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Alt Perspective

Story: Sam Hyland
ARt, Colors & Letters: Ben [link] Galley
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While Alternators Sunstreaker and Dead End may utilize the exact same mold, that doesn't mean that they actually share the same body. I imagine when their individual toys were made that this wasn't the actual scenario Hasbro had in mind, and that they were meant to be two different bodies, rather than the same.
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For some reason, that last panel really gets to me...

It's so dark, but that last line is full of some sort of it just me?
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Awesome Art, and good Dialog.

I love everything about the Alternators.
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wow... amazing art!!!
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Wow, a Alternators Mosaic... there's something that we needed. I like the new twist in Dead End's character. Good job!
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Interesting story.
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Wait...did Deadend stole Sunny's body and rebuilt him-... self? Oh slag, my head aches @-@
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I answered this question in the response to ToaVeka further up the page ;)


The events in the mosaic are set just after chapter 3
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I wrote this, There just wasn't a link to my profile on here. It seemed like a story that needed to be told, I'm just suprised nobody else wrote an Alternator or Binaltech mosaic.

Thanks for the comments :)
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Not too shabby. I liked it. =D
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Cool story. I've always been intrigued by what Dead End/Sunstreaker must have been like.

I like your take on it. Good show!
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Wow, for once, he's not pessimistic! Sideswipe is gonna be one POed Viper (heh, almost said Lambo).

And the poor little guy...
Commodore-Modesty's avatar
well, when he was pessimistc, he expected death from some direction. He knows now that it could be soon and from whom the killing blow will come. He feels somewhat reassured knowing this.

(Swipe will probably be blind with rage after finding out his brother's ody has been nicked. I feel it would have been one of the most interesting storylines if an Alternator comic had been made.)
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Hm, an Alternators Mosaic - What a neat idea. And with great art and characterization to boot !
wonderful piece and makes so much sense on how he should fear for his life if Siders gets a hold of him for it - and showcases alternators nicely
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I don't get it exactly.. did Dead End Reformat himself into Sunstreaker's body? (Ick!)

Still, stunning artwork, and magnificent tale.
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Well, in the Binaltech storyline Swindle unleased a new strain of cosmic rust on the Earthbound Autobot forces, in response the Autobots made a deal with some auto-companies to build them new bodies, the Decepticons attacked expecting no resistance and recieved massive casulties as a result.

The decepticons infiltrated the Binaltech operation and as a result whilst the people at Dodge believed they were rebuilding Sunstreaker, they were actually rebuilding Deadend.

This story is set shortly after his escape from the Bt facillity.

thanks for the compliment.
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Ah, I see. Poor Sunstreaker...
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Awesome lateral thinking on the Alt's.

Great art, too. Love the painted look, particularly on the first panel.

Excellent piece.
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I thank you :D I figured that opening panel would be the eye-catcher, so it had to be real good.
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