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Bounty Hunters

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Manwulf [link]
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Now, this is certainly a crossover waiting to happen.Next thing you know, Optimus and Superman join forces to take these two out.

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I think my mind just broke from awesome.
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great crossover, but Lobo seems a little small compared to Lockdown in bot mode.
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:O Holy slag, I never realized those two were so similar in design..... Awesomest. Team. EVER.

Love the art and colors, although the dialogue could flow a bit better. :hmm: Not tryin' ta be picky, just sayin'.
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Clyde? Does that make Lobo Bonnie?
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Of course, the question comes to mind, particularly considering the facial designs, just how much of an inspiration DC's Lobo was for Lockdown--though regardless, this is a kick pairing, even if it IS a cross over. And if Animated ever DOES tank, at least LD has a job at DC.
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COOL! Nice Crossover!
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never envisioned something like that. pretty sweet.
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YES! A crossover between my two favorite action cartoons!
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LOBOOOOOOO!!!!!! Automatic Fav! this is tooooo awesome. Manwulf, you frigging rock for thinking in this!!!
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You fools! That is too much awesome in one comic, you're tearing the universe apart with the nexus of pwnage it reates! You've doomed all fo existance! Still, I hae to say it does seem worth it.
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YOur welcome. Now excuse me while I panick through the apocolyps of awesome you have unleashed.
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jajaja ok ok!!!
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Awesome. Fraggin', bleepin', the-heck awesomesauce.

And this from a total dweeb who had to Wiki Lobo *facepalm*
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I love crossovers. But the dialogue seems really clunky in this piece. And why does Lobo call Lockdown "Clyde"?
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have you really read lobo?
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Generally I like to leave the internet out of dA when I comment, but I really have no other sentiment other than...

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I love you for this. You made my whole week. :D :D :D
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