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Story by;
Tony 'Chainclaw' Jackson

Art, Colors and Letters by;
HdE [link]
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QlockworkStudent Traditional Artist
hell yeah, they're old grumpy men, both of them. ;) Sunstreakers last expression made me giggle for real. And cool art style too.
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nice to see a "different" style here! :D and the insignia's "expression", that's hilarious! :D
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The art's blinding. I don't mind alternate styles, but it's very sloppy and ugly.
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... And Hotrod was NEVER heared from again... Xp
There is just so much to love about this comic!
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Zexion666Hobbyist Writer
A comic hasn't made me laugh THAT hard in months.
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hde2009Professional Artist
You like robots and laughter?

In one tidy, easy-to-transport package?

I can heartily recommend the adventures of The ABC Warriors. Google that sucka. The early books are a laugh a minute!

Glad you enjoyed the work :)
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Zexion666Hobbyist Writer
I shall do so
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hde2009Professional Artist
Heh. It's pure awesome!

There's a new trade out right now, and believe me, while it's not so big on the funnies, it looks amazing.

Plus, I hear there's a cartoon in the works...
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Zexion666Hobbyist Writer
Ooh! :D
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hde2009Professional Artist

You googled it, didn't ya? :)

Clint Langley's art rocks my world.
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Zexion666Hobbyist Writer
yes. yes i did :D
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hde2009Professional Artist
Now, here's the thing. I'd really like to see IDW put out a Transformers book that looked like that. It'd be a MASSIVE workload for the artist, and I can only guess at the sheer amount of effort that would be involved, but wouldn't that just be the pinnacle of Transformers awesome?
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DarthPookyHobbyist General Artist
Run, Hot Rod. Just RUN. XD And Tracks' face in the second panel is keeping me endlessly amused, along with the changing Autobot symbols!
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Emilou1985Hobbyist General Artist
I found the Autobot symbols very amusing. And Sunstreaker's face in the last panel.
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Ha very interest style.
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Oh crap, Roddy's a dead mech walking! 0_o

Great job! :D
LeoKingdomMaster's avatar
Hmm, the art style has potential but it really needs to be polished. Feels a little sloppy but I do like the organic feel they have. The script is just perfect, no two ways about it.
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I bet Sunstreaker would self-destruct if he knew Hot Rod would eventually succeed Optimus Prime as leader.
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Especially since he's the reason Prime was killed.
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ToonQueenHobbyist General Artist
Hahaah, hilarious. Interesting style, nice to see something new!
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GeneralMechanicsHobbyist General Artist
I like the faction symbols changing from Smug, and cocky to Cold and pwn'd!
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