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Please note that we're a very focused Group, and only accept Groups either devoted to just Transformers prose and/or comics, or to comics in general, or has a fan comic section in there group. Thanks!


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Generation 1 comics
TF-NA page 64 by NodAvatar1985
TF-NA page 63 by NodAvatar1985
Why are we here? by kaxblastard
STARSCREAM_chapter01p04 by BTFly009
Beast Wars comics
Transformers: X - Issue #1 - Page 7 by Rh1n0x
Transformers: Chronicles - Eukaris Cover by Rh1n0x
TF Animated comics
TF Prime comics
BLU'N RED COVER by Potentissimum
Crucible Page 44 by JustBelieveCosplay
Crucible Page 43 by JustBelieveCosplay
Crucible Page 42 by JustBelieveCosplay
Movie verse comics
Toy Comics
Advent Calendar by Notestryder
Opportunity Knocks- Part 1 by naturegirl52180
Glamping by naturegirl52180
Story Time by naturegirl52180
Other comics
LANYSE_chapter10-p10-11 by BTFly009
LANYSE_chapter09-p62 by BTFly009
LANYSE_chapter09-p37 by BTFly009
LANYSE_chapter09-p29 by BTFly009
Shattered Battleworld
Cover Shattered Battleworld by shatteredglasscomic
Battleworld Cover Megatron And Doom  By Shouyu by shatteredglasscomic
Shattered Battleworld intro-page by shatteredglasscomic
Shattered Battleworld page 1 by shatteredglasscomic
Shattered Terra
cover Shattered Terra by shatteredglasscomic
Shattered Terra Page 1 by shatteredglasscomic
Shattered Terra Page 2-3 by shatteredglasscomic
Shattered Terra Page 4 by shatteredglasscomic
Transformers Cybertronians
TF Cybertronians Cookies Part Two by shatteredglasscomic
Shattered Collision
Shattered Collision -Litho ink by shatteredglasscomic
Shattered Glass comics
Megatron Energon Don Fig recolored by shatteredglasscomic
Various Box Art
SG ShatteredCollision page 02 by shatteredglasscomic
Illustration pages
My OC Longshot taking no prisoners by ChosenPheonix91
Transformers: Unknown Soldiers
King Atlas travels time to save the Transformers. by kaxblastard
IDW comics
KTE: Coronation of Starscream by Naihaan
MTMTE Comics
Cover A Mtmte by shatteredglasscomic
Transformers Anyverse
Transformers: Bloodline
Transformers: Bloodline PAGE 36 by StarryTiger

Newest Members


Defensor by Mjones456
Predaking by Mjones456
Well, That's Just Prime by ArwingPilot114
Transformers G1 - Monster Consultant p02 - ENG by M3Gr1ml0ck
Across the Bridge archive
Across The Bridge p1 by eabevella
Across The Bridge p2 by eabevella
Across The Bridge p3 by eabevella
Across The Bridge p4 by eabevella
Around Cybertron archive
Around Cybertron Part 18 by RID-NightViper
Around Cybertron Part 17 by RID-NightViper
Around Cybertron Part 16 by RID-NightViper
Around Cybertron Part 15 by RID-NightViper
Beast Wars: Second Chances archive
SECOND CHANCES 01 by BWSecondChances
SECOND CHANCES 02 by BWSecondChances
SECOND CHANCES 03 by BWSecondChances
SECOND CHANCES 04 by BWSecondChances
A Change for the Better archive
TFs at Home and Abroad 1 by zypherion
TFs at Home and Abroad 2 by zypherion
TFs at Home and Abroad 3 by zypherion
A Change for the Better Pg 1 by zypherion
Comics in Disguise archive
Warped Sky - Part 3, Page 11 by Comics-in-Disguise
Warped Sky - Part 3, Page 10 by Comics-in-Disguise
Warped-sky-part3-page9 by Comics-in-Disguise
Warped Sky - Part 3, Page 8 by Comics-in-Disguise
Cool Fire Bird's comic archive
TF Mosaic: Card Game by CoolFireBird
Funeral - Goodbye Prowl by CoolFireBird
Self Draft - Page 1 by CoolFireBird
Self Draft - Page 2 by CoolFireBird
Cubedformers archive
DarkA's Comics and Manga archive
Drivaaar's comics archive
Courage Under Fire part 1 pg1 by Drivaaar
Courage Under Fire part 1 pg2 by Drivaaar
Courage Under Fire part 1 pg3 by Drivaaar
Courage Under Fire part 1 pg4 by Drivaaar
From Cybertron archive
TF Mosaic CONVICTION by Ty-Chou
GhostLord89's Funnies archive
Animated's Revenge Page 37 by GhostLord89
Insanity-24-7's comics archive
What You Touch by Insanity-24-7
Limelight: Dreadwind archive
LL:DW - Front Cover Interior by Limelight-Dreadwind
Maelstrom archive

