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Generation 1 comics
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Beast Wars comics
Transformers: Deicide - Issue #3 Coloured Cover by Rh1n0x
Transformers: Tooth and ClawPAGE ONEPANEL ONEMount St. Hilary is the tallest peak in the rocky, desolate landscape. Dead trees dot the terrain. The unforgiving sun beats down on the lifeless scene. The rear of the Ark pokes out from the foot of the extinct volcano.1 DIALOGUE PANELLocation: Earth.2 DIALOGUE PANELYear: Unknown.3 DIALOGUE PANEL (OPTIMUS PRIMAL)This whole thing could still be a trap, so while I don’t want to rush your work, Tigatron…PANEL TWOInside the bridge of the Ark, Optimus Primal looks at the damage around the large chamber with a sad expression. Behind him, Tigatron examines one of the blaster marks on the wall. A great section of the wall is missing, showing the exposed rock behind. Illumination orbs float in the air, providing them light but casting eerie shadows.4 OPTIMUS PRIMALI don’t want to overstay our welcome either.PANEL THREETigatron feels the inside of the blaster mark on the wall.5 TIGATRONHer scars still have a story to tell.PANEL FOURTigatron studies the mark on the wall closely. We can see Optimus Primal behind him.6 TIGATRONAll we need do is listen.PAGE TWOPANEL ONETigatron walks towards Optimus Primal. In the background, we can see a large wall section that’s missing. The ‘ghosts’ of the Decepticons charge in through the hole and open fire.1 TIGATRONThe hull of the bridge is ruptured and the Decepticons pour in.PANEL TWOOptimus Primal and Tigatron are standing midway between the two advancing ‘ghost’ forces. Tigatron points towards the large missing section.2 TIGATRONThe Autobots were quick to respond, as all their blaster fire is concentrated around the breach point.PANEL THREEThe ‘ghost’ combatants pair off and fight hand to hand. Optimus Primal and Tigatron are standing amongst them.3 TIGATRONAfter the initial exchange of blaster fire, it became a physical fight.PANEL FOURTigatron shows Optimus Primal a large, round dent in the floor. The ‘ghost’ of Megatron looms over them, swinging his spiked Energon Mace.4 TIGATRONFerocious. Personal.PAGE THREEPANEL ONETigatron and Primal look at the remains of the large viewscreen at the front of the bridge. It is cracked and dark. The ‘ghost’ of Earth can be seen at its centre. Some of the ‘ghost’ combatants look towards it as the fighting continues. The ‘ghost’ of Skywarp begins to teleport.1 TIGATRONBut then, whether by the violent entry into atmosphere or the impact with the planet itself, everyone aboard was rendered offline, suspended in emergency stasis.PANEL TWOA panel of the bridge at large. Optimus Primal and Tigatron stand near the central command chair. The ‘ghosts’ lie strewn around the chamber.2 OPTIMUS PRIMALI think I know how the rest of the story plays out.3 TIGATRONDon’t be so sure. History, after all, is written by the victors.PANEL THREEThe ‘ghost’ of Skywarp teleports back into the bridge, near a computer terminal on the wall.4 TIGATRONWe’re told that the combatants awoke and continued the fight, with the Decepticons ultimately prevailing.PANEL FOURThe ‘ghost’ of Skywarp activates a repair beam which hits Megatron.5 TIGATRONUnopposed, they conquered the Earth and then Cybertron.PAGE FOURPANEL ONETigatron points to blast marks on the floor. The ‘ghost’ of Megatron gets to his feet. Skywarp continues to repair other Decepticons using the beam.1 TIGATRONBut this cannot be what happened. At least, not here.2 TIGATRONThese are not the scars of battle.PANEL TWOOptimus Primal kneels to examine one of the marks. It aligns with the head of Prowl who lies on the floor. Decepticon troops stand over the offline forms of the Autobots, posed to fire.3 TIGATRONA number of them pocket the floor. All from a blast at close range. All at a static target.PANEL THREEOptimus Primal’s face is etched with shock. The ‘ghost’ Decepticons execute the stricken Autobots.4 OPTIMUS PRIMALThey never woke up…PANEL FOURTigatron is standing over a large blaster mark. ‘Ghost’ Megatron picks up Optimus Prime’s Ion Blaster which lies near the Autobot leader.5 TIGATRONThe only one of any difference is here.PAGE FIVEPANEL ONEOptimus Primal and Tigatron look down at the mark. Standing over them, ‘ghost’ Megatron aims the blaster at Optimus Prime.1 TIGATRONAn Autobot Ion Cannon.PANEL TWOA close-up of ‘ghost’ Megatron’s mouth, curled in an evil smile.2 DIALOGUE PANEL (OPTIMUS PRIMAL)Prime.PANEL THREEOptimus Primal and Tigatron, standing at the blast in the ground, spin around, weapons raised, as a voice comes from behind them. The chamber is now empty of ‘ghosts’.3 DINOBOT (OP)The truth laid bare…PANEL FOURA set of glowing red eyes peer through the darkness of the chamber.4 DINOBOTAt your feet…PANEL FIVEDinobot steps into the eerie light.5 DINOBOTAs promised.PAGE SIXPANEL ONE(Flashback) The Predacon ship, the Terror Crasher, travels through Space.1 NARRATION PANELThe story you have been told…2 DIALOGUE PANEL (TARANTULAS)This is Tarantulas, reporting a successful mission.PANEL TWO(Flashback) On the bridge of the ship, Tarantulas appears on the viewscreen. Beast Wars Megatron has his arms raised triumphantly. Scorponok mans his console.3 NARRATION PANELThe story that emboldened every Decepticon spark…4 MEGATRONYes! YES!5 TARANTULASPrepare to receive incoming data transfer.PANEL THREE(Flashback) Scorponok types into his console.6 NARRATION PANELAnd sent a chill through every Autobots’…7 SCORPONOKTransfer received. Rendezvous with the Terror Crasher at the following co-ordinates.8 TARANTULASUnderstood. Tarantulas, out.PANEL FOUR(Flashback) Megatron reclines in his command chair, his hand still clenched victoriously. Dinobot sits at a console at the wall of the bridge.9 NARRATION PANELIs a lie.10 MEGATRONFinally, Scorponok! We will reshape the universe to our own designs!PAGE SEVENPANEL ONE(Flashback) A close-up of Dinobot’s face. He is looking down. We can see Megatron and Scorponok behind him.1 NARRATION PANELThe war balancing on a knife’s edge.PANEL TWO(Flashback) The same close-up. Dinobot looks up, his brow furrowed.2 NARRATION PANELA ferocious battle and the beginning of a new era.PANEL THREE(Flashback) The same close-up angle. Dinobot’s eyes glow green and he bares his teeth.3 NARRATION PANELA falsehood known by only a few but revealed to you now.4 DIALOGUE PANEL (RATTRAP)Ehh, I don’t buy it.PANEL FOUROn the bridge of the Maximal ship, the Axalon, Dinobot stands arms crossed. His eyes remain fixed on the round centre console between them. The Maximal crew of Optimus Primal, Rhinox, Rattrap, Cheetor, Airazor