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June 20, 1998
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Really want to be active and be back here but I don't know how anymore T^T
[OPEN] Digital Headshot and Chibi commission
Chibi: 200 (will only be using this base for now) Headshot: 400 ▶▶How To Order◀◀★ Make sure you agree to the Terms And Conditions listed bellow and comment on this journal with the following information. Please do NOT note me... I tend to forget stuff often so please just COMMENT below the following ∩˙▿˙∩ Character's name: Character's reference: Expression: Things to take note of: ★ Once approved, I will set up a commission widget for you where you can pay for the commission. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE POINTS THROUGH DONATION ∩˙▿˙∩ ▶▶
Draw my OC's Contest (not mine)
I just thought that maybe it might not be too late to enter 。^‿^。


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CrimsonCandlesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday! :iconsmilecakeplz:
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TomichuHobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday<333
I wish you an amazing day:)
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TomichuHobbyist General Artist
I have two things to say:
a) I drew couple icons for our AK babies a while ago. I'll unstore it for you if you want to)
b) that reason above + zomg having slight troubles,so we decided to use only my character as the raffle prizes. I'm sorry:(
How are you by the way? Haven't heard from you in a while:( 
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TranquilerinHobbyist General Artist
Sorry for replying this late T^T Been away from deviantart for more than half a year because of school taking up almost all of my time... QAQ

hope you're well and I see that you have improved quite a lot since the last time I saw your drawings (‘∀’●)♡
Hope you still remember me orz XD

PS. Celestia really misses Tomi-Kun so much (o;TωT)o
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TomichuHobbyist General Artist
OMG I'm sooooo happy to see you;;
I missed Celestia and Tomi too.In fact without her,I stopped using him so muchTT it seems that they can't exist without each other. I wanted to draw them more but I was afraid that without your permission this might cause trouble...

I'm fine.Thank you^^ ad what about you?
Thank you for taking your time and looking through my works...I try my best to improve<3
Of course I do))
Here are the icons I drew back than by the way
Celestia Easter Icon by Tomichu    Tomi-kun - easter bunny icon bigger version by Tomichu
And also I wanted to ask you for a while, but you were busy...if you're again away for so long do you mind if I draw Celestia and Tomi more together and submit it on DA/instagram with credit?
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TranquilerinHobbyist General Artist
That is so true Celestia looks so alone when Tomi  is not with her..(╥_╥) if you want to draw Celestia I really won't mind it. On the contrary I would be absolutely delighted of you drew Celestia ^^ 

I've been good, trying to get back to deviantart this time around. 
Waaaah!  That looks so adorable and they look really cute together our babus mygawd (இ﹏இ`。)
Just draw them as long as Celestia is credited I don't mind at all QvQ 

By the way do you have a discord account?  I would love it if we could RP again and I think Discord is a great platform for it ヽ(´▽`)/
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TomichuHobbyist General Artist
Yeah;; I don't even know what I should do with Tomi after thatTT

Thank you very much!!!<333
I'll credit you every time I draw them>u<

Wait a minute I'll note you^^
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