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In Da Club -Reflux-

An animation that was requested by a friend a little while back.

Unfortunately, I had some problems with my tablet and I had to do most of it with my mouse. (this didn't help motivate me to finish it...)

Not much else to say... other than I got lazy in some parts...

BLAM!! I guess it's not on NG...
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Lol :D Pwn that Cifty Fent! There's much worse on NG, I wonder why this isn't? It's pretty funny :D
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I miss you... btw this was crack!
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acronym of?



acronym of?

PENIS: Proton-Enhanced Nuclear Induction Spectroscopy (NMR technique}

Courtesy of [link]
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Well, if you insist!


Acronym of?

ANAL: Aft Nuclear Accident Locker


Acronym of?

SEX: Sports Entertainment Extreme
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that woke me up :lmao:

*deep breath* dude...i soooo don't get today's music either

and yes..sometimes it makes you wanna go puke...and after puking..chiclets :XD:
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I am the new wave alarm clock.
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can you fit in my bed table thingie? i really need a good alarm clock
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heheh o.O

.... awesome!
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Glad you liked it!
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its funny in the bigining :)
i like it
hehehehe funy $h1T
trancetime's avatar

Numbers for letters
Can sometimes be hard to read
U83r 1337 h4XX0r
jason--smile's avatar
yeah your right :D
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You indeed are the supreme champion.

And I also dont get today's music
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Those damn kids and their Rap music...
screechingsamick's avatar
I got 3 words for you; CBC Radio Two.

screechingsamick's avatar
Mmmm.. Music for a While ...
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There's a gas leak in your house. I suspected it, but this animation has confirmed it. Call poison control or Environment Canada or something, get that shit checked out, seriously, it causes chafing of the breastnipple.
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psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssss...
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once again I am utterly confused....thank you J... :poke: ^^
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Millions served everyday.
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