!
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
In the Marvel Comics, yes...
Tramp-Graphics's avatar
I have to agree with pittstop. The panel layout is a bit confusing. OVer all though, it's a good story.
ninjha's avatar
Hehe... I remember this issue from the Marvel days... the memories!
Good work all around!
pittstop's avatar
I found it difficult to follow the narrative as it isn't immediately obvious you read the central four panels top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right. It is more normal to read left to right, not down then up again. As a result the lettering boxes seem confused.

Not bad overall, but needed a little more thought into the panel arrangement.
TeiOuja's avatar
Wow. The art looks new, like nothing I've seen before. Really good job.
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