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Heart of Cybertron

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Story, Art, Colors & Letters by;
Ivan Mass [link]
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haha i remember that moment when Starscream gets attacked by a snake
DrewsterHotRod's avatar
RUMBLE BAYBEE!!! *glomps and tumbles with him*
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Love the Animated-style G1. Whats with the purple ARC? I'm guessing I missed an important episode...
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TenorSaxLolitaHobbyist General Artist
It's the Nemesis, not the Ark. A Decepticon ship, which means dark, cool colours, not happy bright orange!
GuyverOmega's avatar
THIS is how that new animated series SHOULD look like.
ladyrazorsharp's avatar
LOL Starscream=Snakes on a plane! *is shot* :faint:

Animated!Rumble! :boogie:
black01scarlet's avatar
snakes on the pailne !
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katiewhyHobbyist General Artist
Awesome mix of G1 and Animated styles!! :clap:
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misternewuzerHobbyist General Artist
I can't recall if the backhoe is Bonecrusher or not. If it is, then he's totally channeling the whole "I hate everything" vibe of movie BC. :]
Minosayia's avatar
G1 Animated style?

In the words of Starscream 'Brilliant,oh yes brilliant...'
LeoKingdomMaster's avatar
Heh. It's a Scale Boa!
ninjha's avatar
The Heart Of Cybertron! Nice! But I disagree with the others. The cool thing about Mosaics is that it can be anything you want!
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Moondancer0XHobbyist Digital Artist
okay, normally when I see G1 Megatron, I hear Frank Welker when he speaks, but now, I heard Corey Burton. Interestingly, it felt more sinister. Nice work says I.
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it continues right?
Robot1979's avatar
Sure! It continues in Microbots chapter...
royi-20's avatar
Robot1979's avatar
In the g.1 original series .... hehehe
royi-20's avatar
it is an episode from the original series that pertains to this mosaic
royi-20's avatar
I'll check it out
starshotseeker's avatar
cool mix between TFA and G1 XD

I like so much how Rumble turned out in Animated style :D
TaintedTamer's avatar
TaintedTamerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Weird...G1 clashing with TFA? XD
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lonegamer7Hobbyist Writer
That just rocks of the G1 cast in Animated style. XD

And poor, poor Starscream... X3
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