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Here we post all artistic creations with the only topic: metamorphosis or transformation into animal, gender, etc ... !
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V3 Girls TFs Part 2 (Co-Write with ABCfred202)A collaborative story co-written between me and ABCfred202! Make sure to check out his gallery!Part 1 here!(Major spoilers for the entirety of Danganronpa V3 ahead! If you've any desire to play the game and haven't got round to it yet, turn back now! You have been warned!)Kaede screeched in unintelligible, totally feline-sounding terror. She'd been captured! By the mastermind! She struggled, writhed and clawed at the tightly-meshed netting that pressed uncomfortably into her unwanted fur, but it was hopeless. She couldn't even fit a new paw through the net to rake the face of the horrible girl who’d ensnared her, smirking down at her and giggling. She was utterly trapped in the net, as helpless as... a small animal which had been captured by a human. The new small animal meowed in despair. What was Tsumugi going to do to her? She was the one responsible for all this. The one who'd kidnapped them, trapped them in this killing game, nearly made a murderer of her and now had stripped at least three girls of their very humanity. There was no way that anything nice was being planned for her as a cat! "Why...!?" the former-pianist wailed with an unbearable lack of words. "I'm just a normal girl... I just want to make friends and make people smile with my piano music... Why is this happening to me? Or to Himiko, or even Miu!? What kind of rotten world is this where crazy, murder-obsessed girls forcibly turn other girls into animals!?" Utterly despondent and enraged at the unfairness of her and her fellow transformation-victims' situation, the girl-turned-cat did the only thing she could do. Continue to pointlessly attempt to break free of her prison and mewl and hiss at the awful young woman behind all this, knowing deep in her now-animal's heart that it wouldn't change anything if she did manage to escape the net, because she'd still be stuck in her permanent prison of a non-human body…"Phew, you really gave me the runaround, Cat-ede," said Tsumugi, smirking triumphantly at the former-girl she held. "And that scratch you gave me really hurt! You know, I was gonna try and get you turned back because you weren't scripted to be transformed, but now I think a bad little kitty like you needs to be properly punished, so you're never getting to experience humanity again. In fact, I might use Miu's machine to turn you into something even worse! Perhaps a gross, slimy slug that I'll put in the path of your boy toy Shuichi one night, with you having no way to ooze away from his giant foot in time to escape the splat? Or a pathetic little fish with nothing to do but spend the rest of your life swimming around a tiny bowl until you go belly-up and I flush you down a toilet? Or maybe a pig we can fatten up and roast on a spit for everyone to tuck into! Ooh, there are so many options for fun rewrites here, I'm getting almost dizzy with excitement! Even just leaving you stuck like that and messing with everyone's memories so that they think there was always a dumb, screechy cat here and there never was a girl called Kaede Akamatsu would be delicious despair to inflict on you! Come on, let's get in there and see what I can come up with, huh?"The still-human girl, humming happily to herself, stepped into the lab, her once-human captive meowing and struggling in a futile attempt to either change the lunatic's mind or escape these horrific-sounding fates she was being taunted with. But it was pointless, the new cat only capable of mewling in horror as she saw the litter box she'd just so shamefully relieved herself into, the pile of mostly-buried turds she'd squeezed from her now-feline backside twitching slightly as a mouse's squeaking could faintly be heard from the putrid heap. She'd crapped onto Himiko's tiny, helpless body!? So soon after nearly killing her for food!? What kind of horrible, inhumane nightmare was she- And then she let out a feline screech of shock and pain as, suddenly, Tsumugi dropped the net she was stuck in like the helpless, non-human creature she was, her now-feline form hitting the ground with a heavy thump as the non-transformed girl surveyed the scene before her."Wh-what happened here!?" stammered Tsumugi, who'd been too busy chasing Kaede to check in on what the Nanokumas has been filming. "A rabbit? A litter box? A nearly-dead Tenko when we're nowhere near the third murder yet? None of this is in the script!"Miu was shocked to see all these people in her lab, now even she felt crowded in this scenario, knowing it was time to skedaddle, not wanting to see any more girls suffer horrible fates. Sure, Tsumugi was saying weird shit but that was just more reason to run off, not wanting to suffer like the others, her never having any bad experiences except for having to starve for three hours in and the fact she was actually a rabbit but she kind of accepted that fate, at least enough to not mind hopping out of her safe space, plus this room was way too boring as a non human creature. But just as she was by the door, two warm hands grasped her body from behind her and started violently shaking the rabbit girl."You messed up all my plans, Miu! We made you a genius inventor, how did you mess this all up?! Agh, I hate this stupid device, why did we even add it in?! It isn't even in any of the planned cases, just a scrap of rough drafts! Goddammit!" Tsumugi wasn't thinking rationally as she kicked the now broken machine that was lying on the floor and, surprising everyone, a second shot was fired and…...struck Tsumugi straight in the chest, bathing both her and the girl-turned-rabbit she was holding in bright, white light. The Ultimate Cosplayer had no time to even scream, knowing *exactly* what these beams did to the human girls they struck as her and Miu's bodies both burst with a shining, white glow as the machine's transformative effects surged rapidly through them.And then, the light faded. The second it was gone, her eyes still flooded with white afterglow, Miu fell to the ground with a soft thud, the human girl's hands which had been so aggressively shaking her now removed from existence. The former-Ultimate Inventor, her backside aching from being dropped, stumbled to both her feet, chirped with irritation and- Wait. Both feet? Why was she bipedal again? Where were the large, fluffy rabbit's feet she'd spent the last few hours slowly getting used to and why did the legs she was standing on feel so... scrawny? ...And why had she just *chirped*!? Her lips seeming to clack solidly against each other as she did so... The transformed-inventor blinked in blind panic, desperate to clear her vision enough to see what had become of her already-transformed, formerly-beautiful, busty self, but before looking at her own, definitely-no-longer-a-rabbit's form, let out an involuntary chirp of shock at the huge figure that emerged before her.It was a chicken. A chicken with deep blue feathers and a pair of glasses perched ridiculously atop its beak. Glasses which didn't last long as, with no ears to hook onto, gravity took over and they slipped from the bird's head to fall to the ground. A chicken that utterly dwarfed her own, apparently tiny body and which was clearly Tsumugi. The mastermind of Danganronpa V3 had transformed into poultry! A fact that seemed to be dawning on the new hen as it looked down at its own, feathery body and began desperately clucking and squawking in what was presumably supposed to be abject horror, flapping its useless wings in a pathetic, meaningless show of entirely-avian distress. Miu didn't care in the slightest about Tsumugi's irreversible transition from young woman to clucking livestock, though, losing her human self like that served the former-girl right for shaking her and screaming at her like that when she was a rabbit. What was far more important to the former-inventor was what had happened to her own, gorgeous girl genius' body. Was she some kind of small songbird, like a sparrow or something? Ignoring the plight and existential terror of the mastermind-turned-egg-laying animal, Miu looked down to refocus her attention on herself.And let out a tiny chirrup that was supposed to be a shriek of horror. She wasn't anything as nice as a songbird! She was a bird, that was for sure, but her new wings were stubby and useless, her body covered in soft, pink down, not fully-developed feathers, the fluffy covering smothering her every inch of her save the bright-orange, feeble twigs of her three-clawed legs and the tiny point of her unwanted beak. She was a chick! "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" the girl-turned-bird failed to shout with high-pitched tweets. "This is not a fitting form for a gorgeous girl genius like me!" She was hit by the same beam as the one which had turned Tsumugi into a chicken, but she was much smaller than the human-at-the-time girl, so that ratio had been maintained, reducing her into a *baby* chicken! Something even more helpless and pathetic than Himiko, the mouse who was buried in Kaediot's shit! The new chick stared up at the once-human chicken, clucking in horror above her and chirped in horror herself, knowing that that dumb, ugly bird before her was a vision of her own future. She was supposed to have huge, perfect breasts, the envy of every girl on the planet and especially flat-chested Kaediot, not be an infant bird who would only ever grow the kind of breasts which got plucked, fried up and served between two pieces of bread! With nothing to look forward to but pecking seed from the ground and squeezing huge, warm eggs out of her non-human vagina, just like Tsumugi would likely be doing before the day was out... Why couldn't she have stayed a rabbit at least?Tsumugi was unable to even process what was going on. Well, she felt it all, the feeling of feathers, the new short and more plump stature, the lack of normal hands and feet, instead being replaced with utterly useless wings and pitiful talons. She wanted to scream but all that came out of her mouth were mere clucks. And it was all this machine’s fault! She tried hitting it again but her pecks lacked the strength to activate it like she did before. No, there had to be a way back! The former cosplayer walked her way over to the terminal and… it was too high. If she was any other bird, she could try flying up to activate the device but her cursed luck had put her in one of the most common yet most useless birds of all time.“Why is this happening to… huh?” A wimpy peck against her foot snapped her out of her fury and she looked down to see the pink feathered fellow poultry looking up at her. And… she felt something, something that connected her to the chick. Was she… it’s mother? Why?! How?! That makes zero sense… yet it felt true. Her body’s instincts were screaming at her to care for the chick, to feed it, to warm it, to love it. No… this is all wrong! She was supposed to cause despair, not love anything! She had trained herself to never get attached and… she couldn’t help herself and laid atop the chick, hoping to keep it warm, there was a bit of a chill in this room after all. She felt movement underneath herself but a single chick was certainly not going to overpower her, not by a long shot. But this… was quite nice, it was too bad that there wasn’t a rooster around, then this could be like a proper… What the hell was she doing?! The blue feathered bird picked herself up in an instant and began to head for the door. She had to escape this fate, there was no way she’d be a mother to anyone, at least not until she was back in her human body and had won this killing game! The mastermind exited the lab of animals, her baby chick following her but failing to keep up, though she desperately kept trying. And it did pain the adult chicken to do that to her child but it wasn’t hers! She didn’t lay her out of an egg, so of course she shouldn’t be her problem! Tsumugi didn’t even want to lay a single egg ever in her life! But as she got closer to the school’s entrance, she was noticed by a still human girl, one that made her way quickly over to her…"Oh?" said Angie, the now-enormous figure of the Ultimate Artist peering down at the girl-turned-chicken. "Is that... a chicken...? Nyahahaha! Atua must be really smiling on me today! I haven't found Himiko all day, or seen that cute, tiny mouse again, but you'll do even better than that rodent! ...So much more blood for offering in a chicken than a mouse, after all. Come on, little bird, let's get you back to my room and I'll deliver you to Atua!"The former-cosplayer clucked in abject horror. Offering her blood? Delivering her to Atua? This insane cultist was talking about sacrificing her! The last place on Earth she wanted to be right now was Angie's room, knowing exactly what kind of creepy, ritual equipment was kept in there, specifically designed for the disposal of small, helpless animals like the one she'd become. Desperately, the former-girl turned her unwanted new tail feathers and ran as fast as she could, not wanting to become a victim of the religious delusions she herself had implanted in the still-human girl's head. ...But it was pointless. She had to walk with the two stumpy, unfamiliar, uncooked chicken drumsticks that her transformation from person to poultry had forced upon her; there was absolutely no way that she could outrun a girl whose legs alone now dwarfed her entire, avian body and, in a matter of seconds, she was caught. A gigantic-seeming hand wrapping around her now-hen's neck and hoisting her helplessly up into the air.No! *No*! This couldn't be happening! She was supposed to be the mastermind of this killing game! The architect of everyone's despair, not some pathetic, clucking fowl, easily captured by the ditzy, culty art girl! Frantically, the former-girl flapped her unasked-for, useless wings, scrabbled her ugly, clawed new feet in the air, clucked and writhed as desperately as she possibly could, doing everything in her power to escape this insane