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Along the same lines as my "Prehistoric Animal Version of Some Random Media"-type work...a rather long description to be sure...  Anyway, I give you dinosaur-ified versions of the six primary characters of the anime series, "Symphogear".  I chose each character's dino-persona based ideally on both design and personal similarities.  That said, my reasoning for each, starting from center, then from top right clockwise:

Hibiki = Pachyrhinosaurus:  Her hairstyle resembles the upper frill of said Ceratopsian to me.  Also, considering her fighting style is essentially blunt-force impacts, the blunt nose of Pachyrhinosaurus seemed most fitting.

Chris = Xenoceratops:  The first thing that came to me was actually a Styracosaurus, for some reason.  But looking up and comparing the horn and frill shapes, I think the Xenoceratops fit her best.  Not really any other specific thematic reason for the choice I can think of, except that her general personality just screams Ceratopsian to me.  I had actually considered making them all Ceratopsids for a bit before going with more variety.

Tsubasa = Parasaurolophus:  Something about this dinosaur always feels regal to me, so that combined with her elongated weaponry made it easy for me to see her as one.  I even tried to hint at her hairstyle via the skin-sail sometimes seen on reconstructions of this dinosaur.  Also, seeing as how among the cast she's one of two who's career is actually based on singing, it just fit perfectly, since Lambeosaurine Hadrosaurs are well-known for their elaborate nasal passages which extended into their crests, indicating vocalizations were quite important to them.

Shirabe = Stegosaurus:  Another easy one, considering her armor's design in the show.  The idea of a more lithe and agile stegosaurus was also interesting to me, so I hope I pulled of a design that works in that regard.

Kirika = Kentrosaurus:  Went between a few different Stegosaurs with shoulder blades before settling on good ol' Kentrosaurus.  I had a lot of fun incorporating her scythe into a thagomizor as well.  Also, it struck me as an interesting coincidence that both her and Shirabe are the only ones who's first letter of their names matches that of their dino-personas.

Maria = Olorotitan:  Again, sine she's an actual idol in the show, I found it most fitting to have her be a Hadrosaur.  Originally, the first to come to mind was a Corythosaurus, but its' crest didn't quite seem to fit for me, so I went with the pointier Olorotitan instead.  Also, her being something of a mother-figure to Kirika and Shirabe is also mirrored  by how well we know some Hadrosaurs cared for their young such as Miasaura.  No clue if Olorotitan had similar behaviors, but I figured I could let that slide.

Miku = Diabloceratops:  The horns of her armor instantly brought Diabloceratops to mind.  And considering she was subject to what could be considered demon-like possession in the show, it made all the more sense to me.

As for why they're all Ornithischians?  Consistency, I suppose, as well as to make them more unique, considering how tempting it could be to go with theropods so often.

On the off-chance anyone seems this who's knowledgeable of both Symphogear and dinosaurs, how do you think did with the pairings?
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What strange armours they got here

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Can I suggest a franchise for your "Prehistoric Animal Version of Some Random Media" thing?

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Indeed, though there's no guarantee I may get around to it.

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High School DxD. Here;s where you can find out more:

One character from it, Issei, I've already thought of what prehistoric creature he would be. Dracoraptor.

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SnazzyChapeauHobbyist General Artist

Brilliant, sir. Absolutely brilliant.

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I'm quite honored, thank you.

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I have a feeling that they look like Steven Universe dinosaur versions

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Interesting analogy...

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Finally made the account because yes, I am one who's knowledgeable of both Symphogear and dinosaurs, and I had to say that you just made my whole day.

If I was told to come up with this, I'd probably have defaulted to Pachycephalosaurus for Hibiki, same combat reasons and my bias towards bipeds. Therizinosaurs could have also made okay pics for Tsubasa and Maria, for obvious blade parallels. I feel like there's already a small, lightly-built stegosaur with plates shaped similar to Shirabe's armor, but I can't think of the species off the top of my head. Kirika's good(wouldn't have even thought of the shoulder spikes, I'd have gone straight for a maniraptoran) and Chris works, though if we ever discover a dinosaur that used some sort of projectile for either defense or offense, she needs to be that one. ;P Miku's pretty much perfect, though Ouranosaurus could have also worked with her big fan weapon.

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And you have likewise made my day. :) I knew there probably weren't many fans of both the show and dinosaurs out there to fully appreciate it, but I figured it'd be worth it if I could make it great to at least one person.

And cool reasoning for alternate designs. If I were to apply this to other characters, I actually had Pachycephalosaurus in mind for Carol/Elfnein. I thought this could fit because of the growing evidence that the dinosaurs Stygimoloch and Dracorex were actually growth stages of this animal, so her smaller version would be a "Dracorex" before powering up into a fully mature Pachycephalosaur. And to me if there were any other character that could be great as a Therizinosaur, it'd be Micha. XD

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you're welcome.

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SpeculaTimsauru5Hobbyist General Artist
No idea what the anime it's based is, BUT I LIKE THIS!!
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Well, goo to know I seem to have succeeded design-wise.

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I know nothing of this series besides them crossing over with Godzilla that one time.

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That was actually how I was introduced to the series.

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54godamoraStudent Writer

I have no knowledge of Symphogear. Uncultured? Yes. Do I care? No.

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Well, I suppose that all depends of what one's perception of "cultured" vs "uncultured" is.

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EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist

awesome, i love the plates on that stegosaur looking one :D

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Thanks. Those were both easier than usual an a new challenge in that I made multiple copies of a base model for consistency.

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EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist

your welcome

neat to know :D

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