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Transformation Stories Bumper Edition  by TransformationHub Transformation Stories Bumper Edition :icontransformationhub:TransformationHub 18 2
It might not be over
So due to my wishes of wanting the next edition to be released fully edited and completed I've decided to delay the launch by 2 weeks this however leaves me in a bit of a spot. So I'm putting this out there that if anyone wants to help me raise bill money and you haven't yet snapped up a copy of the first volume you can now for £2 direct to my PayPal and I will email u the copy once I have received a message from you here asking for my PayPal email. Or if you want you can donate to my to my kofi page and send me a note here and you'll reserve yourself a free copy of the next installment. Thanks for your time and support.
:icontransformationhub:TransformationHub 0 0
No Halloween Story This Year Plus More
So I haven't really updated you all in a while and I figured I should do one just to inform you of what is up and what is coming in the last couple of months of 2018.
So where to begin let's start with the thing mentioned in the title, no halloween stories will be created this as my time and attention has been on more personal matters such as the money troubles and another thing I'd rather not get into.
I have some good news though I regards to the situation I've been in for a while. My money troubles should be coming to a slow end soon enough, with my benefits restarted soon and a tax refund coming through any day now things are looking up.
In other news I'm proud to announce an upcoming launch of a purchasable bumper edition coming out soon after this launch has passed I will be diverting my attention to catching up on requests and more content for the gallery. I truly have to thank all of you for you help, support and patience. I know 2018 hasn't really been a productive year for me
:icontransformationhub:TransformationHub 0 2
TF Hub Update
So a little up date for you. I'm currently trying to work on bringing a couple of short stories out soon but things in my personal life haven't been easy.
My family, on my mom's side has turned their backs on me and left me to struggle. It's becoming harder each to find the strength to keep going, if it wasn't for my love of writing and you guys I would have broke weeks ago.
I'm truly grateful for the support many of friends and you guys have giving me and I wanted to change something around so that way you guys can get something in return for the donations made to me via Ko-fi. Anyone that donations £3 or more will be gift with the Transformation Stories Bumper Edition 1 that is due to launch in Novemeber. If you donate just simple send me a note on here with the paypal email address you used and when the Edition launches I will send the free copy straight to one day before the launch.
Again I'm truly grateful for everything that you guys are d
:icontransformationhub:TransformationHub 1 7
Transformation Stories Volume 1 Sale

From now until the 31st December 2018 my first Transformation Story Volume 1 is on sale. If you haven't grabbed yourself a copy yet now is the time as it's price has been cut down from £10 to £4 and receive 10% off if you use the discount code tfhubda1 at the checkout. 
Link to product -
:icontransformationhub:TransformationHub 2 0
Q/A Time for Agent X
So in the absence of stories at the moment I decided to give this place some life.
From today until Halloween 2018 anyone can submit a question or questions for Agent X in her female form  in the comments below ^^
Just make sure your not asking real life questions that are aimed at me and please be polite, I will make a post with all the answers on Halloween.
If you want to support me at the moment then you can by favourites or watching my deviantart page. If you want to further support me then consider tipping over on my ko-fi page
Thanks for your time. I look forward to seeing you interesting questions.
:icontransformationhub:TransformationHub 0 2
Agent X Female Form by TransformationHub Agent X Female Form :icontransformationhub:TransformationHub 5 0 Agent X Male Form by TransformationHub Agent X Male Form :icontransformationhub:TransformationHub 4 0
Mature content
Attack of the Cloney Trilogy Series 1 Episode 1 :icontransformationhub:TransformationHub 2 3
I need you the viewer
So recently I've thinking about remaking or rewriting a few of my stories and wanted to ask you guys if there was any story you'd like me to consider remaking or rewriting comment down below with the story name and the reason why.
Take into account I won't be able to a whole load of them such as request and serial stories but any stand alones will be open for suggestion
:icontransformationhub:TransformationHub 1 20
(Woman Into Plushie)
A small pink bubble blew up out between a pair of red lipstick covered lips. It popped as a slender hand turned a magazine paper, the popped bubble remains became part of the bubblegum wad that was chewed around the young girl’s mouth.
Her long blonde hair with extensions that ran down past her breasts accompanied with her white crop top and ripped knee jeans made her look out of place in the old antiques store.
The large brown shelves were filled with books, jewellery and other collectable items as well some minor pieces of junk.
“Hey Dani, can you unload that stuff delivered from the Wright home?” asked a older looking brunette.
Dani flicked her hair as she turned to face the lady, “Why can’t you Lexi?”
“Because I’m your boss remember. Just cause you’re daddy’s favourite daughter doesn’t mean I’m making it easy for you.”
Dani huffed as she walked around to the store room, muttering to h
:icontransformationhub:TransformationHub 37 1
Mature content
Agent X-Reformed-Test-Part 1 :icontransformationhub:TransformationHub 12 1
Transformation Stories Volume 1 Front Cover by TransformationHub Transformation Stories Volume 1 Front Cover :icontransformationhub:TransformationHub 34 0
Transformation Stories Volume 1 Now Live

