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Hmm... Look at this, people...

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I got a password retrieval email today =x while I was playing... and that most definitely is not my IP address on there... y'all think my account on there will be hacked? =x And... I need a linkie to a password generator, just in case o-o;; so I can change it if need be.
x-x Stupid sickness and lack of circulation...
Most of me is far too hot, while my hands+feet are purple from the cold >.< *and* my throat+lungs have a bunch of junk in them =/
Ah well... on the plus side, as Erica put it, "I'm amazed at how work-oriented you are when you're sick, Janna."
Anyhoo... must... find... blanket... keep... feet... warm...! x_X
Okay, I'm actually gonna put stuff in here now :D Everyone go look at my horrible drawing of Spaz! SpazSpazSpazSpazSpaz! ^^
Anyhoo, the cheesecakes and cookie dough I sold to get him come in tomorrow :D Wish me luck getting them to the proper owners, people! :D