cultist's grasp. ...But her power was that of an ordinary, helpless hen. A farmbird which was in the hands of a human being, a far superior species to the one she now unwillingly belonged to. Her attempts at escape were as laughable and futile as her captives' attempts to flee the academy, her avian distress only making the grin of the girl who held her grow even wider."Nyahahaha! I’'ve got a lively one here!" said Angie. "Atua will really appreciate such energetic, life-filled blood, I'm sure! Everything will be fine after I offer this bird up to Him, I just know it!"The still-human girl hummed happily to herself as she made her way to the dorms, clucking, meaninglessly struggling, once-human captive in hand. The transformed-mastermind, for lack of any better ideas, tried to plead with the artist. To tell her that she was her friend, Tsumugi and there was no way a nice girl like her should be murdering her friends like pathetic livestock, even if they were stuck in the form of pathetic livestock. To admit to her that she was the mastermind and if she let her live, she'd rework the script to make sure she'd survive the killing game with her, right to the very end! ...But no amount of desperate, frantic, terrified clucking could change the fact that she was *clucking*. That there was absolutely nothing a simple chicken like her could do to make herself understood, her bargains to change the plot to suit Angie carrying no weight whatsoever, even if she could voice them, because what influence could she possibly hold on the game's script as nothing but a worthless, squawking hen? She'd lost control of the plot the second that idiot inventor girl messed up and turned herself into a rabbit and now she'd lost everything else that she could possibly lose. Her killing game, her plans for the future, her humanity! All gone, never to be regained and, on top of everything, because she'd turned into such a helpless animal, she was about to lose her life, as well!The Ultimate Cosplayer-turned-chicken clucked in despair as she was carried into the dormitory building, trying and failing to say that this was all wrong. That she wasn't supposed to feel any despair herself until the very end, after her clues had been followed, she'd been unmasked as the mastermind and everyone voted against her in the final trial to follow hope! The villain had to be there to lose at the finale, not be the first victim in the body of an edible bird! As Angie shut the door behind her, the new chicken cursed Miu from the very bottom of her bird-bound soul, hating the former-inventor with every no-longer-human fibre of her being for messing up her plan so badly, not noticing the small, pink chick which hid in a thick clump of grass, watching the former-mastermind get carried to her doom with a undeniable sense of satisfaction, content to see the chicken which was responsible for her own reduction to poultry get what was coming to her…"Here we are," said Angie, putting a wooden bowl under the now-chicken girl's head after clicking the clasps into place around her feet, clamping the new bird in place upside down atop a sinister-looking altar. "Don't want to lose a drop of that precious blood of yours! Now, to pray to Atua before presenting him with this divine offering..."The still-human girl got down on her knees, clasped her hands together and began to chant something which the no-longer-human girl paid no attention to, instead filling the air with her panicked, despondent, furious clucks. Stupid Miu for getting everything so wrong! Stupid Kaede for running away and leading her to the transformation device which did this to her! ...Stupid herself, for putting transformation in Miu's head in the first place. Why had she done that!? Why didn't she just stick with the original plan and frame Kaede for murder!? Why, after becoming a chicken, had she just wandered into the school, where anyone could have found her!? If she'd just thought about it, instead of giving in to panic, she'd have realised straight away that all she was doing was putting herself in danger by heading towards human beings as a plump, edible bird like a hen! She was an idiot! A total failure as a mastermind! The most useless villain in the entire history of Danganronpa! And she'd never have a chance to try and fix it, because Angie's prayer was finished, the non-transformed girl approaching her helplessly-constrained, now-avian body, a blade in her hand and a "Nyahaha!" on her lips, the former-cosplayer clucking in a terror the likes of which she'd never have imagined she'd feel as the knife flashed towards her feather-covered, non-human neck…...In a neighbouring room, Maki rolled her eyes. "Finally," she muttered. She didn't know what on Earth Angie was doing in her room, but at least she'd shut up that irritating, clucking chicken at long last. Now she could properly focus on the task in hand, wrapping another bandage around Tenko's bruised, broken body, the unconscious girl's breathing finally starting to sound less shallow after she'd carried her here to a soft bed from that cold, hard floor she'd found her lying on, with a yellow-furred cat mewling at her. The Ultimate Aikido Master's eyelid's starting to flutter as the Ultimate Assassin tended to her wounds…Tenko awoke in quite the daze, her body aching all over, not able to move it much due to the bandaging and sheer pain of it all. Her internals also felt quite awful, there was definitely something broken in there... Hopefully the internal bleeding wouldn’t kill her. But what surprised her most was the scene around her, a yellow cat, a used up litter box, and her fellow female classmate in Maki, right by her side and who was attending to her wounds.“Where am I, where’s Himiko and Miu, what happened?!” The confused and scared girl jerked up out of her resting place and immediately regretted it, her body hating the sudden action. God, this really was the worst pain. But as the other Ultimate placed her hand on the broken woman’s body and laid it back down, she told her recollection of what she saw.“Tenko, I don’t know what happened myself but I need you to help me help you. I don’t want anything bad to happen to us, no one should be killed here and as long as we can keep that true, everything will be fine. Now, I found you in that crazed scientist’s lab, almost at the brink of death. I... also picked up this cute little cat and it’s grown rather fond of me, like most things I care for... But would you be able to elaborate on what happened in there? Was there a murder attempt on you, Tenko?” The martial artist was shocked to hear no one had said anything or pieced together the picture that... no, it’s a rather outlandish occurrence now that the girl had thought about it, no one would believe two girls turned into rodents…“It’s rather strange, odd, and if I wasn’t there myself, I’d be sure I was in some fantasy, but what I say to you now... is the truth.” Tenko told the events of that day to all five girls still in the room, with the three who were non-human wishing they could chime in and say their parts themselves. But the story came to an end with the machine falling atop her back. She remembered hearing a commotion at several points but her memory was way too foggy to recall anything more than that. But as soon as she finished... there was a searing sensation on her back, causing Tenko to fall over in writhing agony. Maki ripped the clothes off the person she was caring for and saw... a large slashing and, more importantly, bleeding wound. Tenko... was dying. The only thing that could and would be able to heal her is a surgeon, and Monokuma wouldn’t be that considerate to their pleas. Dammit! What do they do?! Tenko can’t just die here!“The... machine... Maki, take me... to the animal machine... I... can’t have my death on Himiko’s hands... Monokuma would surely find a way to pin it on her, I just... I just know it! Please... the machine!” Tenko was crying at this point, knowing her life was at its end, but hopefully it could be just her human life? At the very least, Himiko can’t take the fall because of her actions, the Ultimate Aikido Master wouldn’t stand for it and so... with the help of Maki, the two girls made it back to the scene of all the despair, the Ultimate Inventor’s Lab where they saw... Angie holding a squirming baby chick in her hand, the creature desperately not liking being held by the now infamous animal murderer.“Tenko?! What happened to you, you’re bleeding all over and...” Maki didn’t care as she placed Tenko directly in front of the cannon, her infernally scorching back touching the cold floor with absurd whiplash. This... was it. She was going to lose her humanity, but... she felt somewhat happy, like it would be quite fun, whatever she was. It had to beat out dying, did it not? But as Maki moved her way to the complex terminal, she found the big red activation button, pressed it and... the device exploded, enveloping everyone in the room in the light of the final beam, all to be transformed.The first to awake was Miu, and... she loved her new transformation much more. She was a magnificent and actual bird this time, a parrot! Of course the beautiful genius would end up in an animal body almost as intellectual as humanity, even if the road she had to take was long and very painful to experience! But this was a massive improvement and if she worked hard, she could even gain back her speaking abilities and actually talk to humans! Yeah, obviously she missed humanity, that was a given, but having usable wings, the ability to speak, and being so pretty like her old self was, even in this new way, it was awesome! Though... not all people had it so lucky…Maki... didn’t know what she expected but this... wasn’t it. To be an animal was a big ask, one she would’ve refused for pretty much any reason that could cause her to turn into one. Yet... here she was, stuck as a simple ladybug. Having six legs was the first thing she hated, along with being so big and wide, yet wherever she looked she felt absolutely pitiful. To feel fat yet puny were both odd sensations, neither of which she liked. The next thing that was utterly awful was... her plainness. Tenko said the animals change fur color based on what their clothing was beforehand, an odd detail, but Maki had the misfortune of becoming an animal that was already red and black. She looked like a normal ladybug, and that made everything awful. What if even the fellow transformed animals mistook her for the mere insect she was now, and ate her up! Did any of them even become able to eat insects though? Maki prayed that none of them had stumbled into such a role…Angie had no clue what happened, what was going on, or where anyone went. She just felt weird, felt different, felt... slimey. That made no sense, girls have the smoothest and fairest of skin, and her’s was flawless, she made sure it was so for Atua’s sake, she even always bought some special lotion for it! But when she stared back down at her hands... they weren’t hers. They were these slick, brown and yellow spotted, webbed looking feet. Angie wished to scream... and a small yet oddly cute ribbit escaped her voice. She was a tree frog! She had seen quite the number of these on her island, and now she was the brightly colored amphibian herself! She wished to scream, to panic, but all that happened were pathetic croaks and ribbits. This was impossible, she didn’t deserve this, she had worshiped Atua her whole life! But she was apparently a frog now, she still didn’t know why and how this happened, but all she wished and prayed for was a way back. There had to be one, right? Right?! But one person knew for a fact that was wrong, that there was no way to escape this fate now. That person being…Tenko had a rough day today. She lost her best friend, had her back broken and almost died, still was rather disoriented, and was still in this awful killing game. It sucked yet... somehow, this was even worse. Because... she couldn’t see a positive about this. She was no more than a mere and utterly lazy animal, she was... a sloth. Her back wound was fortunately gone now but in its place was just an overwhelming sense of laziness, something new and despised by the former fighter. She was supposed to be able to take down all the degenerate males, not climb trees and sleep for over twenty hours a day! Say what you want about anyone else’s transformation, at least they could all move faster than a crawl! Tenko looked over at the scrap heap where the broken machine’s pieces lay, unable to ever be fired again, the horror of this reality firmly setting in. This... was her fate, to be a permanently lazy creature, forevermore.The cat-which-had-been-Kaede stood on her four, unwanted paws and blinked in shock. What... just happened in here!? She'd followed after Maki as quickly as she could in her still-unfamiliar, quadrupedal stance, desperate to see what happened to Tenko, hoping from the bottom of her now-feline heart that her recently-fellow girl would survive. The new cat knew that, if the martial artist was going to live, it would have to be as an animal like the one she'd been forced to become, but what she hadn't expected to see was a whole room of unrecognisable, non-human creatures. The blue-furred sloth, scowling at its own body before meeting her eyes piteously had to be Tenko herself, the girl-turned-cat giving the formerly-human sloth a meow that she hoped sounded sympathetic, knowing that such a slow-moving, lethargic animal was the very last thing such an energetic, high-spirited girl would have wanted to become, but what was this yellow frog croaking near the doorway? What was this pink parrot squawking repeatedly, almost as though it was practising using its own, avian voice? Where was Ma-And then she saw it. A tiny ladybug, scurrying across the floor in a way that suggested it wasn't at all used to moving on six legs, the former-pianist's own four legs feeling faint as the truth of this scene struck her. There were no insects in this academy, Gonta would have found them if there were, so the only way a ladybug could be here is if it was only just created. Created by the transformation of the Ultimate Child Caregiver. Maki was a tiny bug! The once-human feline watched the miniscule insect crawling pathetically across the floor for a moment, flooded with pity and, to her shame, relief that her own transformation hadn't been into anything so bad as an easily-squished, spotty beetle. The Ultimate Pianist-turned-ordinary cat felt bad about that relief, wanted instead to help the poor bug and the sloth and the frog and the parrot which had definitely once been human girls named Angie and Miu, but what could she do? After all, she was just an animal herself! The former-girl in a room of former-girls collapsed to her new, fur-covered, inhuman belly, her unasked-for tail instinctively curling around her fluffy, four-legged, incapable of piano playing body and mewled in despair.She was a cat, Tenko was a sloth, Maki was a ladybug, Miu was a parrot, Angie was a frog, Tsumugi was a chicken whose chances she *really* didn't rate after seeing her be carried off by at-the-time-human Angie talking about blood sacrifices and Himiko was a mouse she'd inadvertently, literally crapped on. The only girl unaccounted for was Kirumi and something told her that she'd suffered an awful non-human fate as well, although she couldn't quite put a non-existant finger on why... There wasn't a girl left in the academy, just a bunch of *animals*! She'd hoped to make 15 new friends in this place but now she was just part of a formerly-human menagerie! With neither herself or any of the other transformed-girls able to tell the guys that they'd ever been anything more than the fauna they had irreversibly become... If only Shuichi was here! She was just a piano freak who'd become a useless, purring feline... She couldn't do anything for anyone, but if the Ultimate Detective had been here to see what happened, he'd know what to do…"Wh-what is this!?" said a voice from behind her. A voice that made the girl-turned-cat's heart leap. "All these animal noises were coming from Miu's lab because it's full of actual animals...? Where did these things come from?"