and Tigatron look at him.5 DINOBOTWe’d decoded communications revealing the location of a small Maximal ship. A team was sent to intercept it, and interrogation of the crew yielded the desired information -- access codes for the Ark.6 CHEETORBut… the Ark is toast.7 DINOBOTNot when they plan to enter it.PANEL FIVERattrap glares at Dinobot, whose eyes remain fixed on the console.8 DINOBOTHis plan is as brilliant as it is insane -- to travel to the past and replace the original Megatron’s spark with his own. With his knowledge of things to come, he will ensure the Decepticon Empire never falls.9 RATTRAPAnd why would a stinking Pred not want to be part of that?10 DINOBOTHis first act would be the same -- killing the Autobots while still offline. His Empire would be built on the same lie.PAGE EIGHTPANEL ONEOptimus Primal and Rhinox address their fellow Maximals.1 OPTIMUS PRIMALAs you all know, we’ve been receiving intelligence from an unknown source for some time. We can now put a face to that source.2 RHINOXPart of the information were plans for a Transwarp Drive, developed by the Predacons. It allows for travel through both Space and Time.PANEL TWOOptimus Primal sells the message to his crew.3 OPTIMUS PRIMALWe’re going back, and we’re going to do everything we can to give the Autobots a fighting chance.PANEL THREEAirazor and Tigatron share a sad look. Cheetor remains upbeat. 4 AIRAZORBut we would have no way of knowing the consequences of our actions. We may be creating an even darker future for ourselves.5 TIGATRONI can’t imagine a much darker future for those that called this planet home.6 CHEETORSo what’s the plan?PANEL FOUROptimus Primal presses a button on the centre console, activating a hologram of the Ark.7 OPTIMUS PRIMALHistory shows us that the Ark’s engines protrude from the mountain after the crash. This has to be their point of entry.8 RHINOXAt the foot of an active volcano, they won’t have much time to cut through once it’s on the ground.PANEL FIVEA shot of Dinobot, illuminated by the hologram before him. He wears a stern look.9 DINOBOTNo. They will do it in the air. PAGE NINEPANEL ONEThe hologram shows three small Predacon symbols near the rear of the Ark hologram.1 DINOBOTWaspinator and Terrorsaur will target the shield emitters around the Engineering section. Once down, only Inferno will have the firepower to breach the hull. PANEL TWOAirazor and Tigatron study the hologram. Cheetor puffs his chest proudly.2 AIRAZORThey wouldn’t be crazy enough to stay onboard, so they’ll have to bug out before impact.3 TIGATRONThen it becomes a race -- one in which we need our slowest to be first through the door.4 CHEETORWell if it’s speed you want, I’m your bot!PANEL THREEOptimus Primal gives Cheetor a stern look.5 OPTIMUS PRIMALYou’re not going in there alone.6 CHEETORCome on, Big Bot. I’ll just be holding the fort until the cavalry arrives.7 OPTIMUS PRIMALYou’ll move in with the others, giving Airazor and I cover to get Rhinox inside to begin repairs.PANEL FOURDinobot looks to Optimus Primal.8 DINOBOTBy the time you arrive, you’ll be out of position and picked off. You and the bird must engage the flyers.9 OPTIMUS PRIMALWhat about Rhinox?10 DINOBOTI have an idea…PANEL FIVEDinobot looks to Rhinox.11 DINOBOT… but you and the rodent may not like it.PAGE TENPANEL ONERattrap leans on the centre console.1 RATTRAPYou know what I’d like? I’d like everyone to wake up and smell the garbage! Am I the only one that thinks this whole thing screams ambush?2 LINK PANEL (RATTRAP)Old Lizard Lips here just happens across a team of Maximals that just happen to have the information his boss is after. It’s all pretty fortuitous, don’t you think? Oh, and his miraculous escape is just the cherry on top.PANEL TWOTigatron tries to reason with Rattrap, but he won’t budge.3 TIGATRONThe Ark has given up her secrets, Rattrap. What Dinobot has told us thus far is true.4 RATTRAPOh, come on. Trippin' back in time, saving the universe -- I get how that works for us. But what about him? What does he get out of it? You can’t seriously believe this whole white knight act.PANEL THREEDinobot pushes past Optimus Primal and Rhinox towards Rattrap.5 DINOBOTWith the codes in their possession, their departure from the present is imminent! And yet here you stand, talking, at a time of action!PANEL FOURDinobot looms over Rattrap. Rattrap sticks the barrel of his gun under Dinobot’s chin. Dinobot’s eyes glow green.6 RATTRAPI got all the action you need right here, pal.PANEL FIVERhinox pulls the two apart.7 RHINOXKnock it off!PANEL SIXDinobot exits the bridge. The Maximals watch him leave.8 DINOBOTGRGRGRGRGRGRPAGE ELEVENPANEL ONEOptimus Primal glares at Rattrap who returns the look.1 OPTIMUS PRIMALRhinox, get it ready. Rattrap… can give you a hand.PANEL TWOOptimus Primal gives the order to Cheetor, Airazor and Tigatron.2 OPTIMUS PRIMALCheetor, Airazor, Tigatron -- maintain a perimeter. The Earth is technically Predacon territory after all.3 CHEETORYou got it.PANEL THREEAs the Maximals depart, Tigatron confirms details. Optimus Primal’s head drops slightly.4 TIGATRONAnd what of the Predacon?5 OPTIMUS PRIMAL*sigh* Let him cool off.6 TIGATRONUnderstood.PANEL FOURRattrap is still rooted to the spot, arms crossed, as Optimus Primal departs the bridge.7 RATTRAPWhen you said we were getting help, I figured it was at least from one of ours.8 OPTIMUS PRIMALThe less you knew the better. He’s coming with us.PANEL FIVERattrap is now alone on the bridge. Optimus Primal replies from off-panel.9 RATTRAPWe’re all gonna die.10 OPTIMUS PRIMAL (OP)He can do that with us too.PAGE TWELVEPANEL ONEA shot of a forest of dead trees, stripped of leaves. It is a cold, cloudy evening. The Axalon can be seen in the distance. It has landed on a rocky outcrop.PANEL TWODinobot, in Beast-Mode, walks among the dead trees, brooding.PANEL THREEA close-up of Dinobot’s nostrils, sniffing the air.1 SFXHF-HFPANEL FOURA close-up of Dinobot’s eyes, narrowed.2 DINOBOTDo you also doubt your Commander’s judgement?PANEL FIVEAirazor, in Beast-Mode, is perched on a branch in a tree behind Dinobot.3 AIRAZORHe’s never given me reason to. Should I?PAGE THIRTEENPANEL ONEDinobot carries on walking amongst the dead trees.1 DINOBOTSome of your kind have sought refuge on distant worlds. Why not join them?2 AIRAZOR (OP)Cybertron is my home. I intend to get back there someday.PANEL TWODinobot looks back to the branch where Airazor was perched, but she’s gone.3 DINOBOTAnd so you choose to fight.PANEL THREEDinobot’s attention snaps around quickly as Airazor is now perched on a lower branch next to him.4 AIRAZORWhat about you? Why