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Prepare for AHM

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Story, Art, Colors & Letters by;
Ivan Mas [link]
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dude that was an awseome trypticon! hey i was wondering if u could help me! i wrote a script for TF: Mosaic and I REALLY need an illustrator. Please take a look:[link] I would greatly appreciate your help.
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DAY-UM!!! OO'''
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Well I guess a Transforming building is COOL!

...and quite deady it seems too.

("Big", reference for anybody out there.)
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Not entirely sure why Metroplex is in New York, he wasn't even in All Hail Megatron...
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ya trypticon is cool^^
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Wow! Amazing! It reminds of the last episode of % faces of darkness, although I do see the Godzilla references! You should be drawing for IDW. Great work!
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So you tell them, hehehe.

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It's a quick mosaic I did in a couple days, while I was resting from the other more complicated pieces I hope you can see soon.
It's more like a homage to Godzilla movies, somehow I mixed that character (obviously japanese) with All Hail Megatron. The militar base in the first pannel is the same from AHM, and that's when they first find about the decepticons invading Times Square. As I said, it's just a quick mosaic, more like a simple homage.
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Could have really done with some basic grammer checking I'm afraid. 'Some disturbs' should be 'some disturbance' and bystanders is one word.
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Holy freck... :O
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Looks like Trypticon certainly knows how to make quite a chaotic party - that's intense!
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Was there an autobot defending the city? It lost me.
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There is a city-type autobot (can't remember his name) who just got defeated by Trypticon. I'm guessing they were referring to him.
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Yeah thanks for telling me. I looked up Trypticon and it said Metroplex was is mortal enemy. Now it makes sense. :)
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Metroplex is his name.
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And I'm sure the Constructicons built him right out of NYC's skyscrapers, amIright? ;p
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