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It Starts With Cosplay 5
So, this happened. Yup. At the sleepover. It's apparently a thing girls do even though nobody else but me got this treatment. I'm now the (not) proud owner of some long, fake nails and a shit load of makeup. Like, a ton. The girls gave me a whole bunch of extra after they gave me the makeover. Now, I have to go home to my parents like this. I have to go outside! And be seen! Like this! I guess I shouldn't be embarrassed since there's no way anybody would ever recognize me like this. Credit where credit is due...the girls made me look fucking amazing. If I wasn't this girl, I would want to fuck this girl. Disturbing thought.

Going home is not to be. Some guy shows up just as we're finishing breakfast. Apparently, this is Misty's friend Anna's older brother. Also, apparently, I partied with him the other night and he's pretty much into me. I can't suppress the sigh when I find that out, but, I recover and smile and make a big show about being flattered and all that. The way he grins at me unsettles me. It's like this part predatory grin, part we've already done some shit grin. I really wish I could remember that first night after the costume party. It's all just a big blank. Apparently, we already exchanged numbers that night

I'm not sure what's wrong with my brain, but I act like a silly idiot around this guy whose name I find out is Hunter. Why would I do that? I think it's just because it's less embarrassing to just be the girl than to have him find out what's really going on. I think. It's the only explanation that makes sense anyway. Once he's gone, I'll keep looking into things and try to find out what Misty is doing, why and how.

Too bad he isn't going anywhere. I mean, he is, but he's taking me with him. To a movie. And then dinner. Like a date. With a guy. Holy shit. I don't know whether it's better to stay sober for this one, or just get shitfaced again so I don't remember what happens. Why did I even agree to this? Oh, right. Peer pressure. I'd rather not have this whole gaggle of girls pissed at me because I spurned Anna's brother. Right? I never cared about these girls before, or even KNEW them. Too late now. Anna is letting me borrow some cute clothes and redoing my makeup and hair so...I don't even know. Will this ever end? The longer I'm stuck like this, the longer I'm going to be stuck like this. Does that make sense? My Facebook is full of sleepover pics now and more and more people know me as Stephanie.

I have to find a way to end this. But first, I have a date.
It Starts With Cosplay 4
Yeah...honestly, I don't know what to say. I'm just as confused as you are. I know you're wondering how this sort of thing could happen to a straight boy who never had a girly bone in his body. I am too. I'm supposed to be confident in my masculinity, so it doesn't bother me to dress up as a girl for my sister at a costume party. That isn't supposed to threaten my masculinity. we are.

Things are...weird. I mean, obviously, you can see they are, but I mean, they are really fucking weird. After I woke up from my nap, feeling better honestly, Misty joined me in my room again. I was still groggy, so I just sort of sat and listened while she talked. I should have intervened once I realized she was still calling me Stephanie, talking to me like I've been her sister our whole lives. Groggy and confused, I didn't say anything.

"So, Steph, I was thinking that since you're all grown up now, we can finally go get that belly button ring you've always wanted. While we're out we can go shopping at the mall and scope hotties. I invited everybody to come so we can have an awesome girl's day!"

She was so excited. "Get dressed! Here!" She threw some clothes at me. "Oh, this is gonna be so much fun!"

I crawled out of bed, my head reeling and took a look at the clothes she threw at me. Some tiny shorts and a crop top. No fucking way. There's some serious mindfuckery going on around here. I sat for a while on my bed, just running over all kinds of scenarios in my head, trying to figure out what is going on, or at least, figure out a way to figure out what's going on. Does that make sense? My mind has been a little jumbled lately. I'm sure you understand with all the stress I'm under.

Okay, so I decided to get dressed in the outfit Misty picked for me and see what happens. This is way girlier than my sweats outfit from earlier, so my parents can't fail to notice. Haha, joke's on me. They say nothing. I watched them as much as I could when I followed Misty downstairs. My Mom looked a little put out, my Dad barely looked. It was the same sort of reactions they usually gave Misty when she was wearing something just a little bit too daring, but they didn't want to get in the way of her autonomy.

