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Dinobot - Slash - G1 Cartoon - Fan Art Design by JP-V
MTME - Moonracer - Profile by JP-V
Optimus prime by whelp-li
Decepticons Attack! by Fahad-Naeem
G2 Optimus prime redesign in ww2 style by whelp-li
Hotrod redesign by whelp-li
Grimlock by Darknlord91
Fireflight by Darknlord91
STARSCREAM_chapter01p12 by BTFly009
Starscream Portrait by BTFly009
Come On Down, Auto Brat! by Darknlord91
Why Throw Away Your Life So Recklessly? by Darknlord91
Sharkticon by Darknlord91
Gnaw by Darknlord91
Wrath by Darknlord91
Inquisitor by Darknlord91
Smoke by bunkiecycles
I've got your back by bunkiecycles
Dad Mom's Gone! by bunkiecycles
Silas! You Are So Dead!!! by bunkiecycles
Kremzeek! by Darknlord91
Tg33 by kaxblastard
Tg35 by kaxblastard
Tg32 by kaxblastard
Punch by Darknlord91
Chromedome by Darknlord91
Zarak by Darknlord91
Grotusque by Darknlord91
Super-God Masterforce
Black Zarak by Darknlord91
Darkwing by Darknlord91
Gilmer by Darknlord91
Road King by Darknlord91
MTMTE - Guyhawk - Profile by JP-V
Dinoking by Darknlord91
Holi by Darknlord91
Hellbat by Darknlord91
Metrotank by Darknlord91
Who would win? by kaxblastard
Being Atlas by kaxblastard
Sonic Bomber by kiinastar
Now You See Me by Oreobot
Female Autobots
Greenlight - Cartoon Animation Model Sheet by JP-V

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Hi everyone! Wow, it has been a while since our last journal. Hoping that everyone is doing good in these times. DeviantArt has gone through some changes and hopefully everyone will adjust to the new changes and will be able to read this journal.
So, first off, a Belated Happy Birthday to Peter Cullen, the heroic voice and spark of Optimus Prime! He had his 80th birthday in August and we wish him all the best!
Second, Transformers the movie will be coming to theaters once again this month of September to celebrate it's 35th anniversary. Two times you can catch this movie, on Sun, Sep 26 and Tues, Sep 28.
Here's a link to check where you can see the movie in your area.
I went myself to see the movie in theaters when it returned to theaters several years ago. It's a worthwhile experience to see the original G1 Transformers on the big screen.
Anyway, thank you all for contining to be a part of this group and hoping to continue to see everyone's talents in the future. Stay safe!
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Group Information & Rules

Welcome to the Transformers G1 Art group!

A place where all fans and fan artists who love the Transformers: Generation One cartoon!

This group will focus on the US and Japanese Transformers G1 cartoon series those being:
Season 1 - 4 (US version)
Headmasters (Japanese version)
Super-God Masterforce (Japanese version)
Victory (Japanese version)
Zone (Japanese version)
1990 (International)
1990 (Action Masters)
Other G1 related work
:bulletblue: To Join:
:bulletorange: First please send a note titled (Join) and explain why you would like to join and from there we will choose to accept or decline you from joining and depending on how much you are a truly dedicated. If you are accepted then click the "Join Group" icon and we will accept you in and you will become a official member! Special note please contribute art after joining in the group, this group's main purpose is to unite all Transformers G1 fan artists and are willing to share their love for the franchise with their fan art. Thank you.

:bulletblue: To Submit Art:
:bulletorange: Click on the "Contribute Art" button.
:bulletorange: Submit your art in the correct folder. For example if your fan art faction is Autobot then submit it in the "Autobots" folder or if the faction is Decepticon then submit it in the "Decepticons" folder.

:bulletblue: To Affiliate With Us:
:bulletorange: 1. To affiliate with us, please send us a Note titled 'Affiliate'
:bulletorange: 2. Please watch our club and add us to your list of affiliates.
:bulletorange: 3. Then we'll add your club to our list of affiliates and watch the club account.

:bulletblue: Rules:
:bulletorange: Only your own Transformers G1 art work and photos is allowed.
:bulletorange: No existing screenshots.
:bulletorange: No sexual reference.
:bulletorange: No original characters (OC)
:bulletorange: No crossovers.






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ailgara Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hi, this group still alive???  o.O 
srg1 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, still active. Though I think we are all trying to get used to the new DA.
ailgara Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I cant find this group on my list o.o
srg1 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's a bummer. Hopefully we'll figure this all out.
Garnet-Frost Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you accept G1 pictures that have been stylelized? Just asking....
srg1 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! Could you please clarify what you mean by stylized?
Garnet-Frost Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here are two examples---> Optimus Prime Starscream vs. Rainbow Dash It's not that I can't draw the original G1 Transformers design, it's just when I look at their cartoon their designs are so weird to me, but I still like the cartoon. I just entered season 2~.
srg1 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmmm.... Well, we look at all art submitted to the group with all consideration. We wouldn't be able to accept this one because we don't allow crossover art.

But if its only G1 transformers, we will consider it. To get a better idea of what we accept, please view our rules on the front page of the group. Thank you.
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otakuproject400 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015
hello, i need help, someone collect transformers toys?
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