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By Inferno's Light

Story, Colors and Letters by:
John-Paul “Word-mongerer” Bove [link]

Pencils & Inks by:
Javier “Shinobi Rendar” Reyes [link]
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i love it it sounds like bw inferno is traped in g1 infernos bodie
bioc's avatar
Again a great piece!

The artwork is excellent as well as the writing.
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dryadic's avatar
Very beautiful.
I have new respect for Inferno
WildMagnus's avatar
Hohohoho, love it! Its really well written.
jookami's avatar
Whoa. Nice introspective piece.
NeoNNerd08's avatar
Excellent mosaic, I really like the feel of intensity here!Still, I feel bad for Inferno.
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Good insight into his character.
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I think this is one of the best.
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Now that's a mosaic. trie transformer poetry.
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Damn! It just occurred to me that his name could have easily be used for a really evil decepticon. Wow.
Yondercat's avatar
His name is used in Beast wars. Inferno is an ant who is really really evil.
Solrac333's avatar
Meh, beast wars doesn't count.
Yondercat's avatar
why not? they are transformers
Solrac333's avatar
I choose to ignore that.
ToaVeka's avatar
Solrac333 is a Geewunner I assume.
OptimusandElitaluv's avatar
And aren't they supposed to be in the same timeline as G1, too?
Yondercat's avatar
yes they are. Because they did show the G1 bots in one episode in stasis lock when they crashed into the mountain
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