"Stephanie and I are going out! Be back later!"

"You girls have fun!" Mom shouted.

I stopped in the doorway. Did she say "girls?" Plural? No way. I must have misheard. Misty didn't let me think about it too long before she grabbed my arm and dragged me along the sidewalk beside her. Really feeling uncomfortable, I hopped in the passenger seat of her pink Dodge Neon. She blared pop the whole time we drove. We met the girls at the mall. Her friends. I'd known them all a long time. They hugged me when we got out of the car, acting excited to see me. None of them gave me a second glance. Isn't it weird that your friend's brother is here looking like this? Nope. Apparently not.

Let me tell is embarrassing to sit in the mall food court with a half dozen girls all dressed up for the boys, and talk about which boys I find hottest. Girls can like other girls now. I mean, I'm not a girl, but they're acting like I am, and if I was a girl, I'd still like girls. But, no, I had to sit and embarrass myself for an hour gushing over all the hotties in the cafeteria like some lusty schoolgirl. Holy shit. Worst experience of my life. Until later.

Later, we walked into the piercing shop to get my belly button pierced. None of the other girls had one, but apparently I hadn't stopped talking about how much I wanted one since I was 14, so Misty declared that it was time and the other girls backed her up.

"Don't chicken out now, Steph!" The girls all laughed. I sighed.

It hurt worse than anything. Why would I shove a spike through my belly button skin? All the girls declared that it's the cutest thing ever, I am sporting a brand new belly ring and like a dozen other rings to change it out when I fell like it. Sure. That's a never. They made me pose and take some pictures with my new addition and guess what I found out? To my unending surprise, I have a new Facebook account. Oh yes, that's right. I think it's new, anyway. I can't find any other profiles for my name. Yeah. So, say hello to my new Facebook profile photo. Not going to attract boys. Not at all.

"Hey, Steph!" Misty called. "Mom said it's cool if we sleep over here tonight! Woo! First sleepover of the summer!"

Oh boy. Fantastic.

Help me.
It Starts With Cosplay 3
I know, okay? I KNOW. This wasn't in my dresser before. I just wanted to come home, take a shower and get comfortable before I confronted my sister, then put all of this behind me and move on. A quick look through my wardrobe and I discovered that things were different. I don't really want to talk about it, okay? Suffice to say, this was the only thing I found that I could reasonably wear. So, yeah. I took a shower with all the girly soap and shampoo in the bathroom because that's literally all that's left in there, and here I stand, wearing this somehow feminine sweat pants outfit and smelling like roses and candy. I'm supposed to confront my sister like this? Claim this isn't what I want, like this? It's a joke. Maybe that's what my sister intended. To make me look like a fucking joke so nobody would believe me.

My phone pings. It's some guy named Trey asking how I'm doing. I tell him I'm fine. I don't even know who he is or how he got my number.

Oh shit. I flick through my contacts, suddenly about a dozen guys longer. Did I give all these guys my number too? That is really stupid. How fucking stupid are you, Steph? I'm trying to get out of this really embarrassing situation and I just keep making it worse. These dudes have my ACTUAL phone number and think I'm some cute chick named Stephanie and holy shit. I'm going to have a breakdown if I don't solve this problem soon. Like, very soon.

I go downstairs to find my sister sitting at the dining room table with a bowl of cereal. To my horror, my parents are sitting there with her. They look a little nervous, but my Mom is eating breakfast while my Dad reads the newspaper. It's...normal. Too normal. Or maybe it's just my newly paranoid brain projecting onto them. Maybe everything really is normal. But, what will they say when they see me like this? Will my sister know that I spent the night with apparently a whole gang of dudes and woke up in a strange bed? I take a deep breath and enter the dining room, trying to be as cool and normal as possible.

