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Franco Villa [link]

Tomoko [link]

Zac DeBoard [link]

Special thanks to:
Peter Istyle [link]
Gianluca Gamba [link]
Davide "Red Alert" of [link]
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Battledroidunit047's avatar
WOW, Sludge! Install a coolant chip or something, will ya?!
studiogdp's avatar
Simply beautiful art!
IggySeymour's avatar
You all need to start your own publishing,no I'm really serious! :nod: That's what IDW did.
murraben's avatar
I wish i could get my hands on some of the older comics. This kind of thing really makes me want to know what everyone else is talking about. TT___TT

Excellent, amazing, AWE-INSPIRING work, by the way :iconilikeitplz:The lineart is very clean and loose, and the coloring job is smooth, without making it look like one solid layer.
WildMagnus's avatar
Kup deserves his own ongoing series. I wanna read all about his war stories and such. ^^
One question: are the creatures from the first memory the ones that Ben10 becomes in Alien Force? If its that then Kup watches too much tv: Ben10 AF, Beast Machines and Indiana Jones. XD
WildMagnus's avatar
Wow. He's led quite a life.
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Yes, inspired by the concepts described in G2 Marvel comics: the Transformers have a drive that pushes them to grow, to go beyond being a set of pre-programmed responses.
The idea of Kup being just a warrior for his entire (and very long) life sounded a bit "autistic" to me: what did he do in peace time? Didn't he ever feel the need to explore new horizons?
Of course, I think he did. ;)
Great thinking. :)
Gambits-Wild-Card's avatar
I saw the preview of this and thought "this will be good", I was wrong, it's GREAT!! Love Indiana Kup :)
lol I loved it... and the left side just adds to the Abe Simpson-ness of Kup's stories its a Great piece of work. Thanks.
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
LOL, yes, Grampa was our reference for that (thanks to Gianluca, this bit is his idea).
GBscientist's avatar
Aww. I feel really bad for Kup, missing all those memories.
royi-20's avatar
that was a killer!
royi-20's avatar
that was a killer!
P-z-p-Z's avatar
Very funny ending :laughing:
deleter09's avatar
BatboyEXE's avatar
Grimlock is trukk, not munky... I mean T-rex, not brontasaurus.
adamassc's avatar
love the comic, but I can't tell who it is Kup's talking to on the technorganic moon?
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
He's Cyclonus, as redesigned by mighty EJ Su for Spotlight: Cyclonus. :)
lonegamer7's avatar
:rofl: The nerve-throb # on Sludge! :lmao:

*cues up Indiana Jones in panel 6* :giggle: All he needs is an electro-whip.
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