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Jessica Segaard [link]
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good work!
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LoL, a bit too much over analysis going on there. It's not canon and I don't think it needs to make total sense or fit right into a certain category.

The TF comics since Dreamwave have all had cameos and in jokes at points, so it's not a crime to have 3 Maximals, a girl and a Mechannibal in there :-D
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Golden-Dragon-Girl General Artist
Thank you very much. Invid the consultant guy read some of these comments and had such a fit he had to blog about it. :XD: (For anyone who's curious: [link] )
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no wonder the song hunger from the transformers movie
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Very interesting! I like the artwork, very sketchy, but what I like the most is that everyone is going crazy trying to figure out what's going on. That's always the fun part!
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Nightsscream, BlackArachnia, Botanica, Master Mouth. Some whose names I forgot.
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blacksquareartHobbyist General Artist
I think it ties in with the Dreamwave universe. It gives ole' Megs some prior history with the Quints, whom he teamed up with in War Within III. Although, just why no-one else would recognise them from that I don't know.
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Okay, so I recognize a few of the gladiators and the rest seem like generic monsters, but why is there an anime girl in a t-shirt?
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Golden-Dragon-Girl General Artist
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Now thats the coolest cameo!
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Dumb question....

Are any of these more than 1 page long? 'Cause, see some really GREAT story starts... But don't ever see them go anywhere... uh...
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1 page, that's the rule of tf: mosaic :)
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that's what I thought, I was jsut afraid I was missing something, you know? had to make sure... Thanks!
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Hm, interesting story and art style!
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BenjaminGalleyProfessional Digital Artist
Well, the Quints held gladiator battles in the cartoon, according to FFoD, so I'd guess that's where this takes place?
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Perhaps, but according to FFoD, Megatron didn't show up until one of Cybertron's Great Wars, where he killed the last Matrix Bearer before Optimus Prime.

Also... Botanica, Nightscream and Blackarachnia???
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BenjaminGalleyProfessional Digital Artist
Hmm good point. Original universe, then?
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ToonQueenHobbyist General Artist
Wow, interesting! :D
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ACdrawHobbyist Traditional Artist
This seems to be Megatron during his gladiator days, but what is a Quintesson doing on Cybertron?

Oh yeah and I noticed Nightscream in the audience.
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lonegamer7Hobbyist Writer
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JZLoboHobbyist Writer
I think that's Megatron. Why's he holding tentacles with a Quint?
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In the original cartoon continuity the Quints created all the transformers to do their bidding including fighting in gladiatorial-style death matches for their a amusement. I think that this mosaic is depicting Megatron's legendary rise to power fighting in the coliseum. I'm guessing that, as someone else pointed out, the Quint is a referee.
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JZLoboHobbyist Writer
Despite the many, MANY conflicting backstories in the G1 cartoon, Megatron was always depicted as having risen long after the Quintessons had been driven off from Cybertron. Like I said, this piece doesn't seem to fit within any of the continuities.
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I could be wrong, but I think the Quint is the referee in the match. Judging by the pose, it looks as if he's declaring the winner.
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