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breaker82's avatar
wow! now i want revenge on sixshot!
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
This is great, it really has the feeling of Furman's new verion of Sixshot.
TomSwiftie's avatar
sixshot is a jerk! great job HdE!
TM2DB's avatar
Oh nice. That would make a good episode!
hde2009's avatar
Wow! So many favourable comments! I'm truly warmed by this response.

I had an absolute blast working with Mike Priest on this. It's my first Mosaic.

regards to all,

hde2009's avatar
Oh, so kind, so kind!

It's probably not cool to say too much in response to our own work, but I think it's worth noting that the Kill Bill reference / influence (call it what you will!) was something Mike and I had a little back and forth on, if I remember rightly. It was definitely something he mentioned.

Heh! We really polished this one up along the way. So it's great to see you folks enjoyed it! :D
breaker82's avatar
i like the kill bill reference, it makes perfect sense in this story. the art pacing is perfect. good sense of feeling in this one. makes me want to have revenge!
MikePriest83's avatar
Pleasure was all mine, bud! You did a remarkable job!

And yeah, inspired in part by the aforementioned scene in Kill Bill. Sixshot really comes off as bored with what he does, and so I figured he'd want to seed some potential enemies/excitement for down the road.

So that means the sequel will have to be titled "Kill Six". :)
you watch afro samurai
MikePriest83's avatar

When I wrote this one, I had never heard of Afro Samurai.

And I think I've seen and a half episodes of it total since then.
oh beacause the bad guy named justice says the samething
ninjha's avatar
What a bastich... hehe... Cool Mosaic!
Reminds me of that scene in Kill Bill when the Uma Thurman says that to the little girl.
pedaler73's avatar
Wow, he's a cruel bastard, isn't he?
lonegamer7's avatar
Classic line. And fitting of him.
Blackvegetable's avatar
Nice to see Sixshot again! Quite the intensity though!
AutoBubbs's avatar
That Son of a glitch! Who does he think he is... Justice Justice!?!
Sixshot is always good to see.
JZLobo's avatar
Cool artwork.
Er-ika's avatar
Silvertide's avatar
quickblast's avatar
this is grat^^ good job^^
Ha-HeePrime's avatar
Holy crap; that's MEAN!
Naughty Sixshot! Naughty!
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