not just disappear?5 DINOBOTThose that oppose you fight under a falsehood.PANEL FOURDinobot and Airazor share a tense gaze.6 AIRAZORI know Rattrap is a pain in the exhaust, but he has a point. If we can do this, you may find yourself on the losing side of history.7 DINOBOTA victory without honour is no victory at all.PANEL FIVEThe internal comm-link in Airazor’s chest comes to life, breaking the tension.8 COMM-LINK (TIGATRON)Tigatron to Cheetor and Airazor. A storm is rolling in from the west. Return to the ship.9 COMM-LINK (CHEETOR)Copy that, Big Cat.10 AIRAZOROn my way. PANEL SIXAirazor takes flight into the cold night sky. Dinobot looks up at her with a snarl.11 AIRAZORThat means you too. We’ll find you some quarters. I think there’s an empty one next to Rattrap.12 DINOBOTGRGRGRGRPAGE FOURTEENPANEL ONEA close-up of external plating on the Axalon’s hull. Optimus Primal’s hand is upon it.PANEL TWOA wider angle showing Optimus Primal standing on the roof of the Axalon. His hand is still placed on the external plating. His head is lowered.PANEL THREEAn angle from behind Optimus Primal. He looks over his shoulder, smiling.1 RHINOX (OP)Would you like a moment alone?PANEL FOURRhinox stands beside Optimus Primal. The two of them look up towards the rear of the ship.2 OPTIMUS PRIMALShe’s served us well.3 RHINOXAnd then some. A little piece of Cybertron we’ve been able to call home.PANEL FIVEOptimus Primal and Rhinox walk back towards the front of the ship. The others are gathered there, waiting among the Transwarp Shunt components.4 OPTIMUS PRIMALHow do you like our chances?5 RHINOXThe three most likely outcomes, in order of increasing likelihood.6 LINK PANEL (RHINOX)One: We end up where and when we want to be.7 LINK PANEL (RHINOX)Two: We strand ourselves here with a dead ship.8 LINK PANEL (RHINOX)Three: We’re lost to the depths of time and space.PANEL SIXOptimus Primal shares a smile with his old friend.9 OPTIMUS PRIMALWell, that’s just prime.PAGE FIFTEENPANEL ONEOptimus Primal and Rhinox join the others at the front of the ship.1 OPTIMUS PRIMALNo matter the outcome, this is a one-way trip. I can’t order any of you to do this and I won’t blame any of you for not wanting to take part.PANEL TWOOptimus Primal beams at his crew.2 OPTIMUS PRIMALIt has been my privilege to serve with you, and it will be my honour to serve beside you, all of you, one last time.PANEL THREECheetor looks nervously at Optimus Primal, who returns a stoic look. Rattrap looks away, making a sly comment.3 CHEETORWhat happens if this works? I mean, what happens to us?4 OPTIMUS PRIMALIn whatever future we wake up in, Primus will find a way of bringing us together.5 RATTRAPHopefully not all of us.PANEL FOURA shot from above, looking down on the gathered crew, standing on the roof of the Axalon. The Transwarp Shunt device has come alive.6 OPTIMUS PRIMALUnless there’s any other objections? 7 LINK PANEL (OPTIMUS PRIMAL)Rhinox, fire it up.PANEL FIVEA panel of twisting white and blue light.8 DIALOGUE PANEL (OPTIMUS PRIMAL)Let’s rewrite some history.PAGE SIXTEENPANEL ONEA shot of the Earth from space.PANEL TWOThe same shot as the previous panel. The Ark and the Nemesis are both hurtling towards the planet, out of control.PANEL THREEBoth ships begin to burn as they enter the atmosphere. The Ark is in focus. The Nemesis is falling in the distance.PANEL FOURTerrorsaur and Waspinator, both in robot-mode, fly at full speed towards the falling Ark.PANEL FIVEThey open fire on the Engineering section of the Ark.1 SFX (WASPINATOR’S BLASTER)PUWO-PUWO-PUWO2 SFX (TERRORSAUR’S BLASTER)BVW-BVW-BVW-BVWPAGE SEVENTEENPANEL ONEAt the peak of Mount St. Hilary, Optimus Primal and Airazor, both in bot-mode, hover in the air above Rhinox and Rattrap. Rhinox, in beast-mode, is standing on top of a long, flat rock. Rattrap, in bot-mode, sits on his back, nervously. The landscape surrounding the mountain is lush and green with trees.1 OPTIMUS PRIMALThat’s our cue.PANEL TWOOptimus Primal and Airazor take to the sky. Rattrap shields his eyes with his hand from the dust blown up.2 OPTIMUS PRIMALWe’ll see you both at the bottom.3 RATTRAPOh, yeah. You’ll see bits of us all over the place.PANEL THREETerrorsaur and Waspinator fly alongside the Ark, firing at the ship. Their blasts hit the hull.4 SFX (WASPINATOR’S BLASTER)PUWO-PUWO5 SFX (TERRORSAUR’S BLASTER)BVW-BVW6 SFX (BLASTS HITTING THE HULL)KRA-KRM7 TERRORSAURThis is Terrorsaur. The shielding is down!8 COMM-LINK (MEGATRON)Good. Clear the airspace.PANEL FOURInferno, in bot-mode, flies towards the reader. He has a blaster in each hand. He fires them wildly. Tarantulas, in bot-mode, clings to his back.9 SFX (INFERNO’S BLASTERS)PVOOM-PVOOM-PVOOM-PVOOM10 INFERNORRAAAAGGGHHH!PANEL FIVEInferno continues to target the area at close range. The hull of the Ark is hit with the blasts and begins to buckle.11 SFX (INFERNO’S BLASTERS)PVOOM-PVOOM-PVOOM12 SFX (BLASTS HITTING THE HULL)KISH-KASH-KOSH13 TARANTULASNot so close! Not so close!PAGE EIGHTEENPANEL ONEThe hull of the Ark explodes. Inferno is thrown off course.1 SFX (HULL EXPLODING)KKRROOOOOMM!PANEL TWOInferno stabilises. Tarantulas points to the hole in the hull.2 TARANTULASYou mindless idiot! You could have killed me!3 INFERNOWe have another spider to replace you.4 TARANTULASJust get me inside!PANEL THREETarantulas leaps from Inferno’s back and through the hole in the hull.PANEL FOURInferno flies away from the Ark at great speed. Mount St. Hilary is looming large.5 INFERNOInferno to the Royalty. Mission complete.6 MEGATRONExcellent. Fall back with the other flyers.7 INFERNOYes, my Queen.PANEL FIVELooking over Rhinox and Rattrap. The Ark is moments away from making impact. Rhinox looks towards it. Rattrap is clinging to Rhinox’s back, with his head turned away.8 RHINOXWell, that’s something you don’t see every day.PANEL SIXA close-up of Rhinox face. He’s calm, with his eyes closed.9 RHINOXPrimus be with us.PAGE NINETEENPANEL ONEFull page splash. A shot of Mount St. Hilary from a distance. The Ark collides with the mountain, causing a great explosion of rock.PAGE TWENTYPANEL ONECheetor, Tigatron and Dinobot, all in beast-mode, run towards the mountain. Large boulders thrown into the air from the crash are landing on the ground around them.1 SFX (BOULDERS LANDING)BOOM2 DINOBOTIt’s a wonder anyone onboard survived the crash.3 TIGATRONDie-cast construction. It’s a lost art.4 CHEETORI just hope Rhinox and Rattrap are ok.PANEL TWOLooking over Dinobot’s shoulder. He’s looking to his left. In the distance, Blackarachnia and Scorponok, both in bot-mode, are also running towards the mountain.5 DINOBOTWe have our own problems. Two on