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Prelude to Rebellion

Story, Art, Colors & Letters by;

Iván “Decep” Mas [link]
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Whoa! Someone who remembers Battle Beasts! Way to go!
Suikodeniac's avatar
brilliant art and colouring.
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Oops. Their day just took a huge turn for the fail.

Nice work!
Duzloo's avatar
Nice details and I just fell in love with that last panel. :heart:
ninjha's avatar
Wow! Amazing art!
timshinn73's avatar
I like the drawing style very much.

I'm wondering if the first 4 panels could have been used to better flesh out the actual story. There's plenty of room to add story details within the pretty straight forward argument dialogue.
fargnay's avatar
Great mosaic! and, as someone already said, it's cool to see some traditional art, and Ivan skills are simply amazing, felicitaciones, amigobot!
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I would say that Iván has quickly become one of my new favorite artists to jump into this project. Cheers!
hombreimaginario's avatar
He's absolute not new, anyway :P
Check out some of the first mosaic pieces released (more than one year ago). "The Curse", "the wait" and the Christmas special were all illustrated by him (written by yours truly, btw ;))
the-skeletal13's avatar
My mistake. Had to dig back through the huge pile that we've had since then!
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Beastformers eh? Not something I'd see often, but cool!
lonegamer7's avatar
Some missing punctuations, but nicely done on colors.
Deceptichop's avatar
Very nice! Never thought Id ever see a BeastFormers apperance!
teh-dino's avatar
Nice art :D it's good to see traditional work.

The writing seems to be missing some punctuation marks here and there, though (or it could just be the font used and my eyesight of fail).
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Cool. :3 Awesome art and story.
thanks! the making off here :

MurdererDelacroix's avatar
Nice! I'll check it out!
And.. the funny Preview:

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whats the beast formers?
JZLobo's avatar
They were called Battle Beasts here in America. In Japan, they were a spin-off toyline and the Transformers came to their planet to (what else?) fight at one point in the Japanese cartoons.
optimus304's avatar
ok. thanks for clearing that up
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