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Evil Dead

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By Dusan M.
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I applaud the premise, and think that further expansion upon it is warranted because there is a lot more plot in Evil Dead that could be exploited in this sort of homage. A 3 to 4 Mosaic series would cover it nicely.
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It's about time somebody thought of cyber-zombies! Really, this is a neat idea. Thanks for bringing it to the forefront.

Specifics-wise, the colors you used for the laser blasts really popped. Nice effect indeed.
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Cool strip here
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Want to see it redone. I get the point of it. It just seems like it missed it somehow. The second dialogue panel being "I hunt Cyber zombies is just...odd." No lead up. No connection. Not even to Evil Dead as far as I can tell. since, yknow, the evil got into the arm and then he (Ash) chopped it off and started going to town on deadites. I'd recommend setting in a few more dialogue bubbles to make it seem less stilted.
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Short, sweet and personal!
Enough to have my respect :)

One thing:
To all the people who comment on these pieces -
personally, I appreciate your honesty, as well as your right to have an opinion, but please, keep one thing in mind:

This is not pro work. Nobody got paid for making this piece, nor did you pay to read it, and it didn't ruin anything forever.

Post whatever you feel is right, but try to remember that.
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Vampiric-ConureProfessional Traditional Artist
Thank you for stating this, Div! Many Mosaic posters never seem to say something nice. If half the artists/writers/etc were pros making a living on their art, I could see the negativity both as views from the posters and in regards to the artists. Sadly most of the nay sayers griping never seem to find anything right.

With that said - I really like the colors of this and the way it's drawn. The dialog isn't half bad though a bubble or two could help lengthen the story ^.^ It's one of those comics that you can't help but want to read more. (Outback = Groovy!)
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Thank you for your words of support, very much appreciated. :)

(..and sorry for the late reply...)
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Vampiric-ConureProfessional Traditional Artist
YVW! And the late reply forgiven, LOL
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Yes, yes! Kill that Ongoing zombies, brave Outback! ))
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EchoWingHobbyist Writer
Bruce Campbell would be proud.
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misternewuzerHobbyist General Artist
ok, is it just me, or does NOBODY see the parallels to Spotlight: Kup?
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NewEraOutlawHobbyist General Artist
I saw it, too. It's quite possibly a look into what happened to Outback, and how he lost his arm.

The way I see it, this comic shows Outback's final thoughts as he succumbed to the same condition that Kup suffered in the Spotlight issue.

Also, as for the reaction to the 'jab' at Don's style in the comments...dude's pretty much got a right to say what he thought of it. I'm a big fan of Don's, but not his new style. But if that's what he wants to do, I'll respect that.
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dons new style is good, its just that his faces are ugly.
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NewEraOutlawHobbyist General Artist
I agree. It's very detailed work and a testament to Don's habit of going the extra mile, but the movie style just doesn't look good. I don't mean the way he draws it, I mean the Movie style in general.
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GeneralMechanicsHobbyist General Artist
I see it! but I also see the parallels to fans of Nick Roche art fighting against Don Fig's!
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tera633Student General Artist
Simple, straightforward, and wickedly awesome. :D
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COOLY52Hobbyist Writer

Geewun jab or not, this is probably the most bland TFM I've read so far.

"Oh, an Evil Dead reference. How 'bout that..."

That's about it...
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now we got zombies in the transformers universe?!
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CykoHedgehogHobbyist Writer
We've always had them: [link]
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For all its brevity, this was entertaining and nicely drawn.
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hde2009Professional Artist
Co-signed. Couldn't have said it better myself.
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CroctopusArtProfessional General Artist
Why is it that lately whenever one of these is posted a lot of people feel the need to trash these? There's a big difference between supportive criticism and just taking jabs. I see one person in particular here who seems to make it his job to start rants against people who are simply doing this for fun(And I've seen there work and it isn't exactly breathtaking). There is no money in this, people. Contributers are doing this beacuse they love Transformers and want to tell a story be it epic or just a fun innocent gag. It's a harmless jab at the new "style" that we've seen of late. The funny thing is I bet you people who are criticizing that were probably the first to criticize the style itself.
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