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No Surprises Here

Story by;
Josh van Reyk [link]

Art by;
Aric Huftles [link]

Colors by;
John-Paul Bove [link]

Letters by;
Franco Villa [link]
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TomSwiftie's avatar
These all characters from the Japanese continuity? By the way, does anyone know where to find eps of Victory with subtitles or anything? i saw a podcast but it looked like a clip show. plz help!
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timshinn73's avatar
Nice to see the Omnibots! Some of my favorites from back in the day.
TaintedTamer's avatar
Yondercat's avatar
headmasters right? i really dont know a thing about them.

but this is pretty cool
ninjha's avatar
Yes! Omnibots! Excellent story, artwork and colours!
Duzloo's avatar
Skullcrunsher looks like a toy with all the pink :D
Blackvegetable's avatar
Another interesting mosaic! Go Skullcruncher!
quickblast's avatar
dos bots look like i seem them befor skull is the gather right?
Silvertide's avatar
Except for Skids (the blue ones), they're all Omnibots!
quickblast's avatar
i all ways think skids die from transformers g1 movie
Silvertide's avatar
I don't think the omnibots even made it into any of the cartoons...
quickblast's avatar
you no what i do not think so as yell
X2241085's avatar
waay to ruin an autobot campout skullcruncher. i kinda wish he went "Umnumnumnum" while munching on Camshaft's leg for comedic purposes :P
pedaler73's avatar
lonegamer7's avatar
Name those 'Bots!

Skull! Don't you know most alligators and crocodiles are ambush predators? ;)

Fraggit, been WAAAY too long working on Headmasters...
JZLobo's avatar
I recognize Camshaft (red), Skids (blue) and Getaway (white), but not the black one.
ironwarmachine's avatar
isn't he Downshift?
JZLobo's avatar
That sounds about right.
Silvertide's avatar
The Decep is Skullcruncher.

The red Autobot is Overdrive, and left to right from him in the second to last panel is Skids (I think), Downshift and Camshaft.

Did I get the names of the Omnibots right?
lonegamer7's avatar
Reason why I called him Skull is because that's his Japanese name - been watching "The Headmasters".
Silvertide's avatar
That's cool, I just named him because I thought you were calling him skull for short.
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