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Tony “Chainclaw” Jackson

Pencils & Colors:
Jenny “Navedium” Son [link]

Inks & Lettering:
HdE [link]
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I gotta give Megatron some props for allowing both Cons and Bots see him in public with Lugnut and Blitzwing despite knowing what retards both of them are xD

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Awesome! Especially the Arnold reference!
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I am having the split personalities was an unfortunate side effect from the experiment that made him a triple changer
theifkingbakura1's avatar
Good ol stupid Blitzwing :3
What would we do without you?
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Some times three heads ARNT better than one. x3
Psssst, Blitzwing, Behind you....
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Well if listening to the voices in your head is bad, then arguing with them makes things worst. And Blitzwing is going to find out the hard way... but I doubt it makes a change for him XD
The "girly-bot" comment made laugh more than needed because I had my figure of said girly-bot next to my laptop when reading this. Go Prowl! Get him! :laughing:

Kudos to Tony Jackson, Jenny “Navedium” Son and HdE for this great mosaic! :+fav:
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And yet again he starts arguing with himself and what happens Prowl gets away. Maybe it would be best for him to not argue so much
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And Blitzy proves - yet AGAIN - that when you start arguing with yourself and you answer back you have a SERIOUS problem XD!
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With enemies like this, who needs a distraction? XD
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O_-: This art is quite amazing really.


D<: Art? Who cares about art?!


O_-: All sensible bots do.


D<: Are you insulting me you heap of scrap metal?!



sorry....I just had to xD
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O.o Maybeeeeeeeee..... :giggle:
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I really like the inks,colour,background,shading and the humour in the story. So basically I like everything about the comic :D
Awesome! Reminds me how much I miss Animated. :)
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XDDD Poor Blitzwing. It's precisely this problem that makes it so hard for Gestalts to work together. Devatator feels your pain, Blitzbrain. *sympathy pat*
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Aawesome work! I love TF Animated!
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Makes me remember how he got stuck in a lake because of transforming from tank to jet in mid-air. ;p
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That breakdown of all of Blitzwing's faces was GREAT!! Nice letters, HdE! Great script as well! Brilliant art.
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Thanks for the recognition! We ink-and-lettering guys so often get overlooked...
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