foot, emerging from the tree line.PANEL THREETigatron and Dinobot veer off. Cheetor barrels onward at full pace.6 TIGATRONCheetor, secure the opening. Dinobot and I will deal with them.7 CHEETORYou got it, Big Cat.PANEL FOURThe ground in front of Cheetor is hit with a stream of blaster-fire. Cheetor swerves to avoid it.8 SFX (BLASTS HITTING THE GRUOND)DRM-DRM-DRM9 CHEETORWoah!PAGE TWENTY-ONEPANEL ONECheetor, still running, looks up and sees Inferno flying towards him, firing.1 SFX (INFERNO’S BLASTERS)PVOOM-PVOOM2 INFERNOBurn, Maximal!3 CHEETORUm, a little help!PANEL TWOOptimus Primal flies in and fires his wrist-blasters at Inferno, chasing him away.4 SFX (OPTIMUS PRIMAL’S BLASTERS)PVU-PVU-PVU5 OPTIMUS PRIMALPest problem?PANEL THREEAn angle from behind Cheetor. He is running straight at the mountain, but he’s looking back over his shoulder.6 CHEETORPhew. That was-PANEL FOURThe same angle as the previous panel. A large boulder lands directly in front of Cheetor, who is now looking forward.7 SFX (BOULDER LANDING)BOOOM8 CHEETORClose?!PANEL FIVECheetor springs off the boulder, transforms in the air and lands in bot-mode without breaking stride.9 CHEETOROh yeah! I really hope someone saw that!PAGE TWENTY-TWOPANEL ONENear the tree line, Blackarachnia has fired a web-grenade at Dinobot, who slices through it with his sword.1 SFX (WEB-GRENADE SPRINGING OPEN)PWSH2 SFX (DINOBOT’S SWORD)SHINGPANEL TWOScorponok delivers Tigatron a heavy blow with his claw. Overhead, Optimus Primal is still chasing Inferno.3 SFXGRNPANEL THREEA shot from behind Inferno. He is flying backwards, firing both blasters at Optimus Primal, who flies towards him.4 SFX (INFERNO’S BLASTERS)PVOOM-PVOOM-PVOOMPANEL FOURWaspinator flies past Optimus Primal.PANEL FIVEAirazor is in hot pursuit of Waspinator, who flies upwards. She fires her wrist-blasters.5 SFX (AIRAZOR’S WRIST BLASTERS)PWIW-PWIW-PWIW-PWIWPAGE TWENTY-THREEPANEL ONETerrorsaur tails Airazor, lining her up with his shoulder cannons.1 TERRORSAURHeh heh. Bye bye, birdie.PANEL TWOTerrorsaur fires his shoulder cannons.2 SFX (TERRORSAUR’S SHOULDER CANNONS)KREE-OO KREE-OOPANEL THREEOptimus Primal looks towards Airazor. The blasts are closing in on her.3 OPTIMUS PRIMALAirazor! Evasive manoeuvres!PANEL FOURAirazor looks back with a look of fear.PANEL FIVEAirazor is struck by the blasts.4 SFX (BLASTS HITTING AIRAZOR)CHOOOM5 AIRAZORArgh!PAGE TWENTY-FOURPANEL ONETigatron and Scorponok, wrestling hand to claw, look up at the sound of the explosion. Airazor is falling.1 TIGATRONAirazor!PANEL TWOTigatron transforms to beast-mode and runs past Dinobot and Blackarachnia. Blackarachnia is firing from her leg blasters, but Dinobot is blocking the blasts with his spinning shield.2 SFX (BLACKARACHNIA’S LEG BLASTERS)PD-PD-PD-PD-PD-PD-PD-PD-PD-PD3 SFX (BLASTS DEFLECTING OFF THE SPINNING SHIELD)TNG-TNG-TNGPANEL THREEScorponok lines Tigatron up with a missile.4 SCORPONOKWhere do you think you’re going?PANEL FOURDinobot blasts Scorponok with his optical lasers, while still taking cover behind his spinning shield.5 SFX (DINOBOT’S OPTICAL LASERS)BRRRRNNNNN6 SFX (BLASTS DEFLECTING OFF THE SPINNING SHIELD)TNG-TNG-TNGPAGE TWENTY-FIVEPANEL ONETigatron runs at full speed towards the plummeting Airazor.PANEL TWOTigatron leaps and transforms into bot-mode, arms outstretched as Airazor nears the ground.1 TIGATRONUrgh!PANEL THREETigatron catches Airazor.2 SFX (TIGATRON CATCHING AIRAZOR)KRRMPANEL FOURTigatron hits the ground, hard. He takes the brunt of the impact, protecting Airazor from further damage.3 SFX (HITTING THE GROUND)DDRRGGPANEL FIVETigatron and Airazor slide to a stop. They look at each other, smiling, painfully.4 TIGATRONGot you.5 INFERNO (OFF-PANEL)Oh, look. A hero!PAGE TWENTY-SIXPANEL ONEA shot over the shoulders of Tigatron and Airazor. They look up as Inferno looms over them in the air.1 INFERNOMy favourite!PANEL TWORhinox, in beast-mode, rides the rock as it slides down the side of the mountain as part of a large landslide. Rattrap clings to his back leg.2 RATTRAP (SCREAMING)Eeeeeehhhhh!3 RHINOXCover-fire.PANEL THREERhinox transforms to bot-mode, brandishing his two chain-guns. Rattrap remains clinging to his leg.4 RHINOXThey need it. We give it.PANEL FOURRhinox and Rattrap open fire on the battlefield below.5 SFX (RHINOX’S CHAIN-GUNS)GD-GD-GD-GD-GD-GD-GD-GD-GD-GD-GD-GD-GD6 SFX (RATTRAP’S BLASTER)PFU-PFU-PFU-PFU7 RHINOXNow!PAGE TWENTY-SEVENPANEL ONETigatron and Airazor are still lying exposed on the battlefield. The mountain is behind them. Inferno flies away, chased by the incoming fire from Rhinox and Rattrap, sliding down the mountainside.1 SFX (INCOMING BLASTS)SHA-REER-REER2 INFERNOReeaargh!PANEL TWOWaspinator dodges some cover-fire as he flies towards the opening in the Ark’s rear section.3 SFX (INCOMING BLASTS)SHA-REER-REER4 WASPINATOROoo-ooh, goody! Waspinator first to arrive!PANEL THREEWaspinator land triumphantly, looking up at the large hole in the ship.5 WASPINATORThat means first pick of the bodies. May not have to be blue plane after all!PANEL FOURWaspinator looks over his shoulder in shock.6 CHEETOR (OP)You’ll be black and blue when I’m finished, bug for brains!7 WASPINATORWha-?PANEL FIVEWaspinator is tackled by Cheetor in beast-mode.8 SFXKRA-DUN 9 CHEETORFroawr!PAGE TWENTY-EIGHTPANEL ONECheetor pins Waspinator to the ground.1 CHEETORWhat’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?PANEL TWOWaspinator blasts Cheetor with his eye-beams.2 SFX (EYE BEAMS)GRZZIIW3 CHEETORYaow!PANEL THREEWaspinator takes flight to flee as more cover-fire is incoming.4 SFX (INCOMING BLASTS)SHA-REER-REER5 WASPINATORNooo!PANEL FOURThe landslide has reached the bottom of the mountain, sliding down beside the exposed rear of the Ark. Rhinox and Rattrap are still surfing their large rock.6 SFXGRNCH-KRNCH-DRNCH7 RATTRAPHang on, kid! We’re comin’!PANEL FIVECheetor composes himself from Waspinator’s blast as Rattrap and Rhinox run towards his position.8 RHINOXRhinox to Optimus. We’re at the bottom.9 OPTIMUS PRIMAL (RADIO PANEL)That was quite an entrance.10 RHINOXI only counted five on the battlefield, so stay sharp. I’m heading in.PAGE TWENTY-NINEPANEL ONETigatron helps the injured Airazor towards the other Maximals. Above them, Optimus Primal hovers, both wrist blasters ready, covering their retreat.1 OPTIMUS PRIMALYou heard the bot. Defensive positions!PANEL TWOLooking over Optimus Primal’s shoulder towards the side of the battlefield. Dinobot is in pursuit of the retreating Scorponok and Blackarachnia, who are heading for the tree line.2 OPTIMUS PRIMALDinobot, fall back and regroup.3 DINOBOT (RADIO PANEL)Negative!PANEL THREEA close-up of Dinobot’s face with the mountain in the background. He’s firing his eye-beams.4 DINOBOTWe have them scattered! We should engage!5 OPTIMUS PRIMAL (RADIO PANEL)Remember the plan, Dinobot!PANEL FOURDinobot disappears into the tree line.6 OPTIMUS PRIMAL (RADIO PANEL)Dinobot!PANEL FIVEOptimus Primal has landed amidst his fellow Maximals at the hole in the Ark’s hull.7 OPTIMUS PRIMALArgh!8 RATTRAPForget it, Optimus. If he wants to get himself killed, let him.PANEL SIXTigatron helps Airazor inside as Optimus Primal, Cheetor and Rattrap take up defensive positions at the hole in the hull.9 OPTIMUS PRIMALTigatron. Get Airazor inside and begin repairs.10 OPTIMUS PRIMALYou two. We hold the line here.PAGE THIRTYPANEL ONETigatron supports Airazor into the engineering section of the Ark. Rhinox is accessing a computer terminal on the wall.1 AIRAZORHow’s it coming?2 RHINOXHnn. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say someone has been trying to sabotage the ship.PANEL TWOTigatron and Airazor approach Rhinox, who continues to type into the terminal.3 RHINOXMain power is failing, and life-support is scrambled.4 AIRAZORI know the feeling.5 RHINOXBut what would anyone gain from that?PANEL THREETigatron leans in close to whisper to Rhinox.6 TIGATRONThere is a foul smell upon the air. I do not believe we are alone on this ship.PANEL FOURA high angle, looking down on the engineering section with Rhinox, Tigatron and Airazor. The view is obscured by the silhouette of some of Tarantulas’ spider legs.7 RHINOXGet to the medbay. I’m heading for the bridge.8 AIRAZORWhat for?PANEL FIVEThe same angle as the previous panel. Rhinox heads in one direction, Tigatron and Airazor in another. The view is no longer obscured by Tarantulas’ legs.9 RHINOXTo buy us some more time.PAGE THIRTY-ONEPANEL ONEDinobot is blasted out of the trees by a powerful, purple laser blast. He is in mid-air.1 SFXGGGZZZZZZWWWWWWPANEL TWODinobot hits the ground, hard. He has huge damage on his chest from the blast.2 SFXKA-DNCHPANEL THREEMegatron, in bot-mode, emerges from the trees, looking smug.3 MEGATRONWell, the traitorous scum has found some new friends.PANEL FOURDinobot rolls onto his side to face Megatron. Dinobot clutches his damaged chest.4 MEGATRONI won’t deny I’m taking a certain enjoyment from seeing you like this.5 DINOBOTYou arrogant fool! The codes in your possession, yet here you stand, pontificating!6 MEGATRONAh, Dinobot. So impulsive. And not the first time it’s played to my advantage.PANEL FIVEA close-up. Megatron smiles smugly, his eyes narrowed evilly.7 MEGATRONI don’t have the codes. I never did. But your new friends do. PANEL SIXA close-up. Dinobot’s eyes glow green. His mouth in a snarl.8 MEGATRON (OP)Willingly or not, you’ve played your part in this story perfectly. Bravo.PAGE THIRTY-TWOPANEL ONEMegatron kicks Dinobot in the head.1 MEGATRONPathetic! With the Empire behind you, your appetite for battle would have finally been quenched! Think of the wars you could have waged with the might of the Decepticons behind you! Worlds on bended knee!PANEL TWOOptimus Primal fires up his jets, leaving Rattrap and Cheetor shielding their eyes from the dust.2 OPTIMUS PRIMALKeep the entry covered. I’m getting him out of there.3 RATTRAPWhat are you, nuts?4 OPTIMUS PRIMALThat’s an order!PANEL THREEHigh above the battlefield, looking over Inferno’s shoulder, we can see Optimus Primal streaking towards Dinobot and Megatron. Inferno is aiming his blasters.5 INFERNOGoodbye!PANEL FOURA close-up of Inferno’s blasters, firing.6 SFXPA-VOOMPANEL FIVEOptimus Primal is hit by the blasts.7 SFXKRUNCH8 OPTIMUS PRIMALAaargh!PAGE THIRTY-THREEPANEL ONEFrom behind Cheetor and Rattrap, they can see the smoke coming from Optimus as he falls towards the ground.1 CHEETOROPTIMUS!PANEL TWORattrap starts to scramble up the rocks at the foot of the mountain.2 RATTRAPYou heard him, stay here.3 CHEETORWhere are you going? Optimus needs back-up!4 RATTRAPThe Boss-Monkey doesn’t need back-up. He needs a distraction.PANEL THREEDinobot is still on the ground. Megatron stands a short distance away. Blackarachnia and Scorponok are approaching from the trees.5 DINOBOTYou have no intention of sharing power.6 MEGATRONHm-hm-hm. Perhaps not. But I’ve always found desperation to be a wonderful motivator. Take your good self. The very idea of winning a war before it’s begun goes against everything you believe as a warrior. 7 MEGATRON (LINK PANEL)And so, with just a sprinkling of carefully misplaced information, here we are.PANEL FOURDinobot and Megatron both look up to locate the voice. Optimus Primal is off-panel.8 OPTIMUS PRIMAL (OP)I see you know my friend Dinobot. PANEL FIVEOptimus Primal lands between Dinobot and Megatron. His engines are smoking from the damage.9 OPTIMUS PRIMALWe haven’t been introduced.10 MEGATRONI am Megatron.11 OPTIMUS PRIMALGetting a little ahead of yourself, aren’t you?PAGE THIRTY-FOURPANEL ONEThe bridge of the Ark is silent. The offline bodies of Autobots and Decepticons are strewn around the chamber. Wires hang from damaged and broken panels on the walls and ceiling. Some lights are on, some are off, creating an eerie, shadowy environment.PANEL TWOThe same angle as the previous panel. Skywarp teleports into the scene.1 SFXVOPPANEL THREESkywarp approaches the offline body of Megatron, lying on the ground.2 SKYWARPLord Megatron! Do you function?PANEL FOURSkywarp kneels beside Megatron, surveying his leader’s body.3 SKYWARPStasis Lock. But the ship must have a life-support system.PANEL FIVEA close-up of Skywarp’s face. He’s turned his head slightly to listen to the voice coming from behind him.4 RHINOX (OP)I’m only going to ask this once.PAGE THIRTY-FIVEPANEL ONERhinox stands in the doorway of the bridge, both chain-guns primed and ready.1 RHINOXStand down.PANEL TWOSkywarp stands amid the offline bodies of his contemporaries, his back to Rhinox, but looking over his shoulder at him.2 SKYWARPWhat in the Pit are you?PANEL THREESkywarp whips around, firing his arm-mounted blaster in a sweeping arc. Rhinox dives for cover.3 SFX (BLASTER FIRE)SKREEEEPANEL FOURRhinox hits the ground but opens fire with both chain-guns.4 SFX (RHINOX HITTING THE GROUND)DRNK5 SFX (RHINOX’S CHAIN-GUNS)GD-GD-GD-GD-GD-GD-GD-GDPANEL FIVESkywarp teleports away as Rhinox’s bullets riddle the wall of the bridge.6 SFXVOP7 SFX (RICOCHETS) TING-TUNG-TANGPAGE THIRTY-SIXPANEL ONERhinox is back on his feet, both chain-guns raised, looking for a target.1 RHINOXWhere…PANEL TWOA close-up of Rhinox. His head has dropped slightly with cold realisation.2 RHINOX… Oh no.PANEL THREESkywarp teleports back, right in front of Rhinox, and delivers him a vicious