...The new cat's intuition was wrong. Shuichi stared right at her furry new body and utterly failed to recognise her as the person he'd been closest to in the academy, just looking down at her in shock, questioning where a cat had come from and why it was wearing hairpins like Kaede's. No amount of meowing and pawing at his trouser legs could make him understand that she was wearing them because she was Kaede and they were *her* accessories and, completely flustered, he ran off to fetch the others. Shuichi couldn't work out her identity and neither could any of the guys he brought back to the lab, every one of the former-girls' still human friends seeing them all as nothing but the animals they'd become...Not that anyone saw the transformed-assassin, that is. Every guy that rushed into the room after Shuichi completely failed to notice a tiny ladybug on the ground, the once-human insect repeatedly terrified for her life as a flurry of gigantic-seeming, heavy shoes repeatedly slammed down just inches from her unwanted antennae, her no-longer-human existence nearly snuffed out over and over again as she, through sheer luck alone kept just narrowly avoiding having her cumbersome, all-too-weak exoskeleton crushed beneath the unthinking feet of her own classmates. Was this all that life as a bug was going to be!? She'd been a professional deliverer of death and now she'd have to spend every second of her remaining days vainly hoping that she wasn't suddenly, accidentally killed by some clumsy idiot!? ...No, she wouldn’t, because someone came in who did spot her. Her new, invertebrate's body was the very first thing that Gonta noticed when he entered the lab, the Ultimate Entomologist ecstatic to have found a bug at last and scooping up his transformed-classmate without a moment's hesitation. “No! Put me down!” the new ladybug tried and failed to say as she felt like she was swept up a thousand feet into the air. “Do you want to die!?”...But a small, spotted insect like her was in no position to make mortal threats to anything but an aphid, especially since she had no kind of voice anymore. No way to communicate except pathetically wagging her new feelers, which only seemed to endear her to her captor more. The former-Ultimate Assassin was doomed. Not to death beneath a friend's foot, but to a lifetime of being Gonta's pet. A weak, crushable bug like the one she'd become had no way to resist as she was dropped into the plastic insect case Gonta carried with him and no way to escape as the lid was firmly clicked into place above her. She was trapped like the simple, entirely-unexceptional ladybug she was, collected as a specimen of six-legged life by a child-like entomologist and that was all she would ever be. Not an assassin, not a caregiver, not a person, but an insect in a clear tub, providing amusement to a member of her former-species, just by existing as his prisoner...Gonta treated the girl-turned-ladybug well, but that didn't change the fact that she was being treated as a *ladybug*. She wanted to live in a world that didn't end in four plastic walls, filled with grass and dirt that had been gathered to simulate a natural environment for an insect like the one she really didn't want to be. She wanted to talk and see someone besides Gonta, staring at her through the clear walls of her non-human prison where she was trapped atop his bedroom shelf, wanted to eat something besides the bug-food her new owner gave her, wanted to stand on two strong, human legs again instead of six weak, insect’s limbs... She hated being a ladybug! If she had to be turned into an animal, why not a cat like Kaede!? She didn't know exactly what happened to the rest of her fellow transformation-victims, having not seen any of them since the day Gonta carried her excitedly out of the lab whilst the rest of the guys were trying to work out what happened, but she was sure their inhuman lives had to be better than hers…Well, mostly better than hers anyway. The former-Ultimate Assassin did know what happened to one of the other transformed-girls and it haunted her nightmares for the rest of her non-human life. Angie had been confused and terrified. She had no idea what had happened, only that she’d successfully sacrificed the blood of a healthy, squawking chicken to Atua, had found another little bird to serve up to her god as an aftercourse and… she’d become a frog. A gross, slimy, croaking frog. When all the guys had burst into the room, she hardly paid any attention to anything they were saying, too focused instead on being trapped in existential panic of her own. She didn’t want to be a frog! She wanted to make art and properly praise her god and she couldn’t do either of those things with small, sticky pads instead of smooth-skinned, human hands. She was overcome with grief and confusion, wondering just why Atua would torment her with such an ugly, useless little body and trying desperately to think of a way to escape this amphibian fate, when suddenly, it struck her. The former-girl croaking in surprise at just how obvious it was. Atua was the answer to everything! If Atua had turned her into a frog, it had to be for a reason, so she just had to fulfill His divine plan for her as a mucus-covered little animal and He’d reward her by restoring her to her beautiful human form! He always wanted more sacrifices, so that had to be it and the only things a useless frog like her could possibly sacrifice were insects. Insects like the tiny ladybug she’d just seen Gonta carry away. Croaking in determination, wishing that she could make any other noises than an amphibian ribbit, the frog-which-had-been-Angie hopped out of the lab after the entomologist, ignoring all the other guys as she unsteadily, unused to moving in her new body, set out to follow her holy revelation back to humanity, even if it would mean something as nauseatingly disgusting as eating a live, wriggling bug. Luckily for her, Gonta had left his room’s door ajar and she was able to jump in, seriously panicking now and knowing that she’d need to munch on her disgusting, living meal soon because her now-porous skin was already starting to dry out. With her newly-raised eyes, she spotted the case containing her sacrificial prey, placed on top of a shelf that now stretched above her like a mountain and, steeling herself for the struggle of learning to climb like sticky-footed tree frog she had unwillingly become, hopped towards it with her forced, humiliatingly non-human method of movement. Only hearing Gonta shouting “No, bad frog! Stay away from Gonta's bug!” when it was too late to get out of the way. The transformed-artist merely able to let out a distressingly throat-bulging ribbit that was supposed to be a scream as a gigantic, shoeless foot slammed down on top of her, a loud, crunching splat echoing through the room, followed soon after by the sound of Gonta weeping that he didn’t mean to stand on the little frog...Angie’s existence as an amphibian had been unpleasant, harrowing and desperately brief, but she wasn’t the only one who had it worse than the ladybug-which-had-been-Maki, of course. Her life had been permanently ruined the second her humanity had been swapped out for inescapable insecthood, but, as well as the no longer living, once-human frog, it was hard to argue that she'd got a worse deal in her transformation than Tsumugi had, considering the former-mastermind was motionlessly hanging upside down in the bedroom of a girl who herself had been reduced from a person into a crushed splat of once-ribbiting animal. The transformed-cosplayer’s avian blood congealing in a bowl and her head detached from her very dead body, the former-girl now nothing but so much uncooked, unplucked chicken meat. A roastable, edible, poultry corpse that was only discovered when Rantaro went to investigate the disgusting smell coming from Angie's room over a week later, the former mastermind of Danganronpa's 53rd killing game thrown out as just a mass of rotten chicken flesh by the very guy she'd intended to be her first victim.The trapped ladybug, the accidentally squashed frog, or slaughtered, discarded girl-turned-chicken didn't have the worst fate amongst the former-girls of the Ultimate Academy, though. That special slice of living hell belonged to the litter box-which-had-been-Kirumi, the transformed-maid living every second of every day in ceaseless, inexpressible torment as she was carried to Shuichi's room to be forever used as a toilet by his new cat. If plastic trays filled with kitty litter, cat pee and feline faeces could make a sound, the entire academy would have been constantly filled with the relentless, deafening screeches, tearful wails and gagging retches of the now-object girl. ...But they couldn't, so the once-human animal toilet could only sit there, staring at the ceiling, inescapably tasting the unimaginably foul, endlessly-intensifying flavour of a fellow transformed-girl's excretions, nobody ever imagining that she was sentient and capable of thought, let alone experiencing the unbearable suffering that every last moment of every interminable, sleepless day delivered to her. She didn't even get the scant relief of her disgusting burden being eased through emptying, because the detective boy always forgot to clean her out. All she could do was pathetically fail to scream as a cat which had been her friend when they were both people clambered into her helplessly-gaping, incapable of resisting body multiple times a day, crushed her beneath her body weight, scrunched up so her puckered, feline anus was on full, horrific display and emptied herself into her, each shitting and peeing session more nightmarish than the last as the weight and flavour of cat excretions within her got ever more unbearable, knowing that no end to her disgusting, degrading despair would ever come...The girl-turned-parrot, meanwhile, whilst happy that she wasn't a bug, a litter box, a frog, or the dead chicken she could so easily have joined Tsumugi in becoming, found her new, avian life... disappointing. She'd been so excited to gain this body after being seemingly stuck as a chick, but, ultimately, she was still just a bird. A more attractive bird, less edible bird than the one she’d thought she’d been trapped as yes, but still just a feathery little animal, incapable of living a life that was anything like the one she’d been forced to leave behind. She missed her beautiful face and figure! She missed having tits that were the envy of every girl in the world! She missed having the hands necessary to tinker with her machines! She missed being human! She couldn't even work out how parrot speech worked! She'd been a gorgeous girl genius as a person, but every time she opened her big ugly beak, she never managed anything better than a squawk that sounded only slightly like "fuck". She'd never be able to hold a conversation, insult anyone, or gloat about her smarts like this! Flying was a novelty at first, but it just got boring, like everything about living as a listless, useless animal. A girl like the one she'd been needed regular stimulation and there was just no way to get it as a parrot. She didn’t even know how to pleasure her newly-avian feminine parts! The parrot-which-had-been-Miu lived her life in constant, unscratchable frustration and one thought above all others was forever on her mind. Why had she ever invented that stupid transformation machine!? She wished she’d never even had the idea and hated herself for following through on it and ultimately reducing herself to this pathetic, titless state! Especially after that idiot Kokichi spotted her perching on a branch in the courtyard, the new bird desperately trying not to think about the fact that there was almost certainly an egg which needed to be pushed out of her uterus and asked her for the millionth time whether polly wanted a cracker...The sloth-which-had-been-Tenko was even more miserable than the girl-turned-parrot, though. She knew exactly who to blame for her awful transformation; Miu, for making the stupid machine which had nearly killed her when it broke, transformed her into this worthless, agonisingly slow-moving body