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Story by:
Jim Sorenson [link]

Art by:
Ivan “Decep” Mas h[link]

Letters by:
Carlos “Synapse” Oliveros [link]
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"Yer gonna be a Godmaster, Harry, an' a thumpin' good one."
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Bored with the introspective prose (sorry, Jim!), but I can NEVER get enough Ivan. Awesome.
Well, don´t worry about the prose, perhaps the next is better.
JZLobo's avatar
Interesting. -runs to find this guy's wiki page-
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Wow! Artwork is phenomenal! Great use of colours too!
ToaNovu's avatar
This one would definitely be my facorite out of the bunch. It's not as wordy as the others, but still manages to tell it's story. The artwork is really nice, and I like how the only color is the red marker and his glowing eyes.
Here a little making off:


Thanks for all!
Blackvegetable's avatar
Awesome! Interesting dual-allegience!
hombreimaginario's avatar
That's what the 2-colour captions mean, actually. I don't know if it's clear enough, though. Many people will just think I have a bad taste for colours xD
Blackvegetable's avatar
Still, you guys did a good job on the Human Component series - I like it! :)
lonegamer7's avatar
Hm... He's a bit older than what I'm used to from watching HM. But points on the story. :)
hombreimaginario's avatar
Yep, Iván's been depicting the whole godmaster / junio headmaster crew as older than they looked in the show. His/our idea is a more mature take on Masterforce. Well, it would be if Masterforce were to be re-presented as a comic book nowadays :)
lonegamer7's avatar
But did you guys had to make the Juniors THAT mature? ;)
hombreimaginario's avatar
It was Iván's idea to make Minerva THAT mature, lol. You'll see Cancer and Wilder's new looks soon as well ;)
lonegamer7's avatar
I was expecting at least high school, not city college. =P

Should I start running... ;P
hombreimaginario's avatar
Yeah 'cause Iván will "God-on" and kick your ass xD
ereyes's avatar
I dig the artwork in this sense. :)
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