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Be Brave

Story by:
Curt Lunsford [link]

Art by:
Lindsay Smith [link]

Letters by:
Carlos Oliveros [link]
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Can I just say how sweet this was?? :) I love how Carly is giving such great advice to Daniel and comforting him while he's scared of being away from her. This is one of the sweeter pieces in Mosaic I've seen.

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excellent work! wow i really love this one!
The-REAL-Carcass's avatar
Very unique artwork for a Mosaic and a cool style. The story is good too, and an original departure from most of the introspective, brooding character study everyone seems to do. Awesome work all around!
DriftingWolf's avatar
Rod's hands look kinda weird... O_o
But it's awesome anyway! :D
Transformergirl's avatar
Yeah they do. =D

And yet I was so proud of them at the time. :giggle:

Well, I think I've improved a bit on the hands so my next project won't look so...iffy. =D
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wow this is a touching story with great art! one of the better mosaics i've ever seen!
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Thank you. I had a blast working on it. :aww:
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I like this. It's different and very cool.
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Not only is this a SUPERB direction to go in art wise, but the art itsels actually stands up really well! There are some great poses here, and excellent facial expressions.

Since seeing the teaser of this on the IDW boards, I've been waiting to see how it turned out. And the wait was worth while :D

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Awwww, this is so cute. Lovely story, and the paper style is rockin'!
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I really like this piece. It's nice to see some shining moments for the humans in TF for a change :) Especially for characters like Carly. The scenario is very believable and very sweet.
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The paper cut out is... I can't find words to describe how well it works! Epic is too over used and cool is too... 80's XD!

The story line is sweet. Even 10 year olds with the guts of a soldier breaks down time to time. (Besides.. humans wriggle when 'bots swallow 'em!)
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I'm so happy everyone's enjoying my madness. =D

It was great working with Curt and Carlos. Curt has the patients of a saint, I tell you. After how long this took. Not because it was hard, just because things kept getting in the way and I had lost motivation for a while. But I'm glad I got to finish it. It was great fun. :aww:

And Carlos is just awesome. ;p
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Weird, the style looks like it took ages. XDD
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Cool! Nice cut-out style. Must have taken forever! I hope you guys will continue to do more in this style!
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Really nice way of drawing
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gotta love the paper style. :aww:
...and we never saw her again.

nah just kidding, this is awesome. you can almost feel the "no love" coming from Arcee as she looks at Hotrod.. lol
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I'm likin' the collage thing. Very nice. ^_^
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