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Plot & art by;
Iván Mas [link]

Script and Letters by;
Carlos Oliveros [link]

Colors by;
Verónica Mazzaro [link]
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TazTitan85's avatar
The art and the story are just fantastic in this piece, keep up the good work!
hombreimaginario's avatar
Oh, we do, we did, we will ;) Come back tomorrow for part 3!! :D
TazTitan85's avatar
Alright I will!
blackopal's avatar
The story plot art everyting...JUST ALL AROUND FANTASTIC!!!:heart: Keep it coming!!!
TomSwiftie's avatar
fedupN's avatar
A beautiful work and thanks to the explanations from this piece and the other one is really good. It also ties together several threads of Transformer mythos and offers some explanations that "fill in gaps."
In summary, a well drawn, well written piece that serves a purpose in the universe and plays off of other mosaics. Well done indeed!
SigmaCore's avatar
Marvelous, as with the first installment.
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Blackvegetable's avatar
Awwww... another new Junkion! :D
hombreimaginario's avatar
from The Big Broadcast of 2006 ;)

There's still 3 more lithonian pieces coming, stay tuned!
lonegamer7's avatar
saganich's avatar
A bit too obscure for me get, but I've read the replies, and it's clearer now :)

Very nicely written and love the way it looks, very distinctive!
Hidden-Traveler's avatar
Thank you, now i have the Shattner voice in me head.
ShinigamisPet's avatar
Jimmy! ^_^;
I really like this rendition of the Junkion's ... er ... creation? I guess? I think it makes a lot of sense anyway.
hombreimaginario's avatar
It's pretty much the same explanation we gave for Nancy's existence as a Junkion queen last week (see our last piece, "Rebirth" ;))
ShinigamisPet's avatar
I read that one too. I really enjoy them. ^_^
Page... pencil:


Thanks for all.
breaker82's avatar
at first i thought it was a hal computer thing from the sci fi movie. unfornately i am confuse. why is he tapping his head on the 3rd panel?
hombreimaginario's avatar
he's just in pain. He's the same guy all along. Lithonian survivor who will become Junkion "Jimmy" ;)
breaker82's avatar
i thought it was the origin of wreckgar. very good story
JZLobo's avatar
Verrrry eeenterestink.
royi-20's avatar
trajic yet somehow funny
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