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deadinsid3's avatar
It's sad, but really good.
Nachtsider's avatar
One of the most poignant Mosaics I've ever read. Excellent work.
X2241085's avatar
posted the original lines here [link] :) Really had fun working on this piece
JZLobo's avatar
This is a really moving piece, but the dialogue seems a bit clunky in some places.
VenomX1's avatar
Good art, well done. Story ... it's ok. Sizzle doesn't bring any memories to me so I'm not attached to the character. Dialog is well done though.
Gharanth's avatar
A wonderful and touching mosaic. So sad.
ShockWaveX2's avatar
Who killed Sizzle?

Also very touching Mosiac. :salute:
X2241085's avatar
it was a totally new/nameless bot whose design i got from rm reverse convoy :P
ShockWaveX2's avatar
Cool! 8-) :D Thanks for the answers.
hde2009's avatar
Hell yeah, that's what the Mosaics are about - exploring scenarios like this is half the fun.
botmaster2005's avatar
sorry about the jpeg compression everyone
Argusshaitan's avatar
Very nicely done!
Shadowflamez's avatar
Very nice mosaic, and touching too.
WildMagnus's avatar
Awww. I think this is the first Mosaic that made me cry. ^^ REally, a very touching story. And the art is equally beautiful.
ninjha's avatar
Cool story great art! An instant favorite!
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
This is the best one of all TF mosaic!
Seiberwing's avatar
Wow, way to mess with us. I love it!
victortky's avatar
An emotional moment. I hope he would be there to meet them when all are one.
Sotwt's avatar

Poor Sizzle.
baiji's avatar
Why I feel a little sad...T_T
quickblast's avatar
grat work are we shoor the red one is not cliffjumper
deejaywill's avatar
i thought it was cliffjumper :O
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