upper cut. Rhinox is thrown back from the impact.3 SFXVOP4 SFX (UPPER CUT)KRNCH5 RHINOXUrghh…PANEL FOURSkywarp looms over the now offline Rhinox, lying on the floor. Skywarp has his arm-mounted blaster aimed at Rhinox. The tip glows purple, ready to fire.6 SKYWARPBesides slow?7 TARANTULAS (OP)That’s quite enough.PANEL FIVETarantulas, in beast-mode, latches onto the back of Skywarp, sinking his fangs into him.8 SFXGRSS9 SKYWARPAaaarrgh!PANEL SIXSkywarp falls to the floor, offline. Tarantulas is still on his back.10 SFX (SKYWARP HITTING THE FLOOR)GOOM11 TARANTULASI need him alive.12 SFX (TARANTULAS’ LAUGHTER)Ti-hi-hi-he-hePAGE THIRTY-SEVENPANEL ONERattrap, in beast-mode, climbs over rocks on the side of the mountain.1 SFX (RATTRAP SNIFFING)FHH-FHH2 RATTRAPCome on, there’s gotta be a-PANEL TWORattrap holds up a paw to shield himself from a burst of hot air from a natural vent in amongst the rocks.3 RATTRAPHoo-hoo! Bingo!PANEL THREERattrap transforms to bot-mode.4 RATTRAPThis egg already took one hell of a whack. PANEL FOURRattrap holds a couple of bombs in his hands.5 RATTRAPHopefully this is enough to really crack it.PANEL FIVEOptimus Primal has knelt down beside Dinobot. Dinobot has an arm around Optimus Primal’s shoulder for support.6 MEGATRONYou seem like an intelligent bot. May I suggest a trade.7 OPTIMUS PRIMALI’m listening.8 MEGATRONThe codes.9 OPTIMUS PRIMALAnd in exchange?PAGE THIRTY-EIGHTPANEL ONEMegatron is flanked by his five Predacons. Inferno, Waspinator and Terrorsaur are in the air. Blackarachnia and Scorponok are by his side.1 MEGATRONShould your sparks emerge in my new future, I promise to be merciful.2 OPTIMUS PRIMAL (OP)Hmm. Tempting. PANEL TWOOptimus Primal and Dinobot stand defiantly. Each has a sword in hand. In the background, we can see the mountain.3 OPTIMUS PRIMALBut I think we’ll pass.4 MEGATRON (OP)Ahh. The heroic final stand. So be it.PANEL THREEThe side of the volcano explodes with lava and rocks.5 SFXKRA-DA-KOOOOOOOM!PANEL FOURDinobot looks over his shoulder towards the explosion. He and Megatron both wear looks of shock. Optimus Primal has grabbed Dinobot around the chest.6 OPTIMUS PRIMALPrime-Jets, maximum burn!PANEL FIVEOptimus Primal’s damaged jets smoke and burn as they propel he and Dinobot towards the volcano. They aren’t even an inch above the ground due to the damage. The Predacons open fire on them.7 MEGATRONNo!PAGE THIRTY-NINEPANEL ONERattrap runs back towards Cheetor at the entry point of the Ark. Cheetor has his hands over his head, shielding himself.1 RATTRAPUnless you want your tail singed…PANEL TWORattrap pushes Cheetor towards the entry. Cheetor tries to hold his ground, pointing out towards the battlefield.2 RATTRAPI’d get inside if I were you!3 CHEETORWhat about Optimus?4 RATTRAPHe’s comin’! Now get movin’!PANEL THREEAn angle from behind as Optimus Primal flies at full speed towards the Ark carrying Dinobot. They are still incredibly low to the ground. Lava continues to spew from the side of the volcano. An avalanche of rock tears down the side of the volcano towards the exposed section of the Ark. Laser blasts streak past Optimus Primal and Dinobot.5 OPTIMUS PRIMALHold on, Dinobot! We’re almost there!PANEL FOUROptimus Primal flies through the hole in the exposed section of the Ark just in time as the avalanche of rock has almost reached the bottom of the volcano.6 SFXGRNCH-KRNCH-DRNCHPANEL FIVEThe avalanche reaches the bottom of the volcano, covering the hole in the rear section of the Ark.7 SFXGRNCH-KRNCH-DRNCHPAGE FORTYPANEL ONEA close-up of Rhinox’s head. His head is drooped, with his chin resting on his chest as he comes back online.1 RHINOXUrgh… That hurt.2 TARANTULAS (OP)Ah, good. You’re awake.PANEL TWOWe’ve zoomed out slightly. Rhinox is propped against the wall of the bridge, at the foot of a control panel. He is stuck to the wall in a stasis-web. His arm is stuck sideways, with a cable coming from it going into the control panel. Tarantulas mans the control panel.3 RHINOXIt’s you… trying to take the ship… offline.4 TARANTULASOffline. Blown up. Either way, a task that will be made much easier by the access codes stored in your data-tracks.5 RHINOXBut… why? You’d be undoing your own past as well.PANEL THREEAn angle from beside Rhinox, looking up at Tarantulas. Tarantulas looks down at Rhinox.6 TARANTULASThere is more to Cybertron than just those onboard the Ark. 7 TARANTULAS (LINK PANEL)Now, be a good bot and transfer the codes. PANEL FOURTarantulas places one of his long fingers onto Rhinox’s head.8 TARANTULASYou don’t really want me crawling around in there, do you?PANEL FIVERhinox strains against the stasis-web.9 TARANTULASFight against my stasis-web all you like. It will drain your energies and eventually I’ll get exactly what I want. PANEL SIXTarantulas leans down to go face to face with Rhinox.10 TARANTULASYou’re stuck here with little old me. 11 SFX (TARANTULAS’ LAUGHTER)Ti-hi-he-hePAGE FORTY-ONEPANEL ONETarantulas is hit with two blasts, throwing him sideways.1 SFXCHA-KOOMPANEL TWOTigatron and Airazor stand with blasters raised. The barrels of their blasters are smoking.2 AIRAZORI think you’ll find you’re stuck in here with us.PANEL THREETarantulas transforms to spider-mode, latching onto the wall of the bridge.3 TARANTULASAaargh!PANEL FOURTarantulas scrambles up the wall, dodging the incoming blasts from Airazor and Tigatron.4 SFXKOO-DUM5 SFXPA-VUMPANEL FIVETarantulas disappears through one of the broken panels in the roof of the bridge.6 TARANTULASNooo…PAGE FORTY-TWOPANEL ONEMegatron, standing on the battlefield with his back to the reader, looks up at the volcano spewing lava from the opening in its side.1 MEGATRONIn choosing to insolently reject the hand of compassion, they have ensured that the torments of this existence shall extend into their next.PANEL TWOA shot from in front of Megatron. Blackarachnia, Terrorsaur, Inferno, Scorponok and Waspinator stand behind him, awaiting instructions. Blackarachnia is unimpressed. Inferno is saluting.2 BLACKARACHNIASorry to interrupt, but what do we do now?3 MEGATRONWith the lava safely diverted, a new point of entry has presented itself.4 MEGATRON (LINK PANEL)Inferno, with me.PANEL THREEIn the background, Inferno, flying, has lifted Megatron into the air by his raised dinosaur-tail arm. They are headed towards the mountain. In the foreground, Terrorsaur gives a low bow to Blackarachnia.5 MEGATRONThe rest of you, pair up and prepare to re-engage.6 TERRORSAURM’lady.PANEL FOURBlackarachnia delivers Terrorsaur a backhand to the face.7 SFXGRNCH8 BLACKARACHNIACram it, Star-screech.PANEL FIVEScorponok looks to Terrorsaur with a smile. Terrorsaur