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Dead Men's Boots

This piece is presented as part of IDW Publishing's Transformers continuity, and precedes the events of Last Stand of the Wreckers.

Written by James Roberts

Art by Nick Roche [link]

Colours by Josh Burcham [link]

Letters by Lo Baker [link]

Edits by Shaun Knowler [link]

Happy Third Anniversary to all of our contributors and readers! Thank you all!

And special thanks to the Wreckers crew for the big birthday present!
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Caiobella's avatar
Awesome! great art
Young-Gun94's avatar
Wreck and RULE!!!
Keystar01's avatar
Did you know that this Mosaic was included in the TPB release of Last Stand of the Wreckers?
JEBurton's avatar
That was fun, though a little hard to follow the introduction during the first 3-4 times.
Andrusi's avatar
Oh god, I just noticed Ironfist's schematic. :cry:
Geminii27's avatar
Kinda fun how Springer's design changes between the first and second panels to show time passing.
TomSwiftie's avatar
Must...resist...urge to go and buy everything LSOTW0-related...nearly broke...
victortky's avatar
LOve Ironfist and how springer gathers the new troops XD
TealMafia's avatar
Looooveeee iiiittt!!! fantastic work!
Oh Fisitron, you and your sweet fanatism ~:heart:
deadcal's avatar
I really like the art, but the colours look like they've washed over the line work during the colouring.
Variable-Edge's avatar
Wreckers prequel! Sweet! I especially like the parts with Ironfist and Guzzle. Spoilers~! :D
Jam-Wah's avatar
Awwwww yeah! LSotW is going to go down in TF history as one of the very best, and now it's got a Mosaic connection. I think I may explode.
matthewart's avatar
wreck and rule!!! artwork 10 story 10 it'd be all tens it it where tec specs... love it! you guys rule!
JasonFlood's avatar
Nice addition to the Awesomeness of LsotW.
KrisSmithDW's avatar
**sniff** its just so awesome it makes me tear up with joy :P
Grufflock's avatar
Just beautiful.
dyiyi's avatar
This story is so awesome!!:wow:
JZLobo's avatar
Dense. There is a lot of content on this page, and now I know that everything everyone's been saying about LSotW is going to prove true when I pick up the trade. It's a great prequel!

Congrats to everyone in The Project for our third anniversary! And here's to to the professionals who have contributed and the contributors who have gone professional. Let's keep on astounding!
Jeysie's avatar
Pfft, what, our word wasn't good enough for you? ;)
JZLobo's avatar
Oh it was. I just didn't wanna get my hopes up, but now they are very up indeed!
Jeysie's avatar
As well they should be. The Mosaic is very indicative of the series itself. (Quick characterization through dialogue, narrative tricks for dense flow, little touches in the background and subtle logical connections that you don't realize until second glance... it's like a little writer joygasm.)
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