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Carly and Me

Story & Art by:
Benedict Woods
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:laughing: Poor guy. Sam Witwicky has the same trouble.
aiko8's avatar

Nice timing, Bee.
GeneralSoundwave's avatar
HAHAHAHAHA... this is totally G1 Cheese! I LOVE IT! well done!
BoredRobot's avatar
"Totally outrageous!"
DraquaDA's avatar
I always wondered how Spike and Carly advanced their relationship.

Very nice.
tehKOREANdude's avatar
love all the references.
Solrac333's avatar
In 20 years, Spike will go by Sam and be with Mikaela.
neurowing's avatar
I love it! Great stuff! :D
The-REAL-Carcass's avatar
This is great! I loved it.
reddragon162's avatar
Bee KILLED it! Nice reference to the Holograms.
lonegamer7's avatar
This has to be one of the best Mosaics I've read so far (there are others, but my brain is failing me at the moment).

Conversation pacing felt really natural, the art works real well with this piece. The little jabs to back then, such as Gem and Stan Bush (and I just met the guy!), plus the comment of 20 years later. And Bumblebee's epic timing. :D

4 million years later and he's STILL fetching energy conductors for Wheeljack. XD

And yes, Spike, you REALLY outta get your driver's license. :giggle:
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
Now, Starscream should turn into a Pretender with a woman shell and then join the Misfits, code-named "Screamy" :D
TM2DB's avatar
TomSwiftie's avatar
Kudos for putting G1 humans in the spotlight!

Additional kudos for referencing Stan Bush & More Than Meets the Eye, Pt. 1!
Seiberwing's avatar
The idea and art is good, but it could do without the random italics on so many words. Italics are good for emphasis, but most of the words don't need it.
ShadowApook's avatar
The Holograms....heh.
Cyber-Scream's avatar
blackopal's avatar
would Love to see Gem party on with Optimus!...drivers licenses may help!:rofl:
Yondercat's avatar
:giggle: Poor poor Spike.

Great timing Bumblebee!
EvilMariobot's avatar
Good to see the flesh-creatures get some attention in these.
Transformergirl's avatar
Great timing Bumblebee! :lol:
love the last and second last page :)
ninjha's avatar
Now that I think about she always has been aloof with him, but in twenty years Spike becomes a headmaster! I agree with the others, nice flow of dialogue and excellent art!
TaintedTamer's avatar
Haha, poor Spike, I know how he feels. XD
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