rubs his face.9 SCORPONOKIt’s ok, Terrorsaur. You can carry me.PANEL SIXTerrorsaur walks out of panel. Scorponok wears a sad look. In the background, Waspinator carries Blackarachnia into the air.10 TERRORSAURI’ve been carrying you for years, Scorponok.PAGE FORTY-THREEPANEL ONEIn the engineering section, Cheetor listens attentively to Airazor. Behind them, Rhinox mans a console, busily typing. Optimus Primal looks over his shoulder.1 AIRAZORWe could hear the commotion from the medbay. When we arrived, Rhinox looked to have the situation under control, but we couldn’t let him have all the fun.PANEL TWOCheetor looks at Airazor hopefully.2 CHEETORDo you think you got him?3 AIRAZORHe is a slippery one. I’m sure we’ll be seeing the spider again.PANEL THREEOptimus Primal and Rhinox turn to look at Airazor.4 OPTIMUS PRIMALMore importantly, he didn’t get what he was after.5 RHINOXA few more cycles and it could have been a very different story. Thankyou.PANEL FOURRattrap, arms crossed, is leaning against the wall. He glares at Dinobot, who is sitting on the ground. Tigatron is tending to the large wound on Dinobot’s chest.6 RATTRAPOh, it’s good to know that some bots have that word in their vocabulary. You’re welcome, by the way.PANEL FIVEOptimus Primal, arms crossed, gives Rattrap a stern look.7 OPTIMUS PRIMALWe’re all thankful for your efforts, Rattrap. You’ve bought us some time, which is exactly what we need.PAGE FORTY-FOURPANEL ONERattrap walks toward Dinobot. Dinobot pushes Tigatron away as he locks stares with Rattrap.1 RATTRAPYeah? Well how’s about as a reward, I get to put the sour saurian out of his misery?PANEL TWODinobot, on his haunches, is eye to eye with Rattrap. Cheetor can be seen in the background.2 CHEETORRattrap, he got blasted half to scrap for us!3 RATTRAPThen it won’t take much to finish the job.PANEL THREEDinobot now stands at full height, towering over Rattrap. The two maintain their dark stare. Optimus Primal has stepped forward behind them.4 OPTIMUS PRIMALThat’s enough. There’s already a fight waiting for us outside.PANEL FOURRhinox stands at the back of the group near the console.5 RHINOXI’ve had to cannibalise some minor systems to stabilise the power core. I’m hoping it holds long enough to do a ship-wide reboot, but that means Teletraan-1 goes down too.PANEL FIVEAirazor wears a worried look as she looks to Rhinox.6 AIRAZORHow long?7 RHINOXTen cycles, maybe more.8 AIRAZORWhy do I get the feeling that’s the good news?PANEL SIXA close-up. Rhinox now wears a similar worried look to Airazor’s. 9 RHINOXThere’s a chance it may not come back online at all.PAGE FORTY-FIVEPANEL ONEEveryone is thrown off balance as a large blast hits the ship.1 SFXKOO-DAA-BOOM2 CHEETORWhat the heck is that?PANEL TWODinobot looks upwards. Optimus Primal and Rhinox share a concerned glance.3 DINOBOTThey’re firing at the cavern roof. If it were to collapse…4 RHINOXIt’ll take out the power and this is all for nothing.5 OPTIMUS PRIMALThen we better give them something else to shoot at.6 OPTIMUS PRIMAL (LINK PANEL)Cue the reboot.PANEL THREECheetor, Rattrap, Airazor and Tigatron stand ready, weapons primed. Optimus Primal looks to them, proudly.7 OPTIMUS PRIMALThe hour is dark. Let’s light it up!PANEL FOURAs the others run out of the chamber, Optimus Primal looks to Dinobot, who is surveying the damage on his own chest.8 OPTIMUS PRIMALAre you sure you’re up for this?9 DINOBOTI am a warrior. PANEL FIVEOptimus Primal and Dinobot share a resolute look.10 DINOBOTLet the battle be joined.PAGE FORTY-SIXLayout Note:The overall page has a background of swirling white light, reminiscent of the swirling white light seen at the end of the Beast Wars episode The Agenda (Part III). The panels on the page that cover up background are separate from each, thus allowing the swirling white background to be seen between them.PANEL ONEAn angle from above, looking down. On the bridge of the Ark, the offline body of Optimus Prime is slumped in the command chair. His head rests backwards, so we can see his eyes are dark.PANEL TWOInside the cavern of the volcano, Cheetor, in beast-mode, leaps up towards Waspinator, who is firing at him. Cheetor has his claws and teeth beared, ready to plunge them into the Predacon.PANEL THREERattrap, in beast-mode, gnaws on the tail of Scorponok. Scorponok is on his knees, leaning backwards, unable to reach Rattrap with his claws.PANEL FOURIn the air, Airazor dodges the incoming blasts from Inferno as she returns in kind to Terrorsaur.PAGE FORTY-SEVENLayout Note:The overall page has a background of swirling white light, reminiscent of the swirling white light seen at the end of the Beast Wars episode The Agenda (Part III). The panels on the page that cover up background are separate from each, thus allowing the swirling white background to be seen between them.PANEL ONETigatron swings Blackarachnia around by the leg, hurling her away.PANEL TWOTarantulas fires his leg-blasters at Rhinox. Rhinox charges forward, undeterred, both chain-guns spitting lead.PANEL THREEOptimus Primal and Dinobot engage with Megatron, pushing him backwards towards a ledge within the cavern.PANEL FOURAn extreme close-up of the eyes of Optimus Prime. They glow a bright blue as he comes online.PAGE FORTY-EIGHTPANEL ONEAn external shot of the rear of the Ark protruding from the foot of the mountain. The lava flow has cooled and blackened but is still hot and steaming. Hound, Trailbreaker and Ironhide stand guard.1 PROWL (OP)The Decepticons have scattered, but their ship must have crashed somewhere on this planet. Once the long-range scanners are back online, we’ll find them.PANEL TWOA close-up of Rhinox’s bullet holes in the wall of the Ark’s bridge. The hand of Optimus Prime feels the wall.2 WHEELJACK (OP)The ship’s sensors show a record of a massive surge in chronal energy.3 OPTIMUS PRIMETime travel?PANEL THREEA shot of the Ark’s bridge at large. Prowl and Wheeljack stand with Optimus Prime. Bumblebee, Jazz and Mirage are manning stations around the bridge.4 WHEELJACKWhoever they were, they weren’t from around here -- temporally speaking.5 OPTIMUS PRIMEWe owe them our Sparks.PANEL FOURBumblebee, Jazz and Mirage look up from the stations towards their leader (off panel). They are inspired by Optimus Prime’s words.6 OPTIMUS PRIME (OP)They sacrificed their reality to give us another chance at ours. They fought for us. Now, we fight for them.PANEL FIVEAll six Autobots on the bridge walk towards the reader with a determined stride. Optimus Prime in the lead.7 OPTIMUS PRIMELet’s roll out.--- END ---
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Welcome to TransComics!