My sister looks up as I come in. She tries to hide her grin, but I see it anyway. I don't think my parents do.

"Hey, Steph," she says. There's a mocking note in her voice. "Have a good night last night?"

My parents look at me then. My Mom smiles, I guess in anticipation, my Dad doesn't meet my eye. What did Misty tell them? What could she even know?

I decide to play it cool and shrug. "Yeah, it was fine," I say and sit down at the table.

"Where have you been all night," Dad asks.

"Just hanging out with some friends." I reach for a piece of toast. "Sorry I didn't call. It was a...crazy night."

"I can see that," Mom says. "Is there anything you want to talk to us about?"

" No I don't think so."

My parents share a look. Dad shrugs and goes back to his newspaper. Keeping myself calm is taking too much of my energy so I get up and head back upstairs. Misty follows me into my room and closes the door behind her. I sit down on my bed and just look at her for a moment. What am I going to say? I need to talk without just blowing up and screaming at her. So I take a minute just to study Misty and calm my mind and think of a way to engage without giving in to the nervous energy coursing through me.

"What's going on?" I finally manage to say.

"What do you mean, Steph?"

I sigh. This was going to be one of those maddening conversations.

"You know what I mean. You left me with those guys last night." As if to punctuate this point, my phone went off several times. I resisted the urge to check it, knowing it was probably some dudes from last night. "You let me get dragged off to some random guy's house. I get home to find a serious change in my dresser and this morning you all act like nothing is amiss."

Misty smiles. "I'm sorry I left you with those guys, little sis, but it seemed you were in capable hands. I saw you when you walked up the drive this morning." She grins and playfully punches my arm. "It looked like you had fun last night, girl."

I pull away from her and gather myself. "Misty, this isn't a fucking joke. What the hell is going on?"

For a minute, Misty looks enraged, like she's going to burst with anger. Then, she calms and looks more concerned than anything.

"Stephanie, look-"

"What did you just call me?"

"Stephanie, calm down, please. Just relax, okay? Maybe you had a tougher night than I thought."

"Misty, what are you doing?"

"Let me just get you something that might help." She leaves and I'm left to myself. What is going on? This game or whatever it is has been going on long enough. Too long, really. But, Misty is still playing and somehow she's gotten our parents involved. I'm confused. Frustrated. I don't want this, whatever it is. Misty's acting like I'm the weird one and she's being totally normal. This isn't right.

She comes back with a couple of pills and a glass of water. She hands it to me and I absently take it. "What is it?"

"Just something that will make you feel better. Take it." I hesitate. "I promise it isn't poison," she says with a laugh.

With my eyes on her I take it. I don't feel like I'm dying right away so I figure it's okay. Misty smiles. "Stay up here as long as you like, Steph. When you're ready, I've got lots of fun things planned."

She leaves. What kind of fun things? I'm still thinking about it when I feel suddenly exhausted. I crawl into bed and fall asleep on top of the covers.

It Starts With Cosplay 2
I'm in a strange house. It's really creepy, you know, waking up somewhere you don't recognize. Nothing looks familiar. Even the smell is different. It smells like cologne, a deep, earthy, woody scent. Not anything I would wear. So where am I? I'm wearing the bra and panties from yesterday, and some button up shirt that's like 3 sizes too big for me. And, my head feels like a blacksmith is hammering away on an anvil inside my skull. I probably would have already put the pieces together by now if it wasn't for that.

Some guy comes into the room. Not the same guy I was talking to at the party, a totally different guy. I'd be more concerned, but really the hammering in my skull is demanding most of my attention at the moment. What the hell happened last night?

"Damn, babe, you got fucked up last night," this guy says. He's some bro, wearing a backwards baseball cap, tight beer t-shirt and shorts. He looks pretty ripped under that shirt. He probably plays some sport. Definitely not my crowd. Do I even know this guy? It's really fucked up to wake up find people who know you but you have no idea who they are.

