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The clippers buzzed as the hairdresser carefully cut a small patch of a blonde girl’s hair close to her fringe and right ear.
The blonde smiled after paying for the service and had back to flat twenty minutes away from the town centre, the short blonde haired girl know as Ellie Parsons was a 17 year old student who loved doing crazy stuff and one thing she had planned was crazy but it changed her for good mind and all.

Ellie slammed her flat door and took of her jacket and walked upstairs to the bathroom and opened up the cabinet with mirrors that sat above her white china sink and pulled out a medium silver box labeled, “Leopard Print Style Dye!” Ellie had seen this in the supermarket the other day and thought about dying a small part of her hair leopard print and having that as a crazy part of her life.

She mixed up three different dyes in separate plastic bowls using a light blonde for the base colour, black for the border and red for the fill colour.
She clipped all her hair out of the way and started to carefully apply the blonde base onto her shaven area then using the end of a celery stick she stamped the black dye evenly over the blonde dye, she made the “C” shape of the celery to create her spots but made sure to have a few face different directions finally she filled in the centre of her spots with the red hair dye and left the dye to take for a while before stripping down and showering washing out all the dye out.

She was carefully when she dried her hair off and gasped at the final result, the medium patch looked realistic, she loved so much that she thought she renew the dye everytime it had started to fade.
She smiled as she placed the empty tubes into the box and walked downstairs with the box and bowls and brush.
Ellie threw the bowls and brush in the kitchen sink and threw the box away but fail to notice a warning on the box, “Perform skin test before use”
Ellie proceed to wash up her bowls and brush when she felt like showoff her new style, she dried her hands and reached into her jean pocket and pulled out her phone.

Pouting like a fish she took a selfie and smiled as she proceed to send it when she noticed something, quickly she headed back up to the bathroom and look into the mirror.
“Silly how could i get dye on my face” she laughed as she began to rub at what she thought was dye on the right side of her face just next to her eye when she moved her hand away and felt again.
It tickled her fingers to the touch, curiously she felt the shaven patch she had dye and that too tickled her fingers, she soon found out the answer to her question as her right cheek slowly gained a matching pattern.
“What’s happening to me?” she cried out as her ears twisted into points and moved to the top of her head, triangular ears gained the same pattern. She watched as her white facial skin was consumed by the pattern, and everytime she felt the soft ticklish surface which she could only think was fur. Her nose darkened and morphed into a triangle shape, the pores in her cheeks split open as silvery whiskers grew, her jaws ached as her mouth pulled her nose forwards into a small feline muzzle. The tip of the iceberg was her teeth sharpening in her muzzle, her tongue roughening like sandpaper and the white of her eyes turning a murky yellow colour as her hazel pupils became pitch black spheres

Her hands shook as she felt all over her face,
“It’s real my face, my face looks like a leopard’s face!” she cried breathing quickly she knew she had to get to the hospital and fast but she won’t be able to go out like a freak.

She made her way into her bedroom and pulled out a big black puffer coat with a fur trimmed hood, she quickly zipped it up and tightened it’s belt around her waist. She placed her phone into her pocket along with her flat key.
With a sigh that she wouldn’t get noticed she pulled up her hood and left her flat. She kept her head down as she made her way away from town.
“I’ll have to go the long way to avoid the town!” she sighed as she kept her head down by but the time she reached the country path that curved around the town she felt hotter then ever before. Ellie sat down next to a tree and triple checked that she was alone before she unbelted and unzipped her coat catching her breath but she wanted to now why she was getting hot so easily, then a thought struck her, cautiously she rolled up on of her top sleeves and nearly screamed as her entire arms was patterned fur. The same with the other one and her legs.
Ellie quickly zipped up her coat and belted it and hurried as fast as she could.
“Why’s getting worse why am i turning into a leopard?” she wailed then she tripped over and hit the ground her hood fell off of her head, she quickly unbelted and un zipped her coat but failed to get her top off as it tore. The reason being her chest had grown slightly give her new lungs and organs. Her breast were now teats on her stomach she was kind of thankful that she hadn’t put on bra.
She turned to pick up her coat when she cried out as sitting in the hood was her blonde hair which had fallen out.

Ellie had just belted up her coat when she felt her fingers clicking, she watched as they shortened, her red nails sharpening and becoming black claws the curved, the pattern started to appear as soft pads puffed up on her palms.
“PAWS!!!!” she screamed scrambling to her feet and hurrying faster and faster, the heat building inside her trapped body until she found herself using her claws to ripped the belt open and break the zipper seam but this was a bad mistake as with a great ripped she was thrown forwards to the ground, she moaned as her spine ached.

She tried over and over again to stand but found she didn’t know how it was almost as if it had gone from her mind.She felt helpless now as her trainers tighten slowly breaking apart followed by her socks as her feet stretched upwards forcing her heels up into the air. Soft pads formed on the bottoms of her feet as her big toes shrunk and her nails became black sharp curved claws.
Her skinny jeans ripped apart as her legs grew thicker leaner muscles giving her the ability to run after her new prey.
She let out a small tear as her tail snaked out of her tail and with a swish her mind disappeared along with her human body, Ellie was now lost in a leopard’s mind and body which caused quite a stir when a leopard was found roaming near a farm. After being caught the leopard was sold to the London Zoo and there she stays for the rest of her days
Just a quick one for now more to come. A crazy living girl under goes a weird change into a leopard will trying out a new pattern 
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onca-siegmar Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018
What would a skin test have done before? Wouldn't she have become such and such a leopard? Fortunately, the leopard was caught and taken to a zoo and not shot, which would have been easily possible.
TransformationHub Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2018
i think the skin test would have maybe transformed her into a human leopard anthro
onca-siegmar Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2018
I doubt if that would have been so much better. A human leopard Anthro stands out even more than a real feral leopard. She would have been safely taken to a research lab.
Are there any more of these hair dyes, other colors?
TransformationHub Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2018
maybe ;) i do have plans for a remake and a sequel
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