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  • Reading: Disappointment with God
School internet was blocking this site for months... but now, that block seems to be gone. Let's see how long this lasts.

The doses I have to take of all my meds are getting doubled. Whee, notsomuch functioning.

I actually got booted from a class this semester. One of the profs decided right at the start of the class that she didn't like me. First day, told me I should go look for something more suited to my major. Second day, told me I should go talk to my advisor and see if I can find another class. Third day, told me I have issues and that she's kicking me out of the class. Never specified what any of said 'issues' were, seeing as I was pretty certain I hadn't mentioned any of them.

Dammit, how am I supposed to learn about sexuality when I get booted from the class for having 'issues'? I probably wouldn't have so many 'issues' if I was just allowed to learn about the stuff. -sigh-

Stupid prof.
Eversoul3k Featured By Owner May 26, 2009
Well that sucks. Hope that professor dies of some kind of unnatural super nova kind of thing. But yea, I decided to randomly just visit deviantart after so many years and it's been like 4 years now since I last talked to you? Well hope you're doing well overall.
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April 28, 2009