"Yeah.." I manage to say. The very effort feels like I just rammed a red hot poker through my eye.

"Here. Coffee."

He hands me a mug of coffee and I practically gulp down the first few sips. Does it help? Who knows? But, I really need some coffee right now. He stands in the doorway just watching me drink coffee with a silly smile on his face. I look up at him for a second, laugh nervously, then take another sip.

"Damn. Even hungover, drinking coffee you're hot as hell."

My cheeks flush and I avoid eye contact, hiding behind my mug. What is with everyone? I'm not even in costume anymore and my makeup is for damn sure not holding. The moment stretches into infinity. There's only so much coffee I can drink before I have to surface for air. Finally, I look at him. He's still grinning at me like a love sick puppy. It's the most uncomfortable moment of my life.

"So...I don't really remember much..."

"Yeah, no shit. I've never known a girl who could handle her liquor like you."

I smile, in spite of myself. "Who are you? And where am I?"

He looks hurt, though not surprised that I don't remember him. "I'm Jay. You're at my house."

"Ah. And, why am I at your house and not at my house?"

He grins again. "Babe, you could barely remember your own name last night, let alone where you lived. We didn't know where to take you."

I try to think. There's a huge black spot in my memory. From the time I left the party to this morning, there isn't even a single image I can conjure. It's completely blank. Holy shit. I've never been that drunk before, and last night was definitely not the time to do it for the first time. What kind of trouble have I gotten myself into?

"Don't worry. Nothing happened." Thank God. "I mean, nothing that we couldn't do with our clothes on." Oh no. He's sending me that weird smile people get when they share a secret. Something happened. Fucking something happened. Nothing that could have led to them finding out I'm not who I said I was, but something. Something that left me in some other guy's shirt and my underwear. When I woke up, all I had wanted was for this hangover to go away. Now that I can think clearly, I wish it would come back.

I try to stay cool. "Well, Jay, I'm sorry I don't remember anything. I should probably go."

"Are you sure? You don't want to stay? We could get some breakfast, at least."

Yikes. What the fuck did I do last night.

"I'm sorry. My head is killing me. Can I just, like, get my clothes? And then I'll be out of your hair."

"I dunno, babe. You showed up here like this. I don't have your clothes."

I'm horrified. He laughs, probably at the look on my face. My jaw hangs open and my eyes feel like wide saucers.

"Hey, it's okay. I can give you some pants or something, at least."

Soo, now, here I am in Jay's bathroom, waiting for the Lyft to pick me up. I'm wearing a shirt three sizes too big for me, some dude's basketball shorts, my hair is a mess...I'm one of those girls now. This will be my walk of shame. It's terrifying and humiliating and I can't wait to be alone so I can figure out what is going on.

As I walk out the door, Jay kisses me. It seems to last forever. "Hey, call me, okay? And good luck figuring out what you did last night."

I'm going to kill my sister when I get home. After I'm done crying in the back of this car.
It Starts With Cosplay 1
I'm doing this for a couple of reasons. First, I'm secure in my masculinity. I know that just because I go to this costume party with my sister looking like this, doesn't make me any less of a man. I know who I am. Even the short shorts and the fake breasts and the long, braided hair and perfect makeup can't tell me otherwise. Even if I don't recognize myself in the mirror tonight, I still know who I am. This doesn't change any of that. Tomorrow, it will be right back to picking up chicks and watching football and everything else. No problem.

Second, my sister is really pretty awesome and I owe her a lot. Yeah, she sort of tricked me by saying we would be dressing up as Pokemon characters, but it's mostly my fault for just ASSUMING that she would dress me up as a male character. Like I said though, no problem. We are gonna kill it tonight, win this little contest and impress everyone at school. It will be an amazing promo for my sister's new business. If she can make me look this good, imagine what she can do for real girls!

