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A Pale Reflection

Story and Letters by;
Waseem "Ninjha" Bashar [link]

Art and Colours by:
John Phillip "JP-V" Valmeo [link]

Edits By
Franco "m3gr1ml0ck" Villa [link]
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Mimi-Sardinia's avatar
It makes me feel a little sad that this casts Magnus as feeling a bit bitter towards Optimus - probably because I really like them as friends.

On the other hand, this implies that it's early in the war this happens, so there's plenty of time for Mags to get over that bitterness, if not the inferiority complex.
arjuu-na's avatar
I'm intrigued. I wonder who this White Optimus is...?
Mimi-Sardinia's avatar
Ultra Magnus.

Back when Transformers first started, the toys all the characters were based on were typical Japanese mecha toys, complete with human pilots and drivers. Optimus Prime came from the Diaclone "Battle Convoy", while Ultra Magnus came from the upgraded version, "Powered Convoy". The result is that Ultra Magnus was a toy that was a white recolour of Optimus, with a set of exo-armour that turned into a car-carrier trailer.

Numerous times since, Ultra Magnus toys have been little more than white recolours of the latest Optimus Prime. Probably the two biggest exceptions are RID Ultra Magnus and TFA Ultra Magnus.
fedupN's avatar
Meh. Artwork is not bad though the story concept is...a bit harsh on Magnus. Nonetheless, an interesting take on things. I think it would have been a better "nemesis prime" type story myself. Magnus seems to convey a hell of a lot of bitterness towards Optimus in this Mosaic.
JP-V's avatar
Hi fedupN

Are you talking about the Nemesis Prime from Transformers: Armada? If so you have to understand that this is a Transformers: G1 story and Nemesis Prime isn't from G1 series.
fedupN's avatar
No, I was not referring to the Transformers: Armada Nem Prime.
The recent comics introduced Nemesis Prime (formerly Nova Prime) into the G1 continuity.
In addition, there was a previous mosaic that had Alpha Trion building up Nem Prime in the same fashion as Optimus.
My critique of this mosaics story is that it seems awfully out of character for Magnus to be that pissed at Optimus.
JP-V's avatar
Ok makes sense now well this is ninjh'a script so he had a different path which was pretty cool.
Grimbot's avatar
Ultra Magnus is waaaaaaaaaaaay out of character.
breaker82's avatar
Well it seems in this story Magnus is young. I'm not convinced if Magnus was always the ideal soldier like he was in season 3.
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
Ultra Magnus Origins!

Nice pull back to "Still Life"

Also, he kinda gives off a Robots in Disguise/Car Robots vibe here, due to his personality.
TomSwiftie's avatar
This captures exactly what I've always felt about Magnus! Nice work Waseem & Franco! Oh, and John: your art is the most realistic looking to the G1 style I've ever seen!
JP-V's avatar
Hello TomSwiftie!

Yes excellent work by Mr. Waseem + Mr. Franco!

Thank you so kindly for your comment I've always loved and stuck with the G1 style it's my favourite!
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Iskander77's avatar
Excellent stuff,now I know this was that other story on Magnus you were doing,congrats guys.
Cloudstreaker's avatar
Great great great! Nice explanation of his confidence problems. Between looking like Opt and being saved by Opt... doesn't help self-worth issues. Nice job, I always love a good Mags story ^_^ Particularly one that is a fresh take on his personality! Never even crossed my mind (I usually hate things that call attention to the white Opti clone within.)
rds9674's avatar
Looks like it ties right in to "Still Life" [link] - the second-to-last panel on this one looks like a pulled-back shot of the second panel of that one!
no wonder the guy has personal worth issues... great job with this one.
Solrac333's avatar
That was awesome.
Cyber-Scream's avatar
Interesting indeed. Magnus has always been one of my favs
MagusTheLofty's avatar
Cool story, I really dug it.
Regreme's avatar
Not bad, but you do realize that he's Optimus's brother, right?
MagusTheLofty's avatar
In the original G1 series Magnus wasn't Primes brother.
That was started I think in the 'Robots in Disguise' series back in 2001, and they just decided to milk that for a little while.
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
Yep, you can count on me for avoiding continuity glitches ;)
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