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Bring Da Noise

Bring Da Noise!
Story and Letters by;
Waseem "Ninjha" Bashar [link]
Art and Colours by:
Dane 'ZoneConvoy' Eichiner [link]
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frostmourne16's avatar
Now that's a groove right there. Great work! :thumbsup:
MBlackwood's avatar
Holy. Crap. Am I the only one who remembers that bottom panel from back when it was just a pencil sketch found at random while sifting through dA for TFA arts? That was, what, a year ago now? AND IT LOOKS FRAGGING AWESOME!!!!! XDDD Many congratulations to the artist here. I just love the hip-hop flavor those twins are rockin'. ;P
ninjha's avatar
Hehe... You're right... and you're probably the only one who noticed. A while back I designed my own version of Rumble and Frenzy and Blueike drew this crazy scene. [link]

It turned out to be so popular in my gallery, I had to write a story that went along with it. I did something a little different, I mixed in a little lyrics and sent the script to Blueike and he came up with this masterpiece!
AnyFx's avatar
fucking awesome!!!
they shoul have taken your idea, it rocks!
WildMagnus's avatar
Finally i can tell which one is Frenzy and which one is Rumble. XD
Interestinc change in Frenzy. Rumble looks awesome! XD
Vampiric-Conure's avatar
LMFAO! OMG! I can so see this as a scene on Animated XD!
JZLobo's avatar
Love the facial expressions, not too crazy about the designs for Rumble and Frenzy.

Did you write those lyrics or are they taken from a song?
LucasVN's avatar
Well, they are punks.
ninjha's avatar
The first panel and the title are from Bring Da Noise. Some of the other rhymes are a mix from other songs but I had to modify them for this comic. But for the most part, they are from me.
JZLobo's avatar
I see. Thanks for answering.
kmrsworld734's avatar
It's so disappointing that TF:A was canceled so all the fans wouldn't get to see even more cameos. On the other side, it gives us a little room to move in the designs of 'Bots and 'Cons we'd have liked to seen.

Great upbeat strip for these two.
tehKOREANdude's avatar
damned kids and their rap music!
SoundwaveSuperior's avatar
Cool Comic, makes you wonder about their alts..

RIBFIR...wait Frenzy is..yellow? XD
BlueIke's avatar
Frenzy: What can I say? I wanted to mix it up a little. :evillaugh:
138-Scourge's avatar
I fully support anything that involves both Public Enemy and Transformers Animated.

Rumble's awesome, really dig the look there.

So, these two turn into instruments, too?
BlueIke's avatar
It's possible. I could see Rumble turn into a set of drums based on his piledrivers.
Tramp-Graphics's avatar
He looks to me like he transforms into an amplifier and set of huge speakers given the design of his chest and shoulders.
BlueIke's avatar
That would make sense. :confused:
BatboyEXE's avatar
I want TA to be uncaned
just to see these guys in Soundwave's band.
Silvertide's avatar
Alot of fun, but RIRFIB? D:<
WhiteRabbitInk's avatar
Way it's always been in the comics. You know, the original TF media. ;P
Silvertide's avatar
I know... but in my heart, cartoon>comics
WhiteRabbitInk's avatar
-gets stake for burning at- ;P
BlueIke's avatar
Despite the RIRFIB thing, glad you had fun with it.
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