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Nucleon Envy

Story by Logan (Repugnus) Rogan.

Art by Joana (Khammar) Lefuente [link]
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omg, i love u'r art. i need a favor, i'm writng a fan-fic but i can't draw my main character!
She's a med bot and a decepticon, shes also starscreams girl freind! please draw it!
Starscreams-Girl's avatar
look on thundercrackers face, priceless! 
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I faved this a long time ago, but coming back I realized I neglected to leave a comment about how much I loved your execution of the joke. HILARIOUS timing. Excellent work.
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XD Oh, Thundercracker, when will you learn that drinking is bad for you?
168natasha's avatar
i would have thought that skywarp would do the swiping
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I'm pretty sure that TC's Shattered Glass Universe paint job. Hm.....apparently this Nucleon potion thingy turns you into your doppelganger. =D
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Interesting to see where Thundercracker gets his....subtle color scheme.
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I just found this while working on Action Master Thundercracker stuff for my current campaign to get Hasbro to produce a new toy in these colors using the Classics mold. Details can be found here: [link]

If there's interest, I also did my own take on AMTC fiction a few years ago, available here: [link]
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So THATS what happened~! XDDD
ShockWaveX2's avatar
Now that's totally priceless. :giggle: :rofl::rofl:
Supermoi's avatar
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
*roll over the floor laughing* :dead:
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Raja-Ulat's avatar
One moment, Bad-ass.
The next moment, Hilarious! XD
Yondercat's avatar
kellroxursox's avatar
XDDD this will never get old.
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*pokes the colorful Thundercracker* XD Poor TC!
:rofl: rofl :rofl: rofl
That was awesome, art ans story+ them grate faces!
Fan-the-little-demon's avatar
simply great!!!I can't stop laughing!! :lmao:
JennWestberg's avatar
:lmao: :rofl: :giggle: :lol: Funniest mosaic ever!
IndianaBlue's avatar
Oh, TC...*shakes head* Now he'll be extra grumpy. (I would too if I were suddenly pink and green.)

Very funny! :laughing:
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*sputters with laughter*

I haven't gotten all that far in terms of the series, but I don't think anyone has to be familiar with the Actionmasters to see just how utterly funny this is.
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