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On the second day of Christmas...

Art by Nick Roche and Josh Burcham!

More info here: [link]

Maximum Dinobots #1, out December 10th!
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Well, even if he speaks in normal english, lesst we start with a Me Grimlock
MannWulf's avatar
christ_fucking_mas is just one day not all the month!!!!
khaamar's avatar
you are one mean person d:
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
Furman's and Roche's work is brilliant as always. Quite a literature version of the Transformers.
OracleX7's avatar
Him Grimlock no like being on edge of seat, hard to balance...

:giggle: Meanwhile, I can't wait :D
Blackvegetable's avatar
Ah, yes! Teaser methods!
DelusionalHell's avatar
lonegamer7's avatar

;P :D
MurdererDelacroix's avatar
Pure awesome.
GeneralMechanics's avatar
A fond farewell once more (first in Spotlight Grimlock), to Big Grim's broken speech pattern.
dyiyi's avatar
Wow! Can not wait to see!
CreatureSH's avatar
Is that... oh no, it can't be ! Nooo !
NuclearConvoy's avatar
Anybody else wish that Grimlock spoke in the "Me Grimlock" pattern in the comics, just to distinguish him from all of Furman's other dialogue?

Am I the only one that thinks every character Furman writes is starting to sound like the same person?
CWingSyun's avatar
yeah i would love to see Grimlock talk the style we all know and love..but yeah it hasn't seemed to happen yet and prollies won't. Though i kinda like the idea of Grimlock speaking properly and then losing his "perfect" speech due to an accident or incident or something hehe. But i guess that is me X)
NuclearConvoy's avatar
Grimlock doesnt have to be stupid to have a messed up grammar algorythm.
CWingSyun's avatar
I didn't mean stupid..just something happens that caused messed up movie Bumblebee XD
ToonQueen's avatar
Hahaha, oh man. Nice.
Yondercat's avatar
is that all? why is the rest of the page white?
Transformers-Mosaic's avatar
Cause we're releasing each panel on a separate day. Just to keep you on the edge of your seat :D
xStarSaber's avatar
It's a teaser, here is the info :) [link]
Transformergirl's avatar
I guess they're gonna release it panel by panel.
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