and, worst of all, robbed the world of Himiko's adorable smile by turning her into a frightened little mouse, but having someone to blame for all this anguish didn't make anything her miserable new life even slightly better. Didn't change the fact that she was irreversibly stuck as a critically-lethargic sloth, barely able to lift an unwanted claw, let alone fight with neo aikido. She'd lost her martial art, she'd lost every cute girl in the academy to leave nothing but degenerate males and most importantly of all, she'd lost Himiko. The new sloth never saw the new mouse again, her stupid, unwilling-to-move body making it impossible to go looking for the once-human rodent. The former-Ultimate Aikido Master never even discovering if her fellow transformation-victim was doing okay in her new body to put her now animal-bound mind at ease. All she could do was sleep for hours and hours every day, hating the fact that she could hardly even eat a piece of food without drifting off, the guys having no idea what do with a sloth, so just leaving the former-girl to laze unhappily in the courtyard grass, simply giving her a heap of fruit to slowly work her way through every morning, which, infuriatingly for her, took her the entire day to do…The former-girl who was happiest with her new life, however, was the-cat-which-had-been-Kaede, but "happy" wasn't exactly the word she’d have used to describe how she felt about having to spend the rest of her life as a small, fur-covered feline. Shortly after every female student in the school had been transformed against her will, Monokuma lied to the guys. Telling them that the girls had abandoned them, finding a way to escape and taking it for themselves, heartlessly leaving their male classmates behind, trapped in the academy and in the killing game without them, so he and the Monokubs decided to replace the traitorous young women with animals to keep the boys company. The guys swallowed that lie and it was shortly decided that the cat should stay with Shuichi, since it *really* seemed to take a shine to him for some reason, nobody even beginning to expect that what the small, fluffy animal was doing was attempting to explain who she and all the other creatures really were. ...But those attempts at meaningful communication were futile. She'd been a talented young pianist, but now she was just a cat, with a vocal range that enabled her to enunciate nothing more complex than a screech to animalistically show basic fear or anger, or a purr to express contentment when her owner was petting her... She hated that she liked being petted! Having her unwanted fur smoothed by a kind, caring human was one of the only pleasures that life as a four-legged pet afforded her, but it was a hollow, short-lived pleasure, every time it happened just ending up as nothing but a visceral reminder of just how non-human and entirely, hopelessly feline she now was... Shuichi was about as perfect an owner as a cat like her could have possibly asked for, but he was still her owner and she his pet. She didn't want her relationship with Shuichi to go no further than him stroking her unbearably-present fur and feeding her bowls of tuna and saucers of milk on the floor! She wanted something... more. A *lot* more. After she'd held his hand and comforted him and even accidentally showed him her panties, she'd hoped that... But it didn't matter what she'd hoped, because the girl who'd harboured those dreams for the future no longer existed. In her place there was just a cat, saddled with the memories and the mind of the person she could never be again. A cat whose feline heart broke every time she saw Shuichi cry over her own disappearance as he struggled to come to terms with Monokuma’s lie, who yearned to comfort him by telling him that she'd never left him, or by playing a soothing, uplifting melody like Claire de Lune - Suite Bergamasque, but would never be able to do either of those things without the throat or the fingers of the human being she had been. All she could do when her closest-friend-turned-owner got upset was gently rub her furry body up against his legs and meow in a way that she hoped would cheer him up…...But there was one more still-loving, now-animal who didn't even get the relative comfort of being cared for by a human being. Even if living in a plastic tub, spending a lifetime unwillingly, unhappily dozing off or being endlessly distressed by an inability to deepen a connection any further than that which existed between a man and his living property brought their own unique flavours of despair, at least they didn't live in constant fear of death and dismemberment at every turn, which is what life was like for the mouse-which-had-been-Himiko. Being stuck as a tiny, helpless mouse was awful in every single way! The very worst, most unmagical fate she could possibly imagine for herself! After her experience with humans in her new body, her former-friends kicking her like the worthless vermin she'd become, or trying to kill her as soon as they’d spotted her, the once-human rodent decided that she would never risk being seen by anyone ever again, spending the rest of her life hiding inside the dark, scary walls of the academy in constant terror, never able to shift the thought that she'd already been heard and discovered and her next scurrying step would be into a well-hidden mousetrap, or that she'd poke her head from a skirting board to be faced with the gaping, fang-filled maw of the cat which she regularly heard mewling as it prowled the academy's grounds, never once suspecting that the cat was actually worried about her. That she'd tried to dig her out of the heap of dung she'd accidentally buried her in so that Shuichi would hopefully help her as well and being confused to see that she wasn't there, the new mouse having already freed herself and fleeing into the first hiding spot she could find. Freeing herself by eating her way through Kaede's feline shit and the pee-soaked litter inside Kirumi. It took what left like an eternity to do it, gnawing through mouthful after horrific mouthful of a former-friend’s now-animal’s excrement, throwing up time and time again as she inched her way to safety with unbearable, ceaselessly sickening slowness. The taste of cat turds and piss on filling her now-rodent’s mouth was something she never forgot, the emotional scars of that hellish, disgusting experience as vivid as the smell of her friend-turned-cat’s waste which clung to her always as she never had the chance to wash the smears of feline-dung from her soiled, unwanted fur. The girl-turned-mouse was permanently lonely, endlessly frightened and she wished she'd never gone anywhere near that stupid, sci-fi looking machine! If she still had her magic, everything would be okay, but mice don't have any mana, they could only exist in shadowy, trembling isolation, the former-girl spending the majority of every day simply curled up inside a wall somewhere, squeaking quietly and wishing that she was able to sob like a human girl again. She didn't want to live like this, but... Tenko had given up everything for her sake, putting her own life on the line to protect her, even though she was just a mouse now... She couldn't just give up on life after that! Even if life consisted of not much more than terrifying scurries into the dining room after dark to nibble on whatever crumbs of food had been spilled onto the floor - which Kirumi would almost certainly have cleaned up before she got there if she wasn't spending her days unwillingly swallowing a transformed-pianist's bodily waste - it was a gift from Tenko and she had to keep living it for the sake of the miserable-looking martial artist-turned-sloth she'd seen unhappily dozing outside! It was a hard, depressing, miserable, hand- no, *paw*-to-mouth existence, living as a tiny pest animal, but she wouldn't give up! She'd live like this for as long as she possibly could, even if it was a waking nightmare! ...But still, when she was shivering in panic and struggling to get to sleep because of all the despair running through her now-rodent's head, the former-Ultimate Magician always found one thought coming back to her. Why couldn't she have turned into a nicer animal than a mouse? Why did she or Tenko, or Miu, or Kirumi, or Kaede, or Tsumugi, or Angie, or Maki have to get transformed at all!? They weren't part of the killing game anymore, being trapped as unexceptional animals instead of ultimate students and it was nice that they weren't murdering each other, but really... was this fate any better?
V3 Girls TFs Part 1 (Co-Write with ABCfred202)A collaborative story co-written between me and ABCfred202! Make sure to check out his gallery!(Major spoilers for the entirety of Danganronpa V3 ahead! If you've any desire to play the game and haven't got round to it yet, turn back now! You have been warned!)It was an ordinary day at the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles, the location of the latest killing game set up by Monokuma. And one girl who was frustrated by her current situation is the beautiful and big chested Miu Iruma. She was in quite the predicament, not a single person here seeming to like her, them all excluding her from everything. Maybe it was just because they were all too braindead to see her genius and talent and... Miu couldn't get into it right now. She normally could gloat about herself no problem but it was quite hard to be isolated like this. And that's when she came up with a plan, a plan to finally make herself a little friend. Yes... this will be fun, another brilliant idea from the girl genius, Miu Iruma!Later in the day, Tenko and Himiko were walking around together, both of them talking to each other rather happily, though Tenko was much more energetic than the young magician, or mage as she liked to be known."Himiko! Look over there! What is that?!" Tenko saw a sudden flashing white glow come from quite the distance away and pointed it out to Himiko, who responded…"Nyeh! Is someone else trying to use magic? ...That's my thing!""No one could ever be as special as you, Himiko!" Tenko responded, always wanting to keep the girl's cute little spirits up, especially when they were in this situation. This wasn't a killing game, it was a place for the two of them to become friends, at least that's what Tenko always tried to think and encouraged Himiko to as well. But that light seemed really important, they probably should at least investigate what happened over there, right?"Himiko, let's check it out! Even if it's not as amazing as your magic, I'm sure it will be interesting!" The young martial artist hoped her friend would say yes to searching that area, herself still being curious as to what that light was."Nyeh... What a pain..." said Himiko, irritably pulling her hat down over her eyes. "I'd just use a truth-revealing spell so I don't have to walk over there, but I'm out of mana...""Oh, do you need me to carry you over?" The small girl shook her head in denial of Tenko's request. The two girls agreed to get closer and made their way over to the light's point. And after a couple minutes, they made their way to Miu's Ultimate Lab, that girl always being quite the problem to deal with. Even Tenko found it hard to like her, one of the few "degenerate females" to be honest. But with a small knock, and the gulp of her throat, Tenko made her way in, as she stealthy peeked her head inside. The place was quite high tech and much more clean than what Tenko expected, maybe Miu was rather tidy? Or she just had Kirumi do it, that seems far more plausible. But what really caught the girl's eye was something far more strange. A small pink furred bunny rabbit was trapped in some kind of glass tank, the poor thing putting its paws against the edge, and giving the Ultimate Aikido Master the most heart breaking of looks. Tenko couldn't help herself and rushed over into the room, startling the young magician still outside."Himiko! Look at the cute little wabbit! It's almost as cute as you, and that's a very high bar!" Tenko was putting her hands on the glass, seeming to be touching the rabbit's paw as it put it up on the casing.Reluctantly, Himiko entered the lab, glancing nervously at all the weird devices around her. "Nyeh, all this sci-fi stuff really clashes with our strong fantasy theme..." she muttered to herself, before Tenko grabbed her by the hand and dragged her to the tank, irritatingly insisting she look at this rabbit. "Nyeh! Let go of me!" said the self-declared mage. "I've seen plenty of rabbits come out of my hat, so- Nyeh! It's adorable! So much cuteness...! Is this... magic!? In *Miu's* lab?""I know!” said Tenko, her eyes sparkling in delight as she cooed over the rabbit. “I've missed seeing actual animals so much! Do you think we can keep it? After all, I'd hate for such a cute creature to be used in one of Miu's awful experiments!" The bunny inside seemed quite upset but at this point, she only wanted out, she had been here for three hours and eighteen minutes, the clock on the wall making every second painfully clear. She hopped over and the two outside girls followed, until they were in front of an advanced terminal with hundreds of buttons, keys, and switches. The rabbit hoped these two idiots could just hit the reverse function but that seemed to not be their goal."Now, how do we get rid of this glass case? I assume we have to use one of these things but which one? Maybe this red button?" Tenko pressed the large crimson glowing cylinder down and another burst of light came from the glass casing, blinding all three girls. And when the light faded... nothing happened, well nothing except the glass case lifting and the rabbit quickly hopping out, hoping to never be in that see-through prison ever again and... urk!"No bouncing off, little one! We need to name you, and feed you, and show you to everyone, and..." The pink furred creature was helpless in the girl's firm grasp, unable to do anything but squirm. She certainly didn't want to be anyone's pet, she had wanted a pet of her own! But something quickly caught the girl's eye, the Ultimate Magician, Himiko Yumeno walking into where the glass chamber used to be."Stop! You'll