So, like I said, I don't mind. Everyone here knows who I am, and so do I. It is a little disconcerting that so many of these dudes are hitting on me. Shouldn't they know who I am? I don't even know how to respond. I just small, blush, say "Thanks," and move to a different part of the party. No matter where I move though, they always manage to find me. Do I really look that good? I mean, I said it was amazing what my sister can do, but still...I thought people would still be able to tell I'm a boy.

"Can you tell them who I am?" I ask my sister halfway through the night. "It's getting weird."

She looks at me, amused. "Tell them yourself."

I sigh. "Please, can you? I don't...I don't know how to handle this. I've never been hit on by guys."

"What's the problem? I thought you were comfortable in who you are? This is a costume party. Just tell them who you are and they'll back off. No problem."

Clearly, my sister isn't going to be much help. Why can't she just tell then? This was her idea, after all. I don't want her to think I'm having second thoughts though, or that I'm not as comfortable with all of this as I said I was.

Things really heat up though when this guy grabs my ass. These booty shorts my sister has me on make it pop, sure, but come on dude. I jump and squeal like a fucking girl. I spin around to confront this dude, and find myself looking up, up, way up at the tallest, buffest dude I've ever seen. I try to look angry, but he just laughs.

"What are you gonna do, short stuff?"

I glare at him a moment longer but...well, what can I do? I'm no short dude, but this guy has to be a seven footer easy. I would stand no chance. And made up like this? I tell you, if anything ever made me feel like a weak, little girl, it was staring up at this guy.

"Just don't do it again."

He laughs and walks off, only to return a few minutes later with some punch. He hands the glass that looked small in his hands to me, where it looks gigantic. Like, there's no way I can drink all this. Dressed like this, I was hoping to stay mostly sober. Not gonna happen if I drink this thing. He stands by me though, so I take a few sips and smile.

"So, you go to school here, huh? I don't remember you around."

I FUCKING GIGGLE. Seriously? This is why I wanted to avoid alcohol. "Yeah, well, it IS a costume party."

He laughs, this deep rumble of a laugh, and I take another swallow of the spiked punch. Fuck, this night is turning into a total disaster.

"I think I would have noticed a fucking hottie like you around campus though."

I blush, which only makes him laugh.

"I like short, little girls like you."

I'm outraged. I'm fucking 5'8"! Short for a dude, maybe, but not THAT short. "I am not short!" To my horror, my hands are on my hips while I say this. It probably looks more cute to him than anything. He chuckles and I cringe internally. I can't tell anymore if the flush in my cheeks is from the booze or this charming guy. What? I can admit it when another guy is charming.

"What's your name, cutie?"

I stammer and struggle and take another sip of punch to hide my consternation. Finally, after drinking way too much punch in the longest swig ever, I manage to stammer out an answer. "I'm Steph." My name is Stephen, so I figure Steph is suitably gender neutral. Plus, Stef Curry can do it, so why can't I?

"That short for Stephanie?"

I just smile and sip some more punch.

"Well, Stephanie, I'm Damien. Nice to meet you."

He holds out his big, meaty paw for a shake. I take it, and my hand seems a dainty little thing in comparison. "Nice to meet you too," I say. Seriously, this is getting WAY out of control. Something is seriously, seriously wrong with me.

I spend the rest of the night with Damien. He brings me like, a bunch more punch. In my drunken haze, I giggle at all of his jokes, blush when he says nice things and generally hang all over him like a drunk sorority girl. Finally, my sister and I get called up to the stage where we're judged on our costumes. I can't even see straight by that point. I have no idea what's going on. I've drank more tonight than I have in like, my entire life. I'm just going where people direct me at this point. I don't know if we win or get last or what happens. In fact, the last thing I fully remember is downing a shot of tequila while Damien stands grinning at me. I think the rest of the basketball team is there. Maybe. Other people are around, anyway, but I don't know who they are. I'm too drunk. Like, WAY too drunk.

All I know is, when I wake up in the morning, something is wrong. Like, really, really, really, outrageously wrong.


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