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Story by:
J.Z. Bellexes

Art by;
Koen Luyten

Colors by;
AVery Murphy

Letters by;
Franco Villa
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hellbat's avatar
Nice job all round.
kingwrench's avatar
I liked this story- it shows a lot about both Nova and Omega. And how every giant transforming robot is CRAZY.
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Thanks! They can get crazier... from the same team, the secret origin Of Nova Prime: Throwdown :)
Novastorm73's avatar
Hey that was a good Mosaic. The story makes sense and packs alot of dialogue in without being overrun with it.
Gusindor's avatar
So is Galvatron the lesser of two evils, or does Omega just not realize how destructive the 'dark forces' Nova allegedly wants would be in Galvatron's hands?
Nova is a masterfully-portrayed villain in this.
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
I'd say that Omega is being too arrogant in his choice, hoping that Nova and Galvatron get in each other’s way (or destroy each other?) without obtaining the goal of their search. Omega's arrogance was "denounced" by Optimus Prime as well in his Spotlight and we expanded the concept in the full-sized Omega Supreme comic.
Gusindor's avatar
I just read the comic. Wow. Omega Supreme, the name more or less means the Last and Best, but even with all his power, he was powerless. Awe-inspiring and thought-provoking.
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Thank you on behalf of the whole team!!
And tomorrow... more Omega/Nova pages :)
Ha-HeePrime's avatar
I really liked this one. Love Nova's broody evil. And the dark, painterly colors add to the overall ominous mood.
GrimlockBadass's avatar
Great story. And the art is super!! Koen rocks!!! :-)
Canalus's avatar
Nice one! good writing, personal art by Koen and totally makes sense!
Duzloo's avatar
Wow! Just... wow.
hoodie22's avatar
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
From the same team, the secret origin Of Nova Prime: Throwdown :)
JZLobo's avatar
Er... you guys misspelled my name. There's only one "l" in "Belexes." Just like there's no "i" in "team."
chuckiebobphil's avatar
so omega supreme is releasing the most powerful decepticon ever to get back and Nova Prime for this horrible idea
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Decepticons, Autobots and faction did not exist in that distant age :)
chuckiebobphil's avatar
oh ok part of why I am confused, ok thank you for clearing that up
saganich's avatar
I see what you did there!
Nice one! :la:
Woohaa! Ol' S'preme playing dirty (or at least unclean). Very nice!
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Some notes from the writers.
The main references for this piece are Spotlight: Optimus Prime and Spotlight: Galvatron, both by Simon Furman.
A further tribute to Furman's work is the Tower Of Pion: first (and only?) mentioned in The War Within, vol. 1!
Nova Prime sits on his trone just like the Pope does in Saint Seiya, a series loved both by Koen and me.
Finally, there is a nod to the Tf: Seeds Of Deception project, because the "Solonicum Hyperway" is named after a Prime of the same timeline.

Coming soon: a three pages sequel, from the same original script of J.Z. Belexes.
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