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Story, Art, Colors & Letters by;

Joel Lovins [link]
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In one of the Marvel comics, they did the samething what the movie did, but HR wasn't even there. Matter of fact he felt guilty because he believe that Optimus Prime would've been alive if he was there.
Mimi-Sardinia's avatar
I like this - I however don't like the Roddy-bashing that it seems to generated. He didn't whine and angst all that much in season 3, so I think a lot of it is sour grapes that Optimus was killed off.

Anyway, I kinda like the idea that maybe he's finally got a moment to really think things over and has started thinking of how things could have gone - thinking of the most optimistic version of events instead of thinking that maybe it could have gone a lot worse than it did.
shark235's avatar
Same here. I mean yes he should've stay put, but Optimus Prime should've just hurry up and killed Megatron. Maybe even handcuffed him if he hates the idea of taking someone's life.
fedupN's avatar
Hmm cool. Though I suspect things would NOT have been all peaceful and grand had Prime lived.
coraxonyx's avatar
With all this hanging over him, it's kind of a wonder that Rodimus was as effective as he was. Nice thought experiment!
DarkStatic's avatar
Interesting what if story; well done!
LBDNytetrayn's avatar
Excellent work.

--LBD "Nytetrayn"
Shyrstyne's avatar
I find it a little weird that, instead of my first thought being about how this was a 'what if' situation, my immediate impression was that Hot Rod was actually possessed by Optimus.

Ridiculous notion, most definitely. Not only would Prime probably not do that, the sequence of events is not kosher with what happened with Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime. It's still a powerful and meaningful mosaic, but my mind does weird things.

Still, I like it. I always did feel bad for Hot Rod.
Tyrdyquinn212's avatar
Well, considering that Optimus Prime's spark 'theoretically' joined all the other Prime's sparks inside the matrix of leadership, it wouldn't surprise me if it was a residual possessing. .____.

Besides, everyone already knows that Death is just a power nap for O.P. >3>
Battledroidunit047's avatar
Yeah, but the only Optimus to face Permanent death was his descendant, Primal
Shyrstyne's avatar
And thus began a long and proud carrier of Hot Rod being a huge fuck up.
0ArmoredSoul0's avatar
Hot Rod himself was ok, but Rodimus.
No, even as Hot Rod, he was quite the fuck up in the animated continuity. I mean, my god, instead of rushing at Megatron, just shoot the jackass with your lasers!
shark235's avatar
Yes I know that your comment is very old, but I couldn't help to agree with you, so I must relpy. Although I believe that Hot Rod is way better then Rodimus Prime. He should've shot Megatron instead or warn Optimus Prime at least. However, he was not the only character to fuck up. I mean Optimus Prime was taking his sweet time to shoot Megatron. Okay he hates killing, then why not handcuffed him instead or ask WheelJack to make a freezing ray. Anyway, Hot Rod wasn't as bad as Rodimus Prime. Actually Rodimus Prime wasn't that bad either.
KisaShika's avatar
What the crap? DOES IT EVEN MATTER?

It's a fucking cartoon. STFU already.
Says the person freaking out and telling me to shut about about a comment I made nearly a year ago.
0ArmoredSoul0's avatar
Good point.
Didn't see much of the episodes leading up to the movie though, so I really didn't see much of Hot Rod.
Actually, he premiered in the movie.
0ArmoredSoul0's avatar
No wonder.
Still a doosh.
NatsumeRyu's avatar
Hot Rod, I wish it were so, too. :cry:
ohnojaylo's avatar
Yeah, good one Hot Rod. You tin dummy.
WildMagnus's avatar
"what if...?" stories are always fun to read.
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