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Story, Colors & Letters by;
Susan "Shiribot" Loweck

Line-art by;
Pietre "Pietrestan" Valbuena
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if you not good enough at school! just let your friends help you at school! that is a great friendship!

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Tracks, you are the best friend a guy could ask for.

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If this had actually happened in the cartoon, it would've made an awesome reunion episode between two old friends.
This makes me smile.
Just...too...cute X3 and sari and chip in panel 5
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:iconIlavitplz: This friendship, these bros, are the absolute BEST!!


:iconiheartitplz: Epic work :D

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This is so wonderful.  <3
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 it is. I had the same reaction
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Okay, this is a really good one. Loved the references and the story. It was pretty touching too.
:iconlovelyplz: BEAUTIFUL . THERE's JUST NO OTHER WORD FOR IT . THANK YOU . :iconlovelyplz:
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This is a wonderful example of the influence a good and caring friend can have. The Tracks/Raoul friendship has so much story potential and I'm glad to see you explored it here. I think my favorite part is the snapshots showing Track's continued presence over the years. Lovely job!
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Seconding what ~pietrestan said, thank you for the comments, everyone! It's great to see this piece make it in -- it's been four years in the making. :giggle: Worth the wait, judging by the kind comments. :) Much thanks to Pietre for all the Easter Eggs and the dynamic art, and of course for his wonderful interpretation of my script. It has been a pleasure to work with him over the years on our various pieces and I thank TF:M for bringing us together on these projects. :w00t:

This piece is also special to me because it's based on a short story that I haven't been able to finish writing (also in limbo for several years). I'm grateful that Pietre could give voice to a story that's close to my heart. :)
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Meaningful story, and nice easter eggs. 11/13/1985 was the date that the Auto-bot aired, BTW.
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Wonderful comic.
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I see Sari and Chip Chase! Awesome art style and interaction with Raoul and Tracks! :D
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Oh, and Fanzone & the Sunbow company reference too!
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Hee, this is a wonderfully done comic, I love the G1 style Sari and Fanzone :)

I may have to buy a Tracks toy now :P
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Ooh, brilliant and touching and clever. Nice art, good writing, wonderful cameos!
(And finally we don't have the usual creepy Tracks/Raoul slash!)
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Thank you for the positive reviews and kind comments, everyone! It was a lot of fun to draw.

It's fitting: the last Mosaic of mine that gets released has re-teamed me with ~shiribot -- the writer of the very first one I did the artwork for, *way* back in TF:M Year-1!

I always enjoyed collaborating with her and she has definitely written quite the sweet one here :) !

Thanks again for everything, guys!
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