be stuck until...!" But all that escaped from the former girl's mouth were squeaks as the red haired girl's foot had entered the equally as red circle at the device's center, making the glass case descend in a mere instant. Tenko noticed the sound and instantly ran over to Himiko's side, still carrying the baby bunny in her arms, the creature not liking being jostled around so quickly."Himiko! Are you okay?!" That was the only thing on Tenko's mind as her best friend was trapped inside the same prison, where the almost equally as cute rodent was only a moment ago."Nyeh, what's happening!?" said Himiko, running over and banging her fists uselessly on the glass tank. "Tenko, did you trap me in here!? I'm super cute, but that doesn't mean you can lock me up somewhere to just stare at me! Let me out! ...N-not that I can't escape myself with my magic. I-I just don't have enough mana right now..."The small girl, her face flushing with embarrassment and irritation kept entreating her friend to help her, but hesitated when she saw the look of wide-eyed alarm on the martial artist's face, following her gaze up towards the ceiling where a strange device was being lowered towards her, looking almost like a large ray gun... "Nyeh!" the magician squeaked, trembling in fear. "Wh-what is that!? A weapon!? Is this... the killing game!? Are you working with Miu to murder me!? P-please, Tenko! I don't wanna be zapped by a dumb sci-fi weapon! This isn't fair when I don't have enough mana to defend myself! If you let me live, I'll do anything for you! I'll be your best friend and let you touch me and fawn over my adorableness as much as you want!"The red-haired girl was crying by this point, banging pathetically against the walls of her glass prison as she begged for mercy, the machine lowering ever closer to her, until it was mere inches from the top of her pointed mage's hat. Tenko, in a blind panic, started hitting buttons at random on the terminal in front of her, but did not succeed in freeing her friend from the tank, instead made to watch in horror as, without further warning, the device shot a beam of bright-white energy down into the transparent box, smothering Himiko from top to bottom in blinding light in an instant, the "mage" screeching "NYEH!!!" as a strange energy tore uncomfortably through her entire body…Himiko blinked, utterly confused as the white light around her faded. She'd just been blasted by that device and she was still alive? How was that possible...? "Nyeh! What's going on here!?" she shouted, utterly unable to grasp her situation... But got a lot closer to understanding the truth by the fact that she didn't say any of those words. She'd *squeaked*."Nyeh!!!" she tried to say again and only squeaked again. What was happening!? Why had she lost her voice? Why couldn't she even groan!? In a panic, she looked around for Tenko, but squeaked in terror when she saw her, because she was now at eye-level with the other girl's feet. What kind of magic was this!? She'd always been short, but Tenko was a literal giant to her now! And, even more alarming than that, was what she saw reflected in the tank's glass surface. Not her own, cute-as-a-button face looking back at her, but the red-furred features of a mouse. A reflected mouse that seemed impossibly to be about the size of her own body, which moved as she moved, which was wearing a copy of her distinctive mage's hat atop it's furry head…"H-Himiko? Is that you?" Tenko could do nothing but stare in shock at the former girl staying there as the glass container lifted itself upwards, the transformation completed. It was Himiko, right? The hat even adjusted itself to her size and her new fur appears to be a reddish color, just like the magician's former hair. Then does that mean...?"Miu? Are you the rabbit?" The bunny girl nodded her head before bouncing off to Himiko's side and forcing her to move out of the glass area before any more unwanted transformations happened. Then they'll figure out a plan and..."Watch out!" Tenko saw the laser from before and it was about to snap off its hinges, the repeated blasts being too much for it to take. The device fell in an instant and Tenko bore the brunt of the giant machinery's fall with her own back, feeling something snap in her insides. But the more alarming thing was that as soon as it landed, another shot fired into the distance, the pure white beam heading straight for the main building. But Tenko couldn't worry about that as a shivering mouse and rabbit were safely under her bent over body."Hah... Ah, you two are safe, hehe. That's... good..." Tenko moved her broken body just enough that the heavy metal wasn't crushing her and passed out in minutes, happy she saved her beloved Himiko, even if she was just a mouse now.The new mouse squeaked in concern, running over to Tenko's unconscious body as fast as her unfamiliar new paws would carry her (Nyeh! Moving on all fours was so weird!), trying and failing to ignore the disturbingly-inhuman feeling of her unwanted tail dragging behind her as she went. Hating how much effort it took to travel such a short distance in this tiny, furry body, she half-crawled, half-stumbled along the humongous length of Tenko's sprawled-over form, feeling as though she was running a marathon, until she arrived, squeakily panting from the exertion, at the terrifyingly-gargantuan shape of Tenko's face. Desperately, uncertainly scurrying - and hating that she had to scurry like the vermin she had become - she hurried over to the still-human girl's ear and squeaked into it in a vain attempt to tell her to wake up. To say that she couldn't die here, because she was the only still-person alive who knew who she was and her only chance to escape this tiny, rodent's body! Especially since she couldn't use magic like this! ...But the tiny, exhausted squeaks of a small mouse could not rouse an unconscious human being from her slumber and the transformed-girl collapsed onto her new paws, her unasked-for whiskers twitching in dejection. What was she going to do!? She was supposed to be a mage, not a mouse! She wanted to perform magic and perfect her spells, not scrabble behind skirting boards and nibble on dropped pieces of cheese! How long would she have to be-And then she heard a sound which made her whiskers twitch involuntarily in alarm. A large, soft thump directly behind her. The former-girl turned her now-furry head to see a pink-furred rabbit which had so recently looked small and cute to her, but now utterly dwarfed her miniscule, mouse’s body, hopping up next to her.Miu didn't really know what to do. Sure it was nice having someone else in the same boat but these two had completely wrecked her lab and ruined any chance of returning to her beautiful self! She remembered when she got turned into this fluffy form, accidentally entering the red circle while making adjustments to the energy cannon then being turned into the default transformation, a cute little rabbit, unable to do anything but hop around. And then she did the even more dumb mistake of hitting the circle again, causing the glass dome to lock in place! If only the stupid program had been correctly coded, the laser would have fired a second shot but apparently it switched back over to manual mode, trapping her in there until someone hit the button again, hopefully restoring her to her glorious human body as well. But after three hours in the chamber, Miu felt how fast small animals like herself needed food, her stomach growling with every passing moment. And the cannon's light kept getting brighter as well, the device not able to deactivate itself! Sometimes another shot was fired but that didn't do much for her, after all it's not like she'd turn into a double rabbit. Her hope was supposed to come when these two found her but instead all that happened was another woman turned into a rodent and the other was half dead. If the killing game still applied to her, did that count as murder, her invention breaking? Or would it be a suicide, since Tenko was the last one to press the button? Either way sent chills to the former busty girl's spine. But the crying rat, or whatever she was, was far more disheartened like how Miu was a few hours earlier so the pink furred creature did the only thing she could think of and pressed her body on top of the red rodent's, using her softness as a blanket. Miu felt every shake the smaller creature made but over time, it stopped moving as much and started to nuzzle back. This felt... nice. The sensation of having a friend Miu had wanted so much had finally happened, though unfortunately she had to become a rabbit to have it happen. But yeah, for right now, it was cuddle time, Miu was just happy to have a pet, even if she was one too.“Nyeh! What am I doing!?” thought Himiko. She'd been so frightened that she'd been willing to take comfort from anywhere, but she shouldn't be cuddling up to Miu as a mouse! It was that idiot bunny's fault that she was trapped in this tiny, furry body to begin with! If the other transformed-girl had just stuck with the magic, fantasy theme like she had, then she wouldn't have made the stupid device which did this to her! She'd still be an adorable young girl with boobs that were going to come in any day now, not a dirty little mouse which could *never* have boobs! The cause of her inhuman misery and Tenko's injury didn't have the right to comfort her! Especially not when she was a rabbit! She'd have given anything to be a rabbit instead of a mouse right now, with a cute, cuddly body instead of an ugly, verminous one, and the ability to get around quicker and easier than with the rodent-scurrying her tiny new paws humiliatingly forced her to adopt.The former-magician, with a lot of difficulty, managed to wriggle out from underneath the new rabbit and, instead of nuzzling her, squeaked at her in a way that she could only hope sounded angry and unhappy. Glancing at Tenko's humongous, unconscious form again, the new mouse let out a squeak that was supposed to be a sigh and turned her literal tail on the still-human girl and the other transformed-girl, scrabbling unsteadily across the floor of the lab towards the door she'd thankfully left ajar during her final minutes of humanity. This was going to be such a pain, but if anyone was going to save Tenko and by extension herself, it had to be her, because Miu was clearly useless. She had to find someone and find a way to convince them to follow her back here using her unintelligible rodent squeaking! Nyeh, this was *seriously* going to be a pain! ...But she had to do it, so the girl-turned-mouse crawled outside, already exhausted from the effort of crossing the lab in her tiny new body and blinked in the sunlight, wondering where she’d go and who would be the best non-transformed person to find, when, suddenly, a shadow loomed over her as somebody approached…"Maki?" The red furred mouse squeaked with joy at seeing one of her classmates show up right in front of her face, not having to do any more work in this awfully strange body! Yes, this was just the person she needed and...!"Hmm, little pest." A stomp from the woman's foot came rather close to the former girl's face, brushing against her unwanted whiskers, scaring the tiny creature stiff. And then a swift kick sent the rodent flying, landing at least thirty feet away from the disgusted teenager, who continued her walk. Luckily, Himiko's new smaller size made the impact hurt far less as she shook off all the dirt now covering her body but she did remember her place, as just a rodent at the academy, something to be hated by all her former classmates and friends."Nyahaha! Is that a little mousey, I see?" The familiar voice of one of her closest friends brought Himiko out of her thoughts. Surely Angie would never hurt her and she sounded positively delighted to see her! The mouse girl scurried on over and was picked up easily by the young, still human, woman, getting pets like a good little pet and..."No, I can't think like that! I'm no one's pet, I'm still me, Himiko! Nyeh, all this transformation stuff is such a pain for messing with me like this!" The girl let out a squeaky sigh and was happy to finally be going inside the school, wrapped in Angie's two hands, not having to walk another inch in these awful new feet. Himiko felt the titaness carrying her sway back and forth, seeing the whole academy in a whole new way, though it was more terrifying than amazing. And finally, Himiko was in Angie's room, though it was quite odd, Himiko seeing a whole lot of culty stuff in here. And as the mouse was trying to see where she'd be staying here, Angie put her down in a small, now large, box, carpeted with a red fabric and... having metal spikes on the top lid."We're here, little one! Atua's been wanting a sacrifice for so long and your death shall bring good fortune to us all! Bye bye, mousey!" Wait, what?! Himiko wasn't going to die here, not now, not without getting Tenko help at least! She saved her life, now she had to repay that kindness, not waste the chance of life she was given, even if she was just a rat! The small rodent leaped out the deathbox, one needle barely scratching against her tail, and she ran straight for the doorway, crawling under the frame with relative ease, startling the Ultimate Artist as her perfect sacrifice escaped from her grasp."Phooey, I needed that good luck... Now, where's Himiko?" The mage heard those last words and would've loved to give her former friend a sign but knew she couldn't especially after her carefree murder attempt! But she wasn't going to fall for any other people's tricks, humans are dangerous and... But Himiko hid instantly under a nearby table when she heard the sudden footsteps coming her way. That person was…Kirumi! The new mouse watched, her tiny heart still thumping in her furry chest from Angie's attempt on her now-rodent's life as the ultimate maid busied herself around the dormitory building with a broom, tidying up the area outside everyone's rooms. Maybe... Kirumi would help her? The former-girl thought about Maki kicking her across the courtyard and winced from the stinging pain where Angie's attempted sacrifice had scratched her tail - as much from the fact that she had a tail as the actual pain in that unwanted appendage - humans were obviously dangerous for a little, magic-less mouse like her, but Kirumi was nice! She liked to help people! Maybe she'd even help someone who was a mouse! ...And she had to do *something* to help Tenko and herself, no matter how terrifying or how much of a pain it was. Nodding to herself, but unable to stop trembling in fear, the transformed-girl crept out into the open, making her way cautiously towards Kirumi and, as soon as she was as close as she dared to get to those gigantic, stomping heels, squeaked as loudly as she could."Huh?" said Kirumi, freezing in her tracks. "That sounded just like a... a..." The maid lowered her gaze until she was staring directly at her transformed-friend's now-rodent form, her uncovered eye widening as she saw the mouse squeaking desperately up at her."Eeeek! A mouse! I thought there wasn’t supposed to be any vermin in this academy!"