This Group is intended to be a place both for Transformers comic creators to show off and get help on their works, and Transformers fans to watch them.

:bulletred::bulletblue:THE COMIC LIST:bulletblue::bulletred:


:iconeabevella: Across the Bridge

:iconrid-nightviper: Around Cybertron - The official TCC comic featuring the journalists of the Transformers world bringing you the news you need about the events of the multiverse, when you need it.

:iconbwsecondchances: Beast Wars: Second Chances - The end of the Beast Wars was only the beginning! Do you believe in Second Chances?

:iconzypherion: A Change for the Better - What happened to Starscream after he possessed the Matrix in the G2 comic? Find out in this comic series.

:iconcomics-in-disguise: Comics in Disguise

:iconaviatrix-ash: Cubedformers - Random comic pages of chibi cubie Transformers.

:iconcoolfirebird: Cool Fire Bird's comics - Various short stories set in the TF universes, and one long one, Hang On, Brother, about when the Jet Twins and Elite Guard find themselves facing an infection created by Oil Slick that's on a rampage through Cybertron.

:iconteadarka: DarkA's Comics and Manga

:icondrivaaar: Drivaaar's comics

:iconfrom-cybertron: From Cybertron - A series of shorts spotlighting certain characters before the Transformers crash-landed on Earth.

:icongerhankey: GerHankey's comics

:iconghostlord89: GhostLord89's Funnies - Check out "Animated's Revenge" and "Lugnut and Strika Plus Inferno", a duo of funny photo comics.

:iconhansime: Hansime's comics

:iconinsanity-24-7: Insanity 24-7's comics

:iconlimelight-dreadwind: Limelight: Dreadwind - A spotlight limelight on the dour Decepticon and his adventures with his "partner", Darkwing.

:iconillmatar: Transformers Fanzine Maelstrom - No expectations. 9 B&W comics and 4K text pages of TF insanity. M for graphic violence and language.

:iconmikepriest83: MikePriest83's Pic-Fics - Mike Priest's Transformer-related photocomics that he does when he FEELS like it.

:iconninjadp: NinjaDP's comics

:iconstar-bot381: Parallel Lives - Trapped in a parallel universe, Sari discovers the dark secrets of this opposite dimension. But can she find a way back to her universe or will she stay trapped in the wrong world forever?

:iconzagstrike: Powercore Superblast - The toyline without a continuity finally has one!

:iconryuzo: Ryuzo's comics - G1FRVR!

:iconshy-light: Shy-Light's comics

:icontf-seedsofdeception: Seeds of Deception - Before Civil War. Before Megatron and Optimus Prime. Who gathered the Decepticons and gave them structure, purpose and direction? While Omega Supreme and Sentinel Prime led Cybertron to an age of peace and harmony, dark forces plotted in the shadows: Shockwave, Trannis, Soundwave, Ratbat and more.

:iconnagi-oki: Side B - An exercise in absurdity, playing with action figures was never this much fun!

:iconcwmodels: Story Time - The adventures of Powermaster Optimus Prime and Tommy Kennedy!

:iconluzbeldestello: Strategies - The story of the era of Animated's Cybertronian Wars.

:iconsubtilisin: Subtilisin's Random One-Shots

:iconskyscream1: Super Dion Bros. - Sonic the Hedgehog meets Transformers in this crossover pixel art comic.

:icontfa-beyond: TFA Beyond - The fan project continuing where Animated left off!

:icontfaspotlight: Transformers Animated: Spotlight - A posse of Decepticon outlaws is on the lam, and if Rodimus is going to bring them to justice, he's going to need some help. Time to cowboy up. COMING SOON!

:iconblueike: Transformers Axiom Nexus Zone Guard - When strange new Decepticons unfamiliar to both sides start to appear, the Animated Autobots are left at a disadvantage with the gimmicks the new enemies possess. Teaming up with a group of Autobots from the dimensional hub of Axiom Nexus, Optimus Prime's Earth bound Autobots now defend Detroit and the Allspark from new threats from other Cybertrons and beyond.

:icontf-the-lost-seasons: Transformers: The Lost Seasons - From the original cartoon to Beast Wars, Beast Machines and beyond; we are filling the holes left in the G1 cartoon continuity, the missing years... The Lost Seasons.

:icongomez-99: War For Transformers - Featuring original characters in the Transformers Animated universe.

:iconandyturnbull: Weird Without End

:iconbatchix: World of Steam

:icondark-wildcat: The Worth - The robots make conflict and war... as we do. But aren't they forgetting the most worthy thing during the war? Now, young Prowl and another Autobot tell you a sad but beautiful story.

:iconyula568: Yula's Comics

:iconmisstridd: TFP-The Energy
Alphanova was one of the oldest planets in the galaxy. One day Alphanovians started and started an energy war.
After this war Autotitans started to occupy the all galaxy.

Others(Note: We are willing to list comics even by people who are not Members, if you suggest them to us. However, Members will get to have fancy summaries and their icons added to their listing!)


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Soulless--one Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2019
Hello! Just wondering if the group is still active
bumblebeam Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

I'm a writer currently working on a G1/IDW fan-comic and I'm looking for anyone who has any spare time to help me edit and we could share ideas! If you're interested you can shoot me a PM, Hope to make new friends :D (Big Grin) 
shatteredglasscomic Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
I need a new artist, or several, who wants to draw a page/pages for the fan-comic TF Cybertronians. If you're interested, please send me a need.

Hope to hear from you. ;-)
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 Every one, Safeez Studio Open for comic, pencils, Inking and Coloring
Hi there,
we are now Open for comic pencils, Inking, and coloring Commissions, our page rate is very normal  and very quality works. so please send us Note or email at-
good day all! we hope you all contact with us soon!
Safeez  Studio.
JustBelieveCosplay Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for accepting me into the group. :)

I would like to add my TF: Prime comic to your gallery. It's about 18 pages so far. Is it okay to submit them all at once, or is there a limitation on how much can be submitted?
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