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Rincewind and Pinkie Pie

Commission Prize! To Duruznik [link] - 'Rincewind running away from a confused Pinkie Pie'
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This is so fricking faved. Brilliant combination, those two!

Hey, I'd run away too. The way she ignores laws of nature, she's probably related to Binkie.
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Since everything tries to kill him at least once, this is a reasonable reaction.
Rincewind, when faced with pastel colored ponies, would probably take in stride, assuming the spiders had gotten to him again.
Far more likely he saw a unicorn, and being a Discworld Wizard, naturally assumed he was in the realm of the Lord & Ladies and thus decided to do a runner.
Either that or Pinkie was being very, VERY nice to him, and he naturally assumed something VERY, VERY bad was about to happen.
Or her tail twitched. Given the effect, Rincewind seems the type that'd document things like this.
from a distance
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pony!!!!!yes pinkie pie you scary! for rincewind!
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That seems about right. Man, now I want to read a Rincewind travelogue in Equestria.
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He's doomed to cuteness ^^.
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It's Rincewind, doing what he does best! :D

I love this--a crossover of two of my most favorite things. :D
That man does not cope well with new environment and encounter.
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I fucking love this.
Good old Rincewind in his element.
If someone can escape Pinki it may be Rincewind
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Silly Rincewind. No one can run from Pinkie Pie! She's worse than Death
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yep this is rincewind ^-^
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I don´t know original names from Discworld (in our language, his name is "Mrakoplaš") - but I recognized him beacuse of "Wizz" (failure to sew up "Wizzard" :D

You did amazing job - those facial expressions and plenty of details :)
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That would happen to Rincewind wouldn't it
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The more I look at it, the more I love it. Thanks again (for the millionth time)! I'm amazed that, though you never read Discworld (if I'm not mistaken), you 'got' Rincewind perfectly. His expression, the way he runs- everything about him is perfect.

Oh, except for one thing- it's Rincewind, not Rincewood. ;)

Also Smile! You're on reddit!
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Whoops! Fix'd!
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