Mature Content

Maelstrom 1 front cover by illmatar
MikePriest83's Pic-Fics archive
Drift's Notable Adventure- P1 by MikePriest83
NinjaDP's comic archive
Parallel Lives archive
parallel lives- page 1 by star-bot381
Powercore Superblast archive
Powercore Superblast page 45 by ZaGstrike
Ryuzo's Comic archive
Transformers Fanfic 1 - part 1 by ryuzo
Seeds of Deception archive
SoD Sentinel Prime - page 14 by Tf-SeedsOfDeception
Side B archive
SB: Wildwood Dayz 1 by Nagi-Oki
Story Time archive
Story Time page 1 by cwmodels
Strategies archive
Strategies-04 by LuzbelDestello
Subtilisin's One-Shot Comics archive
A Productive Day at the Lab by subtilisin
Super Dion Bros archive
SDBDT The Return of Megatron 3 by skyscream1
TFA Beyond archive
Homecoming - Page 2 by NinjaDP
Transformers Animated: Spotlight archive
HOT SHOT Title Page by TFASpotlight
Transformers Axiom Nexus Zone Guard archive
Transformers ANZG Pilot pg 1 by BlueIke
Transformers: The Lost Seasons archive
Navigator Warrior Guardian Page 3 by ArwingPilot114
World of Steam archive
World of Steam pg 1 by batchix
The Worth archive
The Worth - 24 by Dark-WildCat
Yula's Comics archive
TF - Knockout's Desire 3 by Yula568
Jeysie's Random Comic archive
Nature Appreciation With Prowl by Jeysie
War of Transformers archive
tfa TWIN: page one by gomez-99


Recent Journal Entries

Welcome to TransComics!

This Group is intended to be a place both for Transformers comic creators to show off and get help on their works, and Transformers fans to watch them.

:bulletred::bulletblue:THE COMIC LIST:bulletblue::bulletred:


:iconeabevella: Across the Bridge

:iconrid-nightviper: Around Cybertron - The official TCC comic featuring the journalists of the Transformers world bringing you the news you need about the events of the multiverse, when you need it.

:iconbwsecondchances: Beast Wars: Second Chances - The end of the Beast Wars was only the beginning! Do you believe in Second Chances?

:iconzypherion: A Change for the Better - What happened to Starscream after he possessed the Matrix in the G2 comic? Find out in this comic series.

:iconcomics-in-disguise: Comics in Disguise

:iconautobotchari: Cubedformers - Random comic pages of chibi cubie Transformers.

:iconcoolfirebird: Cool Fire Bird's comics - Various short stories set in the TF universes, and one long one, Hang On, Brother, about when the Jet Twins and Elite Guard find themselves facing an infection created by Oil Slick that's on a rampage through Cybertron.

:iconteadarka: DarkA's Comics and Manga

:icondrivaaar: Drivaaar's comics

:iconfrom-cybertron: From Cybertron - A series of shorts spotlighting certain characters before the Transformers crash-landed on Earth.

:icongerhankey: GerHankey's comics

:iconghostlord89: GhostLord89's Funnies - Check out "Animated's Revenge" and "Lugnut and Strika Plus Inferno", a duo of funny photo comics.

:iconhansime: Hansime's comics

:iconinsanity-24-7: Insanity 24-7's comics

:iconlimelight-dreadwind: Limelight: Dreadwind - A spotlight limelight on the dour Decepticon and his adventures with his "partner", Darkwing.

