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Toon by Transformerbrett97
its time this came out I tried to hold this in for far to long but I cant do it anymore. As you'll probably know at the end of Jan 2018 a lot of videos and post from the Brony community Started going up about Toonkriticy2k. I'm not going to go into any deep details but Toon was identified by a 14 year old girl that he was doing "inappropriate" roll playing with. after the news came out my world and reality started to change. Not only was Toon a big inspiration to me but he was also someone I could relate to in a way of YouTuber ideas and stuff like that. but After hearing this, I'm both appalled and offended by what he did. Then a lot of other people came out including people who were close to toon. Again I tried to bottle it up but I cant. Toon if your listening you are a traitor, you had no right to do what you did, and what your excuses was a load of bull. everybody has a choice to stop and if you say you couldn't isn't the same as you didn't want to. And I hope the punishment you get isn't as much painful as the pain you feel for betraying your friends family and all your fans. Now that I've said my peace on the matter let me say to anyone else effected by Toons betrayal both now or in the past, let me say to them I send my deepest condolences for what happened, and pray that now that you've said what he did that he gets what's coming to him  
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Credit goes to: :iconmintyroot:
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February 7