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Irresistible Force

Written by;
Curt Lunsford

Art by;
Ibai Canales

Letters by;
Franco Villa
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That's the fake Prime from that manga!
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Love the art, as usual Ibai. Not your best lineart but the colors are vibrant as ever.

Looking forward to Round 2...
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Yeah, I drew this in between lots of other projects, that must have had something to do with it... Anyway, thanks!
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Guiltor getting the snot beat out of him by Motormaster! Me like.
royi-20's avatar
I see Pyro isn't the only one that built by the same mold of Optimus
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
He is actually a Optimus-Megatron Hybrid build by the Quintessons: [link]
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Cool! Reminds me of the UK stuff! Nice stylized art and I like the VS idea. Has that Mortal Kombat feel to it! No need to be deep! Excellent work, need to see more from this team!
pittstop's avatar
sorry to say this is the first mosaic in some time that I absolutely do not like. I don't get the relevance of the motormaster prime stand off and the designs are amateurish at best.

normally I love mosaic, but this is pretty poor.
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It does say "To Be Continued." I'm sure there will be a climax/payoff in the next part.
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Serials violate the spirit of the Mosaic series. They're supposed to be one-page one-offs that feature a character or concept for the Transformers, not a place-holder for someone's web-comic.
JZLobo's avatar
We've had them lots of times before, and Shaun and Josh have posted them up, so I would have to say you're wrong.
TFVanguard's avatar
And people have had the complaint repeatedly every time it's been done before... But if you want to make this an ePenis contest, I'm just going to bow out, thanks.
I've never had a problem with serials, and I enjoy the Lost Seasons/Seeds of Deception multi-parters. I think having stories that add to a larger Universe makes each entry that much better.

However, if I remember right the maximum number of parts is supposed to be three, and this story in question is only two parts.
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
I have to agree: official rules are fully respected here.
Well it's not actually Prime fighting Motormaster, it's Guiltor: [link]

As for why they're fighting, well Guiltor could be considered the first Nemisis Prime/Scourge type characters, except he isn't colored black. Similarly, Motormaster in his first few appearances was portrayed as Prime's rival, and he is a black truck.

Anyway, Guiltor is commonly mistaken for Prime, as is the case here, so Motormaster attacks him cause well, he thinks it's Prime, who he also thinks is dead. This story is meant to take place after the events of the Manga Transformers 2010 #4, and the '86 Animated Movie.

Honestly, I didn't intend to write a deep Mosaic. It's just meant to be a fun fight scene between two G1 characters that may have influenced the whole Nemesis Prime concept. :)
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ah, I didn't pick up on the reference as I've almost no knowledge of the Japanese continuity.
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It does say Guiltor at the top of the Mosaic though... ;)
MagusTheLofty's avatar
Interesting, I like the art style. I guess that's supposed to be Guiltar, I think? The Zombie Optimus, Megatron guy?
MagusTheLofty's avatar
Oh, yes, it yes Guiltar up in the top. Duuh. =P
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