“Nyeh?” thought Himiko, trying without much success to ignore the sting of being called "vermin". “Is Kirumi... afraid of mice...? Nyeh! I'm a mouse!”Just in time, the girl-turned-mouse leapt out of the way of the swinging handle of the brush, the solid wood cracking down heavily on the floor exactly where her tiny, furry skull had just been. Scrabbling to her new paws as fast as she possibly could, the former-girl scurried away for dear life as the broomstick smashed the floor behind her again and again and again, her former-classmate screeching that she wouldn't stop until she'd eradicated the disgusting pest. The once-human disgusting pest squeaked in terror, moving faster than she ever had done in her life, her now-rodent's eyes tearing up in fear and sorrow as the stick struck just a fraction of an inch from crushing her unwanted tail. “Nyeh! I hate being a mouse!” she utterly failed to say with squeaks as she ran from her friend-turned-determined murderer. “I'm supposed to be a cute, loveable mage, not an animal that everybody hates! Why can't I just use my magic to turn myself back!?”Dashing outside, the former-girl continued to lead the still-human girl on a winding chase around the courtyard, utterly failing to lose her assailant and not knowing what she was going to do. She'd been unfit and unenergetic as a person and now she was in a tiny, unfamiliar body which she hated! She didn't know how much longer she could keep this up! “Nyeh! Please stop, Kirumi!” she tried and failed to enunciate with squeaks. “I don't wanna die as a mouse!” ...But that was the only future she could see for herself, because she could not make Kirumi stop and her four new legs were already tiring. She was thinking about just giving up, letting her inhuman misery end at the hands of someone who'd vowed to help her, when she saw it. She'd been in such a frenzy of terror that she hadn't noticed where she was going, but there it was, the utterly gigantic bulk of Miu's lab! If she could get in there, then Kirumi would follow her, find Tenko and be so distracted with trying to help the unconscious girl, that she'd be able to get away! Hurriedly, knowing that her and her injured friend's lives depended on it, the new mouse scurried into the Ultimate Inventor's lab, ducking behind the first weird, scary device she could see and listening, with her tiny heart thumping a mile a minute in her tiny chest as Kirumi's footsteps followed in after her, hoping with every ounce of magic in her soul that her plan would work…“Where did that little thing go?!” The Ultimate Maid’s footsteps echoed over the cold metal floor until they stopped and Himiko heard the stuttering and stammering of pure shock as Kirumi’s eyes stopped upon the martial artist’s body. The pale haired girl instantly ran over and checked all her vital areas, and coming to a conclusion, Kirumi sighed audibly.“Thank God, she’s okay. But… a broken spine won’t be easy to heal from, her needing a wheelchair for several days until even the most basic of leg motions can be tested. Oh, you poor thing, come on, let’s get you to my room, I’ll be sure to make sure your healing happens nice and quick, okay Tenko?” The unconscious girl made no response, further worrying the maid. Hopefully she could hold on until she could provide basic medical treatment. It’s a good thing her body was so well kept, otherwise this would be a very different situation, and a rather unpleasant one at that. But still what was she doing in Miu’s lab? That girl was a… a total nutjob, if Kirumi was being honest with herself. But a small fuzzy rubbing sensation by her leg made the girl shiver, hoping that awful rat wasn’t here and…“A bunny? Hmm, that’s odd, I didn’t think this place had any animals? Though I suppose that vile rat counts but at least this one’s not a hideous pest.” The maid smiled at the pink creature and found something that the poor thing would like, a piece of bread from one of the inventor’s tables, hopefully not contaminated by anything. Kirumi put Tenko down on the ground gently for a minute, delighted to see the small thing after days of being away from animals of any kind.“Come here, t-t-t, here lil’ one! It’s all going to be just fine, come with me! Look, see, I got a little treat for you!” The former human girl hopped rather clumsily over and ate from the maid’s hand, Kirumi delighted to be feeding the bunny. She actually had taken care of lots of pets in her maid services and it was one of her favorite parts of the job, always happy to see the animals at peace, them never having to worry about the problems us humans have to deal with. Kirumi then pulled the rabbit close to her chest and gently caressed the creature with her slender hands, adapting to the animals every preference without it saying a word.Miu was in pure heaven right now, loving the feeling of being loved. Sure, she much preferred being her old self but at the same time, she had gotten what she asked for, a friend in this awful place. And Kirumi pets like a well trained masseuse, perfectly taking care of any itch she had and rubbing her fur out perfectly smooth. It was all so soothing, the heartbeat from her chest, the constant treats, even if as mundane as sliced bread which was like ambrosia to the starving creature, her not having any food in what felt like days to her small bunny stomach. This was the life!Watching all of this from the sidelines, was a ticked off young mage girl turned mouse. This was so unfair! Miu and her were essentially the same, just her being a mouse instead of a rabbit! How come she gets murder attempts by all her friends and Miu gets paradise?! Tenko was literally lying there in pain while Kirumi played with the woman who got the three of them in this mess in the first place! And Himiko was also super hungry, her scurrying to find help depleting her stamina almost completely! And then she saw the slice of bread on the floor, right there in the open. She needed that bread! But no, that’s such a rat like thing to do and…“Grrg!” The rodent’s stomach growled hard and Himiko made the choice to pitter patter on over and take the food her new body craved. Using all her focus, Himiko sneaked quietly by and just as she was right by the bread, she heard a squeak from above her.“No, be quiet! You’re going to get me caught!” The mage girl thought as she heard the noise get louder from the rabbit in that psycho mice killer’s arms, someone almost impossible to believe she was a friend to her just an hour or so before. But the maid eventually looked down at what the rabbit in her arms was panicking about and she herself backed up in pure shock and disgust, stepping further and further away until Miu sensed something bad, her new animal instincts kicking in. The former Ultimate Inventor hopped out of Kirumi’s arms and watched in horror as the girl tripped backwards into a chute that led into a metal ball-like capsule, now automatically sealing itself.Kirumi was in pure shock at what happened. She was all alone in this dark cage and there seemed to be no way out! What was this thing anyway and how does she escape it?! And suddenly, a warm red glow enveloped the whole sphere, and Kirumi felt herself feel hot and fatigued immediately, unable to remain standing on her two legs.“Someone… help me…” The young woman had no idea what was going on but her body very much so didn’t like it and with the heat getting more and more intense, Kirumi’s mind blacked out, leaving her helpless to whatever was about to happen.“You fuckin’ idiot!” Miu was squeaking her tiny head off, knowing full well what that machine was and what it did! It was another prototype, this one designed to turn useless trash into useful objects. It did work but the one downside was that the object was completely random, not even Miu really knowing how to fix that problem, her not even thinking it was a real problem, after all, who cared what trash turned into? But now that the trash was the nicest person here, Miu cared immensely, not only because she didn’t want anything bad to happen to the maid, but also because she knew her hop had been the last push to the human girl’s fall. And when a ding had come from the glowing red sphere, both Miu and Himiko awaited whatever fate the girl inside had stumbled into, hoping it wasn’t anything too awful…A hatch opened at the bottom of the sphere and, in a rush of steam that made the girl-turned-mouse squeak in fright as she hid, quaking in fear behind the other transformed-girl, something fell out. ...But it wasn't a very angry young woman with mouse-murder on her mind, it was something which... hit the ground with a hollow thud. Nervously, the new mouse peeked around the furry mass of the once-human rabbit which had caused so much misery and saw, amongst the clearing steam... a huge lump of plastic? "Nyeh... It's probably quite small, really," thought the former-girl, her whiskers twitching despondently. "I'm just tiny..." Cautiously, the former-magician crept up to the huge-looking object, scurrying around it as she examined it in utter confusion. What was it? And why did this drop out of that machine when Kirumi was still in there? ...Or was she? She couldn't hear her screaming for help anymore... And then she noticed them. The all-too-familiar details. The mystery item was coloured *exactly* like Kirumi's dress, patterned on one side with a cobweb design that was identical to the one on the maid's skirt. And those handles on each end... They looked just like the rings which had been attached to her gloves...Himiko squeaked in horror. Kirumi *had* been let out of the machine, because this... thing was her! The Ultimate Maid had transformed into an inanimate object! "Nyeh! What is this!?" the mouse tried and failed to voice with terrified squeaks. This was bad! *Really* bad! Kirumi was about to help Tenko before Miu intervened, but now what was she supposed to do, stuck as a something instead of a someone! If Tenko was saved, then she could have at least told the other still-human girls to stop trying to kill her, but now Kirumi had been transformed, nobody would get saved! Nyeh! Her plan had been working perfectly, but that dumb, tits-for-brains rabbit had ruined everything all over again! The mouse turned to the rabbit to squeak at her as furiously as a tiny, pathetic mouse possibly could, but the other new animal just twitched her no-longer-human nose at her and hopped into the open top of Kirumi's inert new body.Himiko squeaked in as much a huff as she could express with her limited vocabulary and climbed up into Kirumi by scrabbling unsteadily up one of her handles, not trusting the girl-turned-rabbit and following her to make sure she didn't do anything else weird that would ruin another girl's life. The new mouse felt bad for Kirumi as she scrambled atop her new, plastic surface, knowing all too well how much the now-inanimate girl hated mice like her, not wanting to torment the poor object even further after she’d already lost her humanity, even if she *had* tried to bash her now-rodent brains in when she was human. As soon as she was standing on the transformed-girl’s rim, though, her scratched tail dangling disconcertingly over the edge, she felt even worse for the girl-turned-item, realising at last exactly what form the Ultimate Maid had been forced to assume. It was immediately obvious from the sight of the thousands of little pellets, shaded ever-so-slightly green, just like her now-vanished hair had been, which filled the entire expanse of her tray-shaped form. Pellets which the former-inventor, scrunching up her fluffy, long-eared lagomorph's body, was squeezing turd after tiny, raisin-shaped rabbit turd into. Kirumi was a litter box! An animal toilet which Miu was already using! Didn't that bunny have any shame or decency!? The transformed-"mage" wanted to puke at the sight of one transformed-friend crapping into another, but held it in, not wanting to add yet more disgusting bodily waste to the growing heap inside the once-human litter box. Squeaking what was supposed to be a "Nyeh!" of despair, she hoped beyond hope that Kirumi's new body was incapable of holding her consciousness. That she really was just the object she appeared to be now, with no way of experiencing or being at all aware of any of the horrors she was being subjected to…Kirumi woke up in a daze, the heat apparently only having sent her into a short slumber and not anything long. She was spat out of the metal sphere thing only a few minutes ago but instead of the normal feeling of her skin absorbing the impact, Kirumi felt something completely different, a sudden shock being absorbed all at once as her body clattered against the cold hard floor, a rattling sound emanating from her body. The maid tried to get up, to see what that machine had done to her but couldn’t, her body not even giving an iota of movement, much to her dismay. She was completely motionless, unable to do anything but lie helplessly! How could she ever help out anyone ever again if the simple task of moving wasn’t even a skill she possessed?! But as she was starting to freak out, the taste of fur entered the poor maid’s mouth, able to see the rabbit from earlier, though it was as if the creature was standing right on her face, Kirumi able to both taste and feel everything the once small bunny did with incredible precision and intensity.Miu was also quite shocked to see that this was what her former yet brief caretaker had turned into, her higher vision allowing her to notice the fact instantly, unlike the rat girl who was still trying to figure it out. Kirumi Tojo, the previously giant woman to her new height, had been turned into a simple litter box. This normally would be bad enough as is but… Miu really had to go, especially after seeing the toilet now right in front of her.