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Its obvious to those familiar with the series Rhinox is talking about Dinobot but actually having a piece of Dinobot to bury would solidify the idea. Also it is not clear what he is doing with the machinery there nor as to why he is towing a hover skiff afterward when he could simply drive it back.
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i just realized i saw this at the botcon! pretty cool!
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Short and sweet. I love it. Though it did take me a moment to figure out what was going on until i recognized the recycling machine.
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i don't quite get this.
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This was a bit harsh for Rhinox's normally mellow self, but i got it right away. Its not the tone but the word choice in "I never liked you, etc". It seems slightly too juvenille. Close but not quite verbose or smooth enough for Rhinox. The last panel is spot on in my opinion. Having Dinobots body on the first or last panel would have helped, since at this point its not cremated yet.

Minor Art critique, the hands in the second panel are off, but your facework is pretty dang good.
All in all not a bad mosaic.
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Tramp-GraphicsProfessional General Artist
Actualy, According to Kyle (the artist), this takes place after the cremation while Rhinox is putting everything away. So yes, Dinobot has already been cremated before panel one.
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Ah! Now that makes the Mosaic clearer. I thought this was the setup of the pyre.
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They could have done making that a bit clearer. I only figured out it had something to do with Dinobot's funeral from the text, the device just looks like a random widget.
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Tramp-GraphicsProfessional General Artist
Well, I just did the colors and letters. I haven't seen that episode so I don't know if that's how the actual device looked or not. It does look like some form of burner though.
Seiberwing's avatar does?
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Tramp-GraphicsProfessional General Artist
Yeah. You have the pan in which things burn, and the two fuel tanks, and pipes that connect the fuel to the burner pan. At least that's how I interpret it. Like I said though, Having not seen the episode, I can't say for sure how it works.
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Admittedly I have not used that many burning devices that don't strike on the box, but it doesn't look much like the one in the episode.
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I can totally hear Rhinox saying this. I always thought Rhinox was always kind of reserved around the other Maximals; I bet he thought a lot of things he didn't share. We know he was a very introspective kind of bot.

It also struck me that he and Dinobot weren't that close.
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Not a big fan of Beast Wars...

but that was the Best Episiode ever. I really loved how they did it... Even if they did keep killing off the characters I liked.
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As for people thinking this is kinda out of character...

I dunno, Rhinox always seemed to bust out a poetic/overblown line or two every so often.

"Comes the dawn..."

"When a spark comes online...etcetera..."

"For everything that ever was..."

He's a well-cultured bot and seemingly quite spiritual. And while he may not say this stuff around other bots, I felt he'd say it while he's by himself and wants to get something off his chest.

As for his feelings on Dinobot...can anyone think of a specific example where he was anything more than politely tolerant of Dinobot? Cuz I can't.
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Tramp-GraphicsProfessional General Artist
He's talking to himself. Well, technically, to the late Dinobot. One thing though, someone moved the title and credits after this was submitted. They were originally at the bottom. Someone altered the page. Not cool.
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who was rhinox talking two? the snak?
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I always played it in my head that Rhinox never really liked Dinobot (can you actually think of an instance when he was really and completely friendly with him? I can't.) and that was the basis for this script.

He's actually pretty harsh towards Dinobot most of the time. Lots of backhanded comments towards him.

"We're not Predacons here!"

"Giving him back the Golden Disk didn't help..."

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Yeah, but everyone did that. Dinobot wasn't an easy guy to get along with.
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I don't feel this would fit with any other character aside from perhaps Tigatron.

Primal, Cheetor, and Rattrap all actually liked Dinobot (even if Rattrap wouldn't admit it).

Silverbolt and Airazor didn't really know him well enough.

Tigatron could perhaps have a case for not liking him.

There's nothing to contradict that Rhinox would secretly feel this way towards Dinobot. There is, however, stuff to support it.
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Not the lines themselves, the the way he talks. It's flat and lacks character, like a monotone in text.
MikePriest83's avatar
How exactly does Rhinox talk then? How would you portray that?

Not every character has some speech quirk. Rhinox talks very plainly and to the point most of the time. But in certain situations he does say something flowery.
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I can't really put it in words, it's just a tone thing. He doesn't have a quirk, but he has a voice.
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dammit wheres your sense of fun? its just a comic! with the mosiacs the writers and artists can do whatever they want.
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