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A long time ago I used to read a comic you made, City of Reality. I wanted to read it again but it seems to be gone and hours of searching tell me there's no archive of it online anywhere. Please, if you still have the comic saved anywhere it would mean more than the world if I could read it and experience it again.

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I loved City of Realty! I know this was 5 years ago, but if you ever get a chance to at least put up the archive (or sell it in a bundle), I'd really like to see it again.

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Any chance of, like, just putting the old archive files on a downloader site or such? It's perfectly understandable if you don't want to go through the effort of putting it up on a full website archive and deal with all the site hassles!

and four more years pass, we continue to wait patiently because good story is worth waiting for

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Hello, did you ever post the backup?

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"while I can’t say my passion has dwindled for Reality, my passion has dwindled for drawing Reality."

God I feel that so hard it ain't even funny.
Hello, as everyone I would be happy to see it online again, but don't pressure yourself !
If you have an idea of the time, telling us would be enough for us to wait,
If you don't have any idea, telling us why would still be great,
And in any case, providing an archive would be nice (and perhaps some of your fan would look into it, and try to convert it).
In any case, thank you for the nice memories.
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Any chance of the files we have just being put into a downloadable archive?  Memories aren't enough when they fade away, that's why we record onto media, and mono no aware is a terrible way of managing civilization for that reason.

Thanks again for the comic, and I hope to see it again...sometime.
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City of Reality was one of my favorite comics. Even if you don't end up going back to drawing it again, I'd love to be able to read it again
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Late to this party, but going to add my voice anyway - City of Reality is a great story, and I'd love to see it online again. 

All the best with getting the stories from mind to paper (I sympathise). Long live Reality!
I just wanted to say thank you!  The story you created in City of Reality was fantastic -- I have read (or am reading) 50+ different webcomics since I first found that such a thing existed, and City of Reality is easily in my top 10, probably even top 5 favorite webcomics.  I loved the characters, I often found the story captivating, and couldn't wait for each new update to be posted.  Not only did you have a great story, but here and there throughout the comic you shared little bits of wisdom through characters and events in the story, some of which that I feel changed my life for the better.  Maybe that doesn't really mean much, especially coming from some random person, but nonetheless I still wanted to say "Thank You!" for what you did put out there with City of Reality.

I would certainly jump on the bandwagon asking/hoping/wishing to see the story continue, or even just the archives of the old comics again.  However, I understand that sometimes life deals you a crappy hand and forces you to fight just to survive another round.  I do hope to see new/old comics from City of Reality, but more importantly I wish you well.  Know that you've had a positive influence on at least one person in this world -- I appreciate you greatly!
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Please say you'll at least post the previous pages on your Tumblr? (Or even its own Tumblr.) 
Many artists just dual-post new pages of their comics on their blogs or Tumblr or DA, AND on its own site. (But even running things through Tumblr solely is pretty common these days.)

Nevermind when or if you plan to get back to doing new pages, it's fine to go off and do your life at your own pace.
But we'd like to re-read the past stories because they are important to us.

If you're thinking big thoughts about how you should better advertise it, right now the best thing you could do is just put them back online :p - doesn't matter where. People who liked the story will keep re-reading it, recommend it, refer to parts of it as examples  in comments, and so on, without needing any work from you.

(some personal comments below) :)

"Things will be lost to time, dreams forgotten, data lost, things change..."
Not if you have a proper back-up. :p That's like, the first rule of the internet - websites are temporary so you should back up EVERYTHING. I do actually have quite a few CoR pages saved.

But that's quite a sad fate, for stuff only to exist on old perverts' forgotten external drive, tucked between 500 gigs of porn and emails from their ex or their first job. You can't just host something that is not your own work either. The one who has to make the call is you!

"All we have are our memories, and sometimes, isn’t that enough?"
Iiii find that sentiment a bit too quixotic. Nevermind that I have an awful memory in the first place - anything that happened more than year ago starts to escape me pretty soon. But also yes, there are piles of great authors and works that get forgotten, this is something that happens to 99% of stuff immediately and another 0.99% after a decade, and the world is poorer for it. The ones keeping them alive are those adventurous souls who blog about them and take the time to rediscover and rescue some of them. (As a regular person wouldn't have the time to shovel through decades of cultural garbage for a few gems.) Many works just get unlucky and are never preserved, even though they were extremely high quality! Many authors, actors, artists etc. have works we only know from records because history didn't remember to preserve them when it was still possible. And this isn't something you should approach with fatalism as the natural way of things, because they literally get ERASED this way. Any long term impact they could have had is lost, gone. Even their old readers soon forget them - the mind can only care for so long.

CoR may not be the most important record in the world, but it is still something needed and unique.
Maybe you hate your work. -I- hate my work. We're all insecure about our own stuff. :p I too take a grim satisfaction in ritually destroying my old stuff sometimes.
But the lesson here is, it is not for us to decide those things. Stuff that seems normal and everyday for us because it comes from our own mind may be of extremely high value to someone else.

I don't think the world has enough positive and inspirational stuff going on right now. There are plenty of works that teach us to be cynical. That it is fashionable to just accept the impossibility of fixing relationships or reach ideals. I think if you've got any little thing that can give people hope and restore their faith in their ideals, well, it's kind of a duty to use it. It may count for more than you expect.
It'd be cool if the archives ever came back.
I'm VERY hopeful that you'll upload City of Reality soon. I am in the habit of dealing with depressed individuals. As in, clinical depression. As in, needing useful links to provide them to cheer them up and motivate them (because medication is not always available to them, so I do what I can). I used to link them to City of Reality, because it is just so... hopeful. So wonderful. I hope that you will soon have CoR back up so I can once again share its hopeful message with people who have been needing it.

(And please know that you have indeed helped a lot of people who badly needed it, with your comic :) )
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Ah, roger that! Sorry I just saw this message, so I'm sorry for the lateness. That gives me much more reason to try to get it back up, if it does help others. And sorry again for the delay! 
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kdingo is the real treasure chamber.
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Well I was just thinking about CoR today because of the Dragons' society suddenly decided to intrude into my train of thought. I'm excited to see it come back if the wheels get rolling.
YAY! Honestly? If you needed a place to put it temporarially, I would have offered you a chance to put it on my forum!
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Good for you, Ian :)
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I hope it does pop back up, it was a great comic!  You did some really creative things with the storytelling format, and the characters were heartfelt.  You're one of those rare artists who makes "transformation" themed content with genuine skill and substance.
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You have to do what's right for you, but I want you to know I greatly enjoyed the comic. The time and effort you put into it were appreciated greatly, and it kept managing to put some spring in my step.  Regardless of what happens next, thanks for everything.
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That's wonderful news!
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