“It’s not Kirumi, it’s a toilet. It’s not Kirumi, it’s just a toilet. It’s not Kirumi, it’s my fuckin’ toilet!” Miu motivated herself to hop into the container and her new paws landed in the gravel-like substance easily, the former girl getting uncomfortably good at hopping around. And now came the hard part, how was she supposed to relieve herself in this much unwanted form, as well as in her former friend?“Okay, animals do this all the time. All I have to do is let go, right?” Miu tried to do this slow, just in case the former girl she was in was somehow still sentient, but the intense urge to use the bathroom kicked in almost instantly and a rush of poop pellets blasted out of her asshole at ludicrous speeds, startling both girls.The machine gun that was the baby bunny’s butthole burst out all its contents in an instant, something Kirumi could have never expected, at least from her point of view.“Why is this creature pooping on me?!” That was the first thought that popped into the former maid’s mind as she was given more and more shit to hold, the small pieces sinking further into her face until… they began to open up, spilling out all the semi-digested and disgusting juices they had sealed away. All of which… she could taste and stronger than ever before. Kirumi wanted to throw it all up, to scream at the tiny thing to stop, that she was the nice lady who had been petting her a few minutes ago, but it kept on coming, only making the taste spread over her massive tongue and get more potent in flavour. The inhuman vile feelings the young woman was forced to experience made her wish for any form of relief that was her own and not a simple minded animal going inside of her but that was not her job anymore. Her sole purpose was to consume the gifts her users gave to her and that was what she was going to do, especially since, unknowingly to all three girls, there was a fourth victim of the transformations, one who had been searching for help this whole time, and was now allured by two rodent’s signature scents, her cat urges kicking in immensely. This former girl… was the Ultimate Pianist, Kaede Akamatsu, and she was starving.Soft, beautiful music filled the Ultimate Pianist's lab from wall to wall, the gentle sound of the piano covering the quiet sobs of the girl playing the instrument. Kaede Akamatsu played and played, purging her stress, guilt and sorrow by releasing the deep melody from within her heart. This whole situation... Monokuma, this awful killing game, this strange academy she was trapped in with everyone else... It was too much to bear! And worst of all, she’d let it get to her. Monokuma had played her like *she* was a piano and she'd nearly killed an innocent boy because of it. She was so, so lucky that Shuichi had noticed she was acting strangely. That he'd talked her out of her desperate, panic-induced plan, because if she'd actually gone through with it... She didn't want to imagine it. Seeing Rantaro's dead body on the library floor and knowing she would have been responsible... It would have broken her soul! Especially with the knowledge she had now that he definitely was not the mastermind and that Monokuma was never planning to kill them all when the time limit expired anyway, saying that mass slaughter would have been a waste of good killing game setup and he'd think of another way to make them murder each other. ...Not that she would ever take anyone’s life. Coming so close to becoming the worst kind of person she could possibly imagine, the blonde-haired girl had vowed to never give in to despair again, no matter what that horrible black-and-white bear did!...She had some way to go to convince everyone that that was how she really felt, though. Shuichi was way too nice to her and Rantaro himself was incredibly understanding and forgiving, but she could feel it from most everyone else. The distrust radiating off them every time she went to get breakfast in the morning. She only wanted to make friends with everyone, but they could only think of her as the girl who'd planned murder, she was sure of it. It didn't matter that she didn't actually go through with it, that her intentions were good and her actions justifiable as Shuichi had assured her, that, without utter panic clouding her judgement, she was increasingly convinced that her ball wouldn't have successfully struck anybody anyway, she still had to carry the guilt, shame and loss of trust that came with even thinking about killing... She hated to be grateful to Monokuma for anything, but she was so glad that she had this piano. It didn't look at her nervously when she entered a room, it just... let her express her soul in music. It was just an object, but it was the only thing a piano freak like her felt comfortable being around right now...The Ultimate Pianist sighed, wiping the tears from her eyes with the back of her sleeve. She couldn't keep living like this. She had to forgive herself and start building bridges with her classmates again. She had to make friends to survive this nightmare and... most of all, she needed to speak to Shuichi. She'd been avoiding him out of the shame of going behind his back, but he wanted to forgive her, so it was about time she let him. Weakly, the girl smiled as she closed the piano's lid and stood up from the stool. Maybe... everything would be okay! Maybe she could be the good person she wanted to be and had been told she was! She nodded to herself, clenching both fists in determination. She'd go find Shuichi and invite him to play a piano duet with her! Playing with a friend, sharing her passion with someone she cared about, that would be the best way to refind her happiness and make everyone else happy, as well! ...But first, she needed to use the toilet. She'd been so caught up in her playing that she hadn't noticed the pressure building in her gut. Grimacing slightly, the Ultimate Pianist made her way towards her lab's door when... something caught her eye. A white flash of light streaming towards her through the room's wall. "H-huh?" she said, flinching in surprise, but got no further words out before the beam struck her straight in the chest, her entire body bursting with blinding white light the second it touched her....And then, as suddenly as it had appeared, the light faded. Kaede blinked in confusion. What... was that? Some kind of trick of Monokuma's? "Geez! Why can't that guy just leave me alone!?" she groaned... Except she didn't. She *meowed*. Like a cat. Wh-what was this? Why was she making animal noises!? Utterly bewildered, the Ultimate Pianist tried again, opening her mouth to try and speak, but once again, her throat only produced a feline mewl. Almost like it was the only sound she could make... This was too weird! Why couldn't she talk properly? Why did the teeth in her mouth feel so much pointier than they ever had done as her odd-feeling tongue rubbed against them? In fact... why did *everything* about her body feel wrong? She couldn't feel her feminine curves which had *definitely* existed, despite what Miu kept telling her, she couldn't only feel hair on the top of her head, but all over her body, she seemed to be standing on all fours for some reason and... what on Earth was that sticking out of her embarrassingly-raised backside? Something that felt just as much a part of her as her limbs... This wasn't right! She was a cute, curvy, smooth-skinned girl with four appendages, not five! None of this made any sense! Not having a clue what was going on, but fearful all the same, the pianist-girl looked down at her own body, hoping to see her regular, pink-vested self...And didn't. The piano freak let out an animalistic screech of shock at what she saw. A pair of furry legs. Legs, where her arms should have been, ending not in hands, but paws. *Paws*! How on Earth was she supposed to play the piano without fingers!? Seized by panic now, Kaede span her head around, confirming with her own eyes that it wasn't just her arms which had changed, but every part of her. Her legs had become a matching set of fluffy back limbs, her feminine figure had been replaced with a small, quadrupedal form and she was covered from top to bottom in soft, smooth fur, the same colour as the golden locks which had adorned her head as a human being. ...No, that wasn't quite right. The fur covered her *beyond* her bottom, because it has also smothered the flexible tail which wound distressingly out of her no-longer-human backside. The former-girl watched it for a moment, transfixed in morbid fascination as she waved her own tail as easily as lifting a leg had been, before mewling again in despair. She was a cat! Not a person, but a pet! She didn't have any idea how or why this was happening, but she'd just been transformed from a gifted young pianist into a small, mouse-eating animal!Desperately, the new cat pawed at the door in front of her. Shuichi! She needed to get out of here and find Shuichi! If anyone could help her out of this, it was him! ...But she couldn't even get out of the lab. She was a cat now and this door was designed for use by humans. With no cat flap installed, a closed door was an insurmountable obstacle to a small feline like the one she had just become and all she was achieving with her frantic scrabbling was slightly scratching the woodwork with her unwanted new claws. The transformed-girl looked up at the door handle, set impossibly high above her, then down at her own, useless paws and mewled in frustration. Even if she could jump or somehow climb up that high, there's no way she'd be able to turn the handle without thumbs! It had been so easy to walk in out of this room as a person, but now she was as trapped in her own lab as everyone was trapped in this horrible academy! Why was this happening to her!? Why now, when she had just moments ago decided to try and move past her mistakes, regain her classmates’ trust and make everyone smile with her piano playing? She'd wanted to make lots of friends and now she'd just lost her oldest, musical friend, because she'd been thrust into a body that wasn't even capable of playing an instrument! In a flash of light, she'd been robbed of both her deepest wish *and* her greatest joy in life!This wasn't fair! Until just a minute ago, she was just a normal high school girl! She'd never done anything to deserve being kidnapped and held in this academy, let alone lose her humanity and her talent! The girl-turned-cat looked up at the towering shape of the piano in the middle of the room, which she'd only minutes ago been sat up to and playing and meowed in misery. She didn't want to be a cat! She wanted to play beautiful music, to chat with her friends, to get... closer with Shuichi. How could she do any of that as a furry little animal? And why did she still need the toilet!? The former-Ultimate Pianist glanced around the now much-larger room, furnished with a piano she could no longer play and a music player she could no longer operate and considered relieving herself in the corner, like the animal she was. ...But she couldn't do that! It was too... dehumanising! She couldn't just soil the ground like any ordinary cat! If she ever turned back into her human self, she'd never want to step foot in her lab again if she could remember squatting and curling out cat poop onto the floorboards. This was awful! What was she supposed to do? Consumed by discomfort and despond, the new cat collapsed onto her newly furry belly and mewled at the top of her now-feline lungs, thrashing her four new legs in a pointless display of defiance at the non-human state of her own body, her newly-positioned ears twitching as she heard the door behind her opening."Kaede? Are you in here? I heard some weird noises, so I was kinda concerned and- Huh? Why is there a cat in here?"Tsumugi! The Ultimate Cosplayer had heard her despairing cries! The new cat sprang to her unwanted paws as steadily as she could and leapt up at the still-human girl's legs desperately, unintelligibly meowing at her in a futile attempt to tell her who she was and what had happened to her.“Wait...” said the Ultimate Cosplayer, peering down intently at the recent pianist. “There aren’t supposed to be any animals in this academy except the ones Miu makes with- Oh my gosh! That fur colour! Those hairpins by your ears! *You’re* Kaede, aren’t you...?” Huh? Tsumugi recognized her? Like, instantly? That’s good, great in fact, the former human looking quite delighted at being seen by someone and noticed not as her new cat self but as Kaede, the once human girl.“Oh, of course you are! Why else would a cat wearing Kaede’s accessories appear in her lab? Augh, I should’ve known that idiot inventor would mess this storyline up somehow! How did she even manage to do it? The transformation device should be facing straight down in her lab and I wrote you sitting at your piano all day! This is plainly a disaster! You had so much potential as a character that I decided to let you live longer and now you go and waste it by getting turned into an animal! Come on, kitty, we’re fixing all of this right now, even if it means I have to hit Miu with *another* flashback light!” Kaede didn’t even the time to think about what the Ultimate Cosplayer had said as she was roughly held up by two human hands and lifted to the woman’s chest, being held rather tightly by the girl’s arms and breasts, both pressing against her from both sides. With every step that the blue haired girl took, Kaede felt her new furry body sway from side to side."What did Tsumugi mean, she wrote me sitting at my piano all day? That makes no sense, you can't just... NO! IS SHE THE MASTERMIND?!" It made too much sense. How little she was shocked to see her, how easily she was recognized in the first place, and she essentially just admitted it to her! Kaede was unable to get that thought out of her mind, how this woman had to be the mastermind, the person who made her almost murder one of her classmates and friends, who would've forcibly executed her in front of everyone unless she told them that she had murdered someone, something she found hard to say, even in the many hypothetical scenarios she thought in her own head constantly in her lab of isolation. Kaede knew the truth, knew what an awful despicable person this girl was and so, with her new abilities, the feline clawed into her holder's skin, causing the bloody sight of scratch marks to appear and Tsumugi to drop the former girl out of agony."You little... That hurt!" But Kaede didn't even care as she ran off as fast as she could, knowing that the giant woman behind her was definitely the most dangerous person in this school. She had to escape, somehow find help and the best way to do that is to go to someone she trusted, someone like..."Shuichi..." She was going to find him even in this new and uncomfortable body, but first to lose this woman. Kaede ran throughout the hallways, ducking under tables and even her own former friends legs at times just to not be chased by this psycho anymore. And when she had found her way outside, not seeing the Ultimate Cosplayer anywhere, the cat meowed a sigh of relief. Now to find Shuichi and..."Something... smells really yummy!" The yellow cat's fur raised as something awfully delicious was calling her, like a siren's song, over to a place she didn't normally go to, Miu Iruma's Lab. But the smell of food with her much more powerful nose was too great and the pianist turned cat headed that way, the scent getting stronger, more defined, and seemed to be moving. And when she was at the open door of the inventor's workspace, Kaede saw a strange sight, and the two animals also in the room stared back, wondering if this newly turned into feline was a friend or foe.Kaede stared at the scene before her in wide-eyed surprise. Just what had been going on here!? Tenko was laying on the ground completely unconscious beside the broken remains of a huge, weird-looking machine and there was... a pink rabbit taking a poo in a plastic tray? Being squeaked at by a red mouse? Why had she been so attracted to this place? She couldn't see a morsel of food anywh- And then something clicked in her newly-feline head. She was a cat. Cat's don't eat like people do, they catch and consume small animals. Small animals like mice. The girl-turned-cat turned her fluffy head back to the plastic tray which was being defecated into and sniffed. It was unmistakable, even mixed with the stench of rabbit dung. The enticing aroma which had lured her here was the smell of mouse and it smelled *good*. Without thinking about what she was doing, the former-pianist licked her new muzzle and began padding slowly towards the other animals, the rabbit seeming to understand that something very dangerous was approaching and, cutting its excretion short, hurriedly hopped away as fast as it could whilst the mouse just stared at her, sat on its hind legs on the rim of the tray, its mouth open, it's eyes wide and its tiny heart thumping as it seemed frozen in place."A... cat?" thought the girl-turned-mouse. "Where did that come from? And why does it have music note hairpins in its fur just like... Nyeh! It's Kaede! It has to be! She must have got hit by that beam which shot out of here when Tenko saved me from getting crushed! No! She was who I was gonna try and get help from next and now she's a fluffy animal just like me! A... really big fluffy animal compared to me. A fluffy animal that *eats* ones just like me... K-Kaede! Stop looking at me like that! It's me, Himiko! I'm your most adorable friend, not a snack!"The former-Ultimate Magician tried to say all those things, but could only squeak. The sound of a terrified mouse only making the now-cat girl's new animal instincts kick in all the more as she lifted a paw and swiped, hitting thin air as the new mouse leapt away just in time, scurrying across the lab's floor as fast as her tiny paws could possibly carry her, squeaking in terror and wishing that she still had her magic to curse Miu for cursing her to live in such a kickable, sacrificable, crushable, edible, endlessly hateable new body! She didn't envy Kirumi's fate one tiny bit, but at least the now-plastic girl didn't have to worry about being eaten by the friendliest girl in the school! The new cat, fuelled entirely by hunger now, mewled irritably and ran after her fellow transformation victim, feline chasing rodent across the lab as the new rabbit watched in a panic beneath a table, watched as the other now-animal girls ran round and round her lab for minutes until, finally it was over. The literal cat and mouse game ending in the only way that it could, Kaede slamming a paw down on Himiko's new tail, the transformed-pianist pinning the transformed-"mage" helplessly in place. The new mouse tugging painfully against her restrained tail, hating the fact that she even had a tail that could be used against her like this, squeaking in a futile attempt to beg her former-friend for mercy and the new cat licking her muzzle, lifting a paw to swing it down for the kill...And stopped, catching sight of something that brought her back to her senses and made her now-feline heart sink in shame and horror. A tiny magician's hat, laying on the floor of the lab. An exact replica of Himiko's hat, just big enough to be worn by a mouse... With wide, fear-filled eyes, the pianist-turned-cat looked down at the mouse she had just been about to kill, at it's fur that was exactly the same shade Himiko's hair had been, just as her own unwanted fur replicated her own, vanished human follicles and collapsed, letting the mouse go as she clamped her paws on the top of her head and mewled in gut-wrenching despair. The mouse was Himiko! Of course it was! There were no animals in the Ultimate Academy and she'd just been turned into one, so it made perfect sense that any other non-human she found (Keebo aside, of course) used to be a person, just like her! She'd nearly done it again! She'd come so close to accidentally killing Rantaro and now she'd come within one paw-swing of murdering Himiko and eating her raw, mangled, rodent corpse! What sort of monster was she!? Was she just that horrible a person? ...No, she couldn't be, because she wasn't a person anymore. She mewled and mewled and mewled in utter, crushing despair, not noticing as the fellow-transformed girl she'd nearly devoured scurried away as fast as she possibly could, burying herself in the litter inside Kirumi on the assumption that the cat would never look for her somewhere so disgusting. She hated being a cat! She didn't want to be in a body that made one of her friends look tasty to her! She didn't want animal instincts or to walk on four legs with a tail swaying behind her! She wanted to be herself again! To keep the promise she'd made with everyone to find a way out of here and become friends, not to live in this academy forever as a school pet!...But herself was the one thing she couldn't be. The former-Ultimate Pianist didn't know exactly what had happened in here, but, based on Himiko's transformation, what Tsumugi had been talking about earlier and on the assumption that the pink rabbit she'd caught shamelessly excreting pellets was Miu, she had to assume that it was something in here that was behind all these unwanted transitions from human beings to animals. That thing most likely being the broken machine beside Tenko's crumpled body. She was worried about the Ultimate Aikido Master, but what could she possibly do to help her as a cat? Lick her with her rough new tongue? The new cat meowed in dejection, hating how useless she was in her unasked-for new form and got up to her four, unfamiliar feet. Shuichi. She had to find Shuichi. He was a detective and the person she trusted most, he'd definitely find a way to figure this whole mess out. She was sure she could make him figure out who she was, just so long as she got to him before Tsumugi did. ...Or picked her up again. The now-feline girl shuddered down to the base of her tail, not wanting to think about what would happen if she literally ended up in the mastermind's hands once more. Meowing to herself in a way that was supposed to sound determined, the former-girl took a faltering step towards the door....And mewled in pain as her now-feline stomach cramped. Augh! She'd been so caught up in her transformation, her fleeing the mastermind and her chase of the girl-turned-mouse that she'd forgotten all about her need to empty her bowels! She had to get to Shuichi as soon as possible, but she *had* to relieve herself first! Almost without thinking, her head turned towards the plastic tray on the ground, remembering seeing the presumably-Miu rabbit pooping into it and suddenly realised why the other former-girl was doing that. It was a litter box! A toilet for small animals, just like she didn't want to be, but undeniably was. It was humiliating, squatting in the open on a heap of litter like a common cat, but she had no choice! She wasn't happy about it, but she *was* a cat, after all. Hurriedly, not stopping to wonder why Miu had a full litter box in her lab - with an unusual, yet strangely-familiar design, no less - the transformed-girl stumbled over to it and clambered onto it's open, pellet-filled top and, letting out a mewl that was supposed to be a strained groan, arched her back, lifted her tail and began to squeeze, never once suspecting that she was crushing another of her transformed-friends beneath her paws, the now-inanimate Ultimate Maid screaming at her in futile silence not to do this to her as she was forced to witness Kaede's now-cat's anus puckering open above her, directly above the spot where the girl-turned-mouse was hiding inside the litter of the girl-turned-plastic object, too terrified to squeak or even move out of the way…Kaede’s ignorance was extremely upsetting to both girls as a putrid fart was blasted into the litter box, almost suffocating the mouse girl inside, wishing she had hidden herself anywhere else. No, she still had a chance to get out! The former magician got her body half way through the sand-like mixture until the warm liquid of urine splashed against the back part of her body, the litter firmly clumping itself against her lower paws, trapping her body in the waste container that was once a girl. Himiko felt utterly disgusted and was doing everything in her power not to turn her internal scream into external squeaks, no matter how much the awful smell of cat waste was burned into her now ten times more sensitive nose.Kirumi also felt the mouse’s pain and shared the smallest amount of sympathy she could but the taste of Kaede’s unwanted beverage that was constantly poured into her new mouth was too awful to think of such things for long, her extremely amped sense of taste killing her with the intense flavor of cat urine. It was at least five times worse than the rabbit’s pellets and the girl hated it. Where were all these animals coming from?! It made no sense! For one of the first times in the poor woman’s life, she actually disliked seeing a fuzzy cute creature as they now only brought her food she had to hold in her system until someone found her and took them out! That’s what you do with pet litter and Kirumi knew how some people were willing to wait entire months to change it, and with there being bigger things at the academy than the state of a mere pet’s lavatory to think about, Kirumi saw a long time between changes in her future. And then another fart was blasted right into Kirumi’s unflinching eyes as she saw something horrific, a long, damp, log of crap heading straight for her.Himiko was doing everything in her power to struggle, especially after a second wave of nausea inducing gas rained down from above her, and just when she felt her left paw break free, something else did as well. A giant, boulder sized piece of cat shit came crashing down, and immediately smeared and smashed itself all over the red mouse’s fur, the disgusting sensation horrifying the poor rodent. Any chance of escape she had was all lost to her as this piece of poop was more than her own body weight but even if she could move this one piece, the second that landed on her head and pushed it into the wet litter, her mouth barely sticking out at this point, still getting air in her system fortunately, though she was absolutely pinned down under this gross matter, already starting to cling to her unwanted fur. But, in all honesty, getting eaten by Kaede almost sounds better than being buried alive in her shit. Log after log came raining down until her whole furry body was trapped by five turds, all smelling dreadful, and if Kirumi could be heard, tasted just about if not worse than what Himiko’s nose smelled. Any struggle attempts were pointless so Himiko could do nothing but cry as the shit stained her vibrant crimson fur a disgusting shade of dark brown. But the torture chamber wasn’t yet complete until the former pianist instinctually kicked some of the litter behind her, burying the rodent in completely and making Kirumi taste the shit from all sides, something she found made the taste somehow even stronger. The cat then leaped out of the box and headed for the door, noticing the rabbit shivering in fear but was too worried to stay with her, out of her own fear of losing herself yet again. Bunny meat unfortunately sounded delicious to her feline brain and she knew the longer she was here, the more likely someone would get hurt, not realizing she had committed great torture to two of the three girls just seconds ago. The cat walked out into the open and… was scooped up in a net instantly, the crazed blue haired lady hitting a switch on its handle, condensing the circular opening at the top, locking the cat firmly in her contraption.“Found you…”Part 2 here!
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