:iconillmatar: Transformers Fanzine Maelstrom - No expectations. 9 B&W comics and 4K text pages of TF insanity. M for graphic violence and language.

:iconmikepriest83: MikePriest83's Pic-Fics - Mike Priest's Transformer-related photocomics that he does when he FEELS like it.

:iconninjadp: NinjaDP's comics

:iconstar-bot381: Parallel Lives - Trapped in a parallel universe, Sari discovers the dark secrets of this opposite dimension. But can she find a way back to her universe or will she stay trapped in the wrong world forever?

:iconzagstrike: Powercore Superblast - The toyline without a continuity finally has one!

:iconryuzo: Ryuzo's comics - G1FRVR!

:iconshy-light: Shy-Light's comics

:icontf-seedsofdeception: Seeds of Deception - Before Civil War. Before Megatron and Optimus Prime. Who gathered the Decepticons and gave them structure, purpose and direction? While Omega Supreme and Sentinel Prime led Cybertron to an age of peace and harmony, dark forces plotted in the shadows: Shockwave, Trannis, Soundwave, Ratbat and more.

:iconnagi-oki: Side B - An exercise in absurdity, playing with action figures was never this much fun!

:iconcwmodels: Story Time - The adventures of Powermaster Optimus Prime and Tommy Kennedy!

:iconluzbeldestello: Strategies - The story of the era of Animated's Cybertronian Wars.

:iconsubtilisin: Subtilisin's Random One-Shots

:iconskyscream1: Super Dion Bros. - Sonic the Hedgehog meets Transformers in this crossover pixel art comic.

:icontfa-beyond: TFA Beyond - The fan project continuing where Animated left off!

:icontfaspotlight: Transformers Animated: Spotlight - A posse of Decepticon outlaws is on the lam, and if Rodimus is going to bring them to justice, he's going to need some help. Time to cowboy up. COMING SOON!

:iconblueike: Transformers Axiom Nexus Zone Guard - When strange new Decepticons unfamiliar to both sides start to appear, the Animated Autobots are left at a disadvantage with the gimmicks the new enemies possess. Teaming up with a group of Autobots from the dimensional hub of Axiom Nexus, Optimus Prime's Earth bound Autobots now defend Detroit and the Allspark from new threats from other Cybertrons and beyond.

:icontf-the-lost-seasons: Transformers: The Lost Seasons - From the original cartoon to Beast Wars, Beast Machines and beyond; we are filling the holes left in the G1 cartoon continuity, the missing years... The Lost Seasons.

:icongomez-99: War For Transformers - Featuring original characters in the Transformers Animated universe.

:iconandyturnbull: Weird Without End

:iconbatchix: World of Steam

:icondark-wildcat: The Worth - The robots make conflict and war... as we do. But aren't they forgetting the most worthy thing during the war? Now, young Prowl and another Autobot tell you a sad but beautiful story.

:iconyula568: Yula's Comics

:iconpotentissimum: TFP-The Energy
Alphanova was one of the oldest planets in the galaxy. One day Alphanovians started and started an energy war.
After this war Autotitans started to occupy the all galaxy.

Others(Note: We are willing to list comics even by people who are not Members, if you suggest them to us. However, Members will get to have fancy summaries and their icons added to their listing!)


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bumblebeam Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist

I'm a writer currently working on a G1/IDW fan-comic and I'm looking for anyone who has any spare time to help me edit and we could share ideas! If you're interested you can shoot me a PM, Hope to make new friends :D (Big Grin) 
shatteredglasscomic Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
I need a new artist, or several, who wants to draw a page/pages for the fan-comic TF Cybertronians. If you're interested, please send me a need.

Hope to hear from you. ;-)
SAFEEZSTUDIO Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
 Every one, Safeez Studio Open for comic, pencils, Inking and Coloring
Hi there,
we are now Open for comic pencils, Inking, and coloring Commissions, our page rate is very normal  and very quality works. so please send us Note or email at-
good day all! we hope you all contact with us soon!
Safeez  Studio.
JustBelieveCosplay Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for accepting me into the group. :)

I would like to add my TF: Prime comic to your gallery. It's about 18 pages so far. Is it okay to submit them all at once, or is there a limitation on how much can be submitted?
BDixonarts Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
i accepted them into the group
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