Transformation Stories Volume features 8 fun packed stories created by myself just follow to the link to purchase and use discount code (tfhubda1) to at the checkout to receive a 10% discount.
Special thanks to :iconThe-Elusive-Caravan: who made this wonderful cover. Any questions please comment below.
:icontransformationhub:TransformationHub 9 4
Back with a Bark 2
Back With A Bark 2
The cold air was starting to set in as the day began to turn to night. A young dark brown haired girl casually walked through the busy high street, making her way home.
She stopped and raised an eyebrow, a faint sobbing drifted through the air. Her turned to face down an alleyway, to see a girl doubled over by a large green refuse bin
“You ok?” she called, “My name is Maddy. Do you need some help?”
Maddy cautiously walked down towards the girl, the sight of her balding head came into viewing range.
“Is that a prop?” Maddy muttered, seeing a large blonde brush sticking out of the girl’s jeans.
“It’s ok. I’m not going to hurt you.” Maddy stated, kneeling down behind the girl.
“Leave me alone. I don’t want to hurt you.” the girl grunted.
“No chance. You upset and I never leave anyone when they need comfort.” Maddy said, trying to sound reassuring.
She reached a hand up and be
:icontransformationhub:TransformationHub 26 2
Wow just wow. You guys are amazing, I've been around deviantart since 2010 and I never thought I'd reached this milestone at all. Hell I didn't think I'd hit the previous but here we are. 400 Watchers, seriously guys thank you for keep coming back to me even though things are a little slow at the moment.
But I hope to rectify that soon enough once the launch of the transformation story volume 1 is out of the way this month. How I will rectify that, is by catching up on the remaining requests and doing the 250 watcher special story ideas I received but renaming it to the Mile Stone Specials.
Thanks once again guys for you love, your support and your patience with me.
:icontransformationhub:TransformationHub 0 4


Thank so much for these two lovelys ciel :) your truly brighten my mood with awesome sketches. I know i must have been a pain with this ...

I get to critique something i requested ^o^. You sir are an absolute talent, there's nothing bad I can say about this, she's more than ...

Another critique don't mind if I do (insert crazy noises here) So let's have a looksie. First overall this render is amazing, it feels ...

So this strange little darling called Phoneix requires a critique, well I'll do my best ;) First things first the shadow of the figure i...


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United Kingdom
Hi there guys and welcome to my little corner of fun.
This small little corner is mostly Transformation storys such as females turning into various animals of both genders as well as the odd plant or monster transformation thrown in.

Name: TH only trusted allies know who I am.
Nicknames: Oynx or Kieran
Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches
Age: Depends
Weight: 210 Pounds
Skin: White
Eye Color: Hazel with green (Oynx when my powers take over)
Hair: Auburn at the moment but that might change

I'm open to requests and ideas as they provided a different type of story for all to see and give a really nice channel.

I'm full UK born and bred human, I think. I live in a small countryside area of Buckinghamshire.
Well, that's all I can reveal on me for now.

Enjoy your visit or stay in this little corner. :) Special thanks to :iconbobbyj251: for this profile picture
Seriously you guys are amazing. All the support and love I have received throughout this year and the previous years has been overwhelming. I honestly can't you guys enough for the continued views my stories get, every day I'm seeing new favourites, new watchers and even new views on older works. Transformation Hub wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for your continued love and support so thank so much. 


been alright thanks you good?
Sat Apr 14, 2018, 3:57 PM
TransformationHub Hello. How have you been?
Sat Apr 14, 2018, 3:56 PM
Hey Guys
Mon Aug 7, 2017, 7:02 AM


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