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Dark Future

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Story by;
Martin [link] Fisher and Josh [link] van Reyk

Pencils by;
AJ [link] Sabino

Art, Colors & Letters by;
Tim [link] Shinn
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Sometimes it sucks to be right. :ohnoes:

War Within Grimlock in the corner makes me happy. I liked him. :lol:
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he sure has guts, i would like to see more of Sentinel Prime.
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Great spotlight on Sentinel here! I love how the final panel homages the first panel of War Within.
Ha-HeePrime's avatar
Excellent work.
I especially liked the allusions to WW and MegsOrigin panels.
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Sentinel Prime is a valiant leader in G1...
What a shame...
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In G1, "Prime" has a different meaning. Instead of it being a rank, it's the title of every supreme leader, and there's only one per "generation." And pretty much all of them were noble and valiant (except Nova Prime, Sentinel's predecessor). The Sentinel Prime of G1 and the Sentinel Prime of Animated don't really have anything in common besides the name and the color orange.
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Thanks for the explaining. I knew the difference. Just sometime feeling unaccustomed by different character with the one name.
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Well, just keep the fact that Transformers has multiple, completely unconnected timelines in its universe and you'll do fine. There's G1/Beast Wars/(begrudgingly)Beast Machines, Robots in Disguise, The Unicron Trilogy (Armada/Energon/Cybertron), Animated, the Movies, and I'm sure there's others I'm forgetting about. All are different realities and the characters merely share names and occasionally a few physical resemblances.
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I will adapt myself to all this timeline soon :)
Thanks again
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Glad I could help.
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very good, like this one!
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Just in case anyone's curious, here's how this Mosaic was put together: [link]
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Very nice blend of M:O and WW, with the last two panels as a possibility but not entirely a set future as Kingoji commented. :)
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this is really awesome.
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Wow! The art is tight and clean! Cool story. The glows are nice. I should try them too, hows it done? Good job all around.
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Profetic words for a Prime about to die
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War is a horrible horrible thing Sentinel :(.
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Damn Tim!! Great art baby!
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I like how the last two panels are descriptive of the possibility Sentinel is seeing, not the actual future. That's why the Mosaic begins in Megatron Origin, but switches to the parallel history that is The War Within by the end. This could happen, but as we now know, it doesn't.
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Hence how Sentinel Prime made his last stand... another awesome mosaic!
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Oh wow, Bee and Grimlock look wicked cool in that bottom panel. XD
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GAHHHHHH! *flails* The irony.
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