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Seiek 2.0 Idea Practice 7

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A while ago, I was experimenting with my own take on the classic speculative zoology scenario of the absence of a KT extinction event.  The idea has never really left, and has continued to evolve.  These are some basic ideas for the animals of Seiek as I continue to refine it.  These were done sometime last year, so not all the ideas are 100% "canon" for the project anymore, but I figured I'd see what others think.  Clockwise from top left:

One:  A saber-toothed abelisaur, sort of my take on a more realistic Cutlasstooth.  This idea isn't really being considered anymore, as most abelisaurs have become extinct, and none really fill any apex predator niches for now.

Two:  An Afroceratopian that's part of an Asian radiation making its home in Borneo.

Three:  A large aquatic mammalian predator.  I really what to include a concept similar to this, but it won't look like what's pictured anymore.

Four:  A member of a group of marine platypuses found across the southern oceans.  Avoid competition with penguins by generally sticking closer to shore and foraging for small fish, crustaceans, and mollusks closer to the seabed.

Five:  A giant ornithomimosaur convergently similar in habits to spinosaurs.  This species is native to the American gulf coast, and can store enough bile and decomposing matter in its crop to projectile vomit at attackers.  Not sure how extensive I'm going with these guys.
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DJcroc2016Hobbyist Digital Artist
i like the spino hunchback ornitho
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SpeculaTimsauru5Hobbyist General Artist

I really like that sea-platypus, just amazing!! :)

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EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist
awesome, i love the bright colors of that ceratopsid looking thing, so right :D
and that penguin thingy with the big flipper feet is a neat idea :)