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Mmkay. So, I found my left shoe. Yay. I'm tired of listening to everybody complain about stuff, I'm tired of people saying I need to stay 'competitive' for college (I mean, how is another semester of pre-calc going to make me more competitive than a random semester of Geology?), and I'm fairly tired of folding cranes. If I finish off the paper I have, it'll be during the weekend. There should be enough for about 700 more of the orange and purple, and if nothing else, I'll make little sister fold some with me, since the ones she makes are good enough.

Alrighty. Done with that.

I've been tagged, therefore, I must say 20 things about myself. Here goes.

1 - When I lose things, I go online to ask someone where I put it. Either they actually know whereabouts I put it for no particular reason, or they just shrug. Either way, I find whatever it is I'm looking for right after I go to ask -- or while I'm asking the question.
2 - I rarely actually form my own opinions about various people - however, positive opinions about them come quickly, negative ones take longer. (Positives - Miya. Liked her from the start. Negatives - the guy with the florida-shaped bald spot, 'cos he's a jerk, and some freshman named steven 'cos he's a jerk too.)
3 - I'm calmest when I'm PMSing. If I get angry and stuff, it tends to be the opposite part of the month. Dun dun dunnnn. (Bet you didn't need to know that!)
4 - I have a little cult dedicated to me, and it actually started out originally as a religion, then kinda got taken over by twin and turned into "Yay~!" and stuff. Guest box...~! **shakes fist**
5 - When I went outside to bring in the groceries tonight, the first star that caught my attention was a bright yellow one off to the south-east, and when I stared at it for a while it looked like there were green streaks coming off from it. :3
6 - When I get into something, I get really into it, and it basically excludes me from other parts of my life. For a while, Furcadia, for a while, Deviant, for a while, Gaia, for a while, Neopets, for a while, TPPC, for a while, MapleStory. It kinda fluctuates between them. (Furcadia was the first of those, Dev, Gaia, Neo and TPPC were from Furcadian friends, Maple was from a Gaian friend.)
7 - I've never actually decided to *like* a guy without someone else first deciding I did and teasing me about it.
8 - The people who tease me about liking people tend to be my sisters and Kat, and they don't even necessarily tease me about people I know.
9 - If left to my own devices, and not given a specific time of day when food is available, I would likely eat only once a day, and that would be only because I'd be like "Hm. Haven't eaten today. Probably should at some point." (During the summer, I eat twice a day - once when I wake up, and I eat whatever the heck is left over from breakfast, if I eat, then I eat again a few hours later, after I swim a mile or two and come back home.)
10 - I like pokémon. They're fun.
11 - When people decide at random to pay me for the stuff I do, they go out of their way to ensure that my parents don't find out about it.
12 - I take more offense at things done to my friends than at things done to me.
13 - I once stabbed a guy in the arm with a pair of safety scissors.
14 - I sleep under a pile of stuffed animals. They're warm.
15 - I once found $50 on my floor while talking to a friend in Australia. (Bear in mind, it's a really messy floor. >>')
16 - Stuff I make out of clay is more likely to explode if I wedge it than if I don't. However, if I wedge for other people, what they make from it doesn't explode.
17 - I annoy people online much less than I annoy them IRL.
18 - I have listened to Ivan Garcia sing. Gasp.
19 - I have over $12 in random pennies, because they're awesome. I'll have to count them again someday.
20 - It took me a long time to think of 20 things to say about me. Whee.

As such, I tag whoever so happens to have eaten a cookie I have made within the past 24 hours... I believe that would be Davina, Erica (I think you had a cookie...), Mrs. Cartwright, Ms Hall, Mr Rounds, Eduardo and Jaime. (Bobby, Joanie and Mom aren't counted because it was more than 24 hours ago when they had their cookies.)
I also tag anybody who looks this far who is from the state of... Arkansas, and anybody who is from New South Wales. Because, y'know, those places are there. xD

**shuffles off to sleep now**
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Snugglebunni Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2005
:O crap i guess im tagged now T.T im constantly eating cookies. i think i had my last one 3 hours ago. Which reminds me i need another one.
tranquillitystar Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2005
But... you didn't have one of *my* cookies. **huggle** These were ones I made IRL, brought the remnants of to school, and offered to people because I could. xD

We need to start a football team or something named "The Cuddly Bunnies" and have them play against people. Just because, y'know, it makes people feel really pathetic when they lose to cuddly bunnies. xD **hugs her snuggly bunni**
Snugglebunni Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2005
LOL the Cuddly Bunni's We'd kick some ass and make many a man cry. ^___~ -huggles and counter cuddles-
Enpu2 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2005
Oooh.. INTRIGING. *cling*
DragonicSoul Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes! Read about 15 of these and I'm still not tagged!
tranquillitystar Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2005
I could've been mean and tagged everybody who read this. xD It was more fun to specify the people who I gave cookies to, though.
DragonicSoul Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
CrustyMuffin Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2005
Wow. Lotsa stuff I didn't know about you. Hehe.

You sound a little down though, hugs? :clomp:
Zakassis Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2005
I haven't been tagged! :D


...wait...I can't dance...>.<
tranquillitystar Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2005
You haven't been tagged, but you also got no cookie. Hah! << >>'
